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What To Look For In An Anti-Theft Backpack & How Good Are They?

The world we live in today is one where you can’t leave your wallet on a cafe table and expect no one to touch it. And the implication of that is you have to be security conscious wherever you go.

Robbing and pickpocketing continue to happen at an alarming rate around the world. And if you are the type that travels frequently, you’ll quickly realize you need to be a bit vigilant. After all, no one wants to get their bags robbed while enjoying their trip.

If you want to keep your belongings safe, then you should go for an anti-theft backpack. Anti-theft backpacks utilize the latest technologies to protect your items and prevent theft. Thieves are very organized with years of experience stealing people’s items. And only a high-quality anti-theft backpack can put you ahead of them.

For one, they are made of very strong fabrics that are slashproof. And this will prevent thieves from being able to cut through your bag and steal your belongings.

There are also other features that help anti-theft backpacks prevent theft. And they will be discussed in detail in the guide below. Here, you learn the features you should look out for when buying an anti-theft backpack. Let’s go!

How Are These Backpacks Made Anti-Theft?

If a backpack is to be anti-theft, then it has to have features that set it apart from a normal backpack. A number of designs and features are incorporated into these backpacks so they can prevent theft. And we’ll be discussing some of them below.

Slash-Resistant Material

Anti-theft backpacks are usually made of very tough and durable materials. This makes it very difficult for a thief to rip open with a knife. One of the ways thieves steal from people is to slash their backpacks from behind and get away with whatever they can lay their hands on.

RFID-Blocking Technology

This is another technology used to prevent theft. RFID means “radio frequency identification”. And this has to do with the chips on your credit cards as well as other cards that contain sensitive and personal information.

Hackers and thieves use special equipment to pick up these frequencies. It’s called ‘RFID skimming’. By picking up on these frequencies, they can obtain the personal information stored on the. This allows them to make purchases from your cards online. And that’s not even the worst they could do. These hackers and thieves could steal your identity!

By using RFID-blocking material, anti-theft backpacks are able to keep hackers away and keep your personal information safe.

Cut-Resistant Shoulder Straps

This is another design that should be present in high-quality anti-theft backpacks. One of the methods used by thieves involves cutting the strap of your backpack and disappearing with the entire backpack in a public area. It’s an effective strategy. However, quality anti-theft backpacks like the ones on our list will prevent that.

Hidden Compartments

Anti-theft backpacks have compartments that are hidden and difficult for a thief to tamper with. This is because such compartments are hidden behind layers of fabric within the bag. Also, your belongings are organized and more secure.

Locking Clips

It’s not uncommon to see the main zippers of anti-theft backpacks. And this provides extra security as a thief cannot gain access to your backpack. Well, locking the zipper after removing an item may take a little bit more time. But it’s totally worth it.

Are These Backpacks TSA Friendly?

TSA means Transportation Security Administration and they clear your luggage at airport checkpoints. Most times you are required to remove your laptop and other belongings for screening at checkpoints. Using a TSA-friendly backpack however, can save you that trouble.

The main reason why people are required to bring their laptops out during screening is because the scanners can’t get a clear view of your laptop. And your laptop needs to be properly screened to ensure it’s not been tampered with. Hence, the reason you have to bring your laptop out of its case.

TSA-friendly backpacks flip open and grant the machine unrestricted access to your system. And this makes the screening process faster and easier for you. Now, are these backpacks TSA-friendly? The answer is yes.

Best Anti Theft Backpacks - TSA Locks
TSA-Friendly Locks

How Waterproof Are These Backpacks?

Thanks to the different high-quality materials used to manufacture these backs, they are all water-resistant. This allows this backpack to repel water and prevent it from getting into the interior. However, you cannot use these backpacks in heavy rain.

But it’ll buy you enough time to bring out your rain gear. We recommend you buy a waterproof rain cover to protect your backpack when it’s raining cats and dogs.

Note that you’ll hardly find any backpack that is 100% waterproof. Materials and technology needed to make fully waterproof backpacks are expensive. Also the resulting backpacks are heavy, awkward and uncomfortable. And that’s why manufacturers don’t bother making fully waterproof backpacks.

They make water-resistant or water-repellant backpacks and add a waterproof rain cover. And if a rain cover isn’t included, you can easily get one for a small fee.

How To Choose Your Anti-Theft Backpack


You definitely want a backpack that’s comfortable to carry. This will allow you to carry your backpack for long periods without getting tired. And your backpack won’t quickly become a burden.

Padded back and shoulder straps make backpacks easier to carry. Some may have waist belts so you can properly support the weight of the pack.

The weight of your backpack also comes into play here. Lightweight backpacks are generally more comfortable to carry. And you’ll see that all the backpacks on our list are lightweight.

Built-in USB Port

One of the challenges we face when outside our home is to keep our phones charged and remain connected to the world. And this feature is one that will definitely prove useful over and over again. Many anti-theft backpacks have space for powerbanks. You can then connect to the powerbank via an external USB port.

The process is pretty simple and straightforward. And it allows you to connect your phone to the external USB port via USB cables. You can then conveniently charge your phone on the go.


These backpacks can be used for different purposes. You can use them for outdoor activities, travel, college, fashion, everyday use and so on. In fact, versatility is among the top features backpacks’ users look out for before making a purchase.

And we made sure our list is made of quality versatile anti-theft backpacks.


What’s the use of buying a backpack that doesn’t last long? You’ll feel as if you’ve been cheated. And honestly, you’ve been cheated because you didn’t get value for your money.

Our anti-theft backpacks are durable and long-lasting thanks to the high-quality materials with superior stitching.

Size, Pockets and Compartments

Always check the size of the laptop compartment of any backpack you are buying. You are definitely going to be frustrated if your laptop can’t fit into your backpack. If you don’t know the dimension of your laptop, find out. Once you know the dimension of your laptop, you’ll be able to choose the right backpack.

You should also check other pockets and compartments and see if there’s enough space for your items. And we made sure to include very spacious laptops in our list.

Final Thoughts – How Good Are These Backpacks?

Anti-theft backpacks can definitely be a good deterrent for thieves, as not that many people have one. If you are a thief looking for the next target and you have in front of you one person with an anti-theft backpack and another one with a normal backpack, of course you’ll go for the easier target.

Other features like RFID blocking are nice to have but many not as critical because it seems to me that thieves going around stealing data through backpacks is not that common. But since it’s a feature of these backpacks, at least you are safe for this as well.

Anyway, that’s the end of this guide, which I hope was useful to you. No one wants to be a victim of pickpocketing or theft. You should of course be vigilant and observe safety precautions. But a quality anti-theft backpack will put your mind at peace. Get one today and experience more comfort, space and safety!

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