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Best Tripod for Wildlife Photography (2024) – 6 Top Picks

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Whether you are a professional wildlife photographer or just an avid hobbyist who loves shooting wild animals during your leisure times, it is needless to tell you that one of the most essential gears required for wildlife photography is a tripod.

Indeed, whether you are more into mammals or birds, you often have to deal with quite big distances between you and the wild animal, meaning using large focal lengths, lower amounts of light, and… motion blur if you are not using a tripod.

Wildlife photography is a very serious kind of photography and it requires the best photography equipment. So, you are probably asking yourself, what is the best tripod for wildlife photography can I get in 2024? Well, we got you covered.

Due to innovations, different companies dole out distinctive tripods with enticing features on a virtually daily basis. Wildlife enthusiasts and lovers are often thrown into confusion regarding which of the tripods will suit their purpose, thus, this guide aims to show you the best tripods that are ideal for wildlife photography and why they are.

Let’s get started!

The 6 Best Tripods for Wildlife Photography of 2024

Feisol Tournament CT-3442 TripodOur Top Pick

Feisol Tournament CT-3442 Rapid 4-Section Carbon Tripod - Supports 55 lbs

$499.95  in stock
as of June 24, 2024 1:29 am

This is an outstanding tripod with an even more amazing weight/payload ratio than the Sirui above. In spite of being very lightweight (only 2.51 lbs /1.14 kg!) the Feisol Tournament CT-3442 can hold the incredible weight of 55 lbs / 25 kg, a little bit more than 20 times its own weight!

This is obviously a fantastic advantage for wildlife photography, as you often need to transport your gear to remote, wild areas and then use it to support very heavy cameras and lenses.

Its quality materials and strong build ensure good sturdiness and durability.  This tripod offers portability and really great load capacity, for a totally fair price, it is my top pick.

 Quick Specifications

  • Weight: 1.14 kg / 2.51 lbs
  • Folded length: 52.5 cm / 20.67 in
  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Maximum payload: 25 kg / 55 lbs
  • Included head: None
  • Leg lock type: Twist locks


  • Very lightweight
  • Amazing load capacity
  • Quality build
  • Durable
  • Good value for money


  • No tripod head is included

Other Buying Options:

Gitzo Lightweight Traveler Series 1 Tripod

Gitzo Lightweight Traveler Series 1 Carbon Fiber Tripod, Silver & Black (GT1545TUS)

 in stock
7 new from $424.95
Free shipping
as of June 24, 2024 1:29 am

This tripod is a beautiful piece to behold. This tripod is made in Italy and features a beautiful build quality.

As its name suggests, the Gitzo Lightweight Traveler Series 1 was built for travelers – with an emphasis on compactness and lightweight.

That’s good news for a wildlife photographer as well because it means you won’t have to carry a super bulky and heavy tripod deep in the wilderness.

Where it also shines is how much weight it can hold: up to 22 lbs / 10 kg of equipment! Sure you can find even better, but this is already more than enough to carry a good DSLR and a large telephoto lens.

This tripod may not be the cheapest on this page but its ratio between weight/compactness and payload capacity is very good and perfectly adapted to wildlife photography.

 Quick Specifications

  • Weight: 1.04 kg / 2.3 lbs
  • Folded length: 42.4 cm / 16.7 in
  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Maximum payload: 10 kg / 22 lbs
  • Included head: None
  • Leg locks type: Twist locks


  • Compact & lightweight for travel
  • Good payload capacity
  • Good build quality, durable


  • More expensive
  • No tripod head is included

Other Buying Options:

Benro Mach3 Tripod

Benro Mach3 Long Carbon Fiber 3 Series Tripod (TMA38CL)

$449.95  in stock
6 new from $449.95
3 used from $369.99
Free shipping
as of June 24, 2024 1:29 am

This tripod is a beautiful piece to behold. Its three legs can extend to 63.6 inches and also go as low as 15.2 inches. The Benro Mach3 weighs about 4 pounds only; it is compactly packed and has the capabilities to withhold heavy equipment with significant stability.

Of course, as wildlife photographers, this is exactly what we want!

This tripod has a very good build quality, with 9 layers of carbon fiber. In order to increase stability, it features stainless steel spiked feet that are a great help when you are using very large focal lengths.

You might find even better tripods if you are willing to spend a thousand dollars for them, but I believe that as far as value for money and affordability are concerned, this tripod is awesome.

 Quick Specifications

  • Weight: 1.86 kg / 4.1 lbs
  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Maximum payload: 15.8 kg / 35.3 lbs
  • Included head: None
  • Leg locks type: Twist locks


  • Stable
  • Rubber and spiked  feet
  • Can effectively carry very heavy gear
  • Durable quality
  • Great value for money


  • No tripod head is included
  • The 9 layers of carbon fiber don’t make the legs particularly thicker and sturdier than other tripods

Other Buying Options:

Manfrotto MT055CXPRO3 055 Tripod

Manfrotto MT055CXPRO3 055 Carbon Fiber 3-Section Tripod with Horizontal Column (Black) Includes A Bonus ZAYKiR Tripod Strap Non-Slip with Two Quick-Release Loops (Black)

$369.95  in stock
as of June 24, 2024 1:29 am

Manfrotto has long been a renowned tripod brand and its 055 line is a hit! Designed for high stability and stiffness, the Manfrotto MT055 CX PRO3 is also an interesting option for wildlife photography.

Its maximum payload of 19.8 lbs / 9 kg may not be as impressive as other tripods listed here, but it is sufficient to effortlessly support most wildlife cameras and lenses.

Its big advantage is its weight – 4.4 lbs / 2 kg – making it a portable instrument ready to follow you in the wild to shoot wildlife pictures.

For its great ratio between portability and maximum payload capacity, combined with great build quality and the use of carbon fiber, this tripod is definitely a serious option to consider.

 Quick Specifications

  • Weight: 2 kg / 4.4 lbs
  • Folded length: 60 cm / 24 in
  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Maximum payload: 9 kg / 19.8 lbs
  • Included head: None
  • Leg lock type: Flip locks


  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Strong build


  • No ball head is included
  • Load capacity is a below other tripods

Other Buying Options:

MeFOTO Classic Globetrotter Travel Tripod

MeFOTO GlobeTrotter 64.2" Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod/Monopod w/Case, Twist Locks, Dual Action Ballhead w/Arca Swiss Plate for Mirrorless/DSLR Sony Nikon Canon Fuji - Titanium (C2350Q2T)

 out of stock
as of June 24, 2024 1:29 am

This tripod is widely liked by photographers. The MeFOTO Classic Globetrotter tripod is lightweight and can be easily folded and packed in their luggage while in transit. Nevertheless, it is perfectly able to hold a large DSLR and lens.

The tripod also boasts of a monopod. It has a general compatibility system and can handle almost all types of cameras. The rapid-release plate of the tripod is excellent as it rotates 360 degrees and the tripod weighs about 3.1 pounds.

The legs of the tripod can be stationed firmly to a position by clipping it at the tip this provides the stability that is required in wildlife photography. The tripod legs can be inverted and folded back 180 degrees making it small enough to carry just about anywhere.

 Quick Specifications

  • Weight: 1.68 kg / 3.7 lbs
  • Folded length: 42 cm / 16.5 in
  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Maximum payload: 11.2 kg / 24.6 lbs
  • Included head: Dual Action Ball head
  • Leg lock type: Twist locks


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to pack
  • Allows the camera to rotate 360-degrees
  • Good load capacity


  • Locking mechanisms don’t have great weather sealing

Other Buying Options:

Sirui W-2204 Waterproof Tripod

Sirui w-2204 Waterproof Carbon Fiber Tripod

$349.00  in stock
4 new from $349.00
1 used from $199.00
as of June 24, 2024 1:29 am

Wildlife photography often takes place in harsh natural environments and it’s exactly the issue that Sirui is addressing with the W-2204 Waterproof Tripod.

Its water sealing prevents water but also dust from entering the tubes and damaging your tripod. I had to shoot with a tripod in water before and trust me, flooded tripod tubes are really not great.

The Sirui W-2204 also offers a very interesting weight/load capacity ratio, as it only weighs 3.7 lbs / 1.68 kg but can hold up to 39.7 lbs / 18 kg of camera gear! For sure, this tripod can hold the largest zoom lenses without any problem.

That’s a very strong and sturdy tripod made of carbon fiber that eliminates vibrations. One leg can also be unscrewed and used as a waterproof monopod.

 Quick Specifications

  • Weight: 1.68 kg / 3.7 lbs
  • Folded length: 52 cm / 20.47 in
  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Maximum payload: 18 kg / 39.7 lbs
  • Included head: None
  • Leg lock type: Twist locks


  • Waterproof build
  • Very sturdy
  • Great load capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Can be used as a monopod


  • No tripod head is included

Other Buying Options:

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes a Tripod Good for Wildlife Photography?

Many nature lovers blame the absence of reviews, guides, or factors to consider before buying tripods for wildlife photography for their erroneous previous purchases. Hence, we decided to lay out the factor to consider before you buy your next tripod. The factors to consider are:


An essential factor to consider before buying a tripod for wildlife photography is the weight of the instrument. It is advisable to buy tripods that are low weighted. However, note that the low-weighted tripods are susceptible to heavy wind. Buy tripods that are light and can be easily packed while traveling.

Load Capacity

This is perhaps the most important factor to consider when you know how heavy wildlife zoom lenses are. Everything has a limit and the tripods are not left behind when it comes to limits. Before you buy your next tripod, check the weight of your camera and lens via the tripod. Avoid buying a tripod that cannot carry your camera and gear as your complete camera and gear could be damaged.


Wildlife photography entails taking pictures and videos steadily. Ensure that you know how stable the tripod is before procuring it. A tripod stand should be able to stand firm when the camera and gear are placed on it. If the tripod wobbles when the camera is placed on it, it’s only a recipe for frustration and disaster!


Another vital factor to consider is the height of the tripod. You need to ensure that you get the perfect size to suit your purpose. Pick the perfect size that allows you to see over your target without you having to stand on anything.


Of course, price is an important factor to consider as well. We are sometimes tempted to either go for something expensive thinking it’s the very best or to look for the cheapest option that is “good enough”. The approach I suggest is trying to find a good value for money.

Great gear is most of the time relatively expensive, that’s a fact. And it’s logical. But what do you prefer? Needing to change your $80 tripod every year because it’s broken? Or get a great and reliable $400 tripod that you will keep for many many years, trip after trip? I would definitely do my best to save 400 bucks and get something good once and for all.

If we summarize, what is the best tripod for wildlife photography? It is a tripod that is both portable enough and strong enough to support heavy cameras and lenses used in wildlife photography. It needs to be able to deploy both at a comfortable height and low angle if you need to remain hidden near the ground. It is even better if it offers extra features such as weather sealing.

Aluminum or Carbon Fiber, What to Choose?

You may have noticed that all 5 tripods presented here are made of carbon fiber. Aluminum tripods are cheaper but heavier. Carbon fiber tripods save us some weight to carry around, and this material is also very good at absorbing vibrations, compared with aluminum.

How Do You Deal With an Unstable Tripod?

Sometimes, even the best tripods can get a little unstable with challenging terrain, strong winds plus very heavy gear… That’s why at the bottom of the tripod’s central column, you will often find a little hook that is used to hang something heavy under the tripod. You can use a small bag filled with stones or sand, for example, anything heavy. This will further increase the stability of your tripod.

How Did You Choose The Top Pick?

As I explained a little earlier, my goal here is to find the best value for money. All 5 tripods here are great and perfectly suitable for wildlife photography. You could choose any one of them, and be satisfied.

But since we need to make a choice, it is the tripod offering the best ratio between portability and load capacity that earned the Top Pick tag – in this case, the Feisol Tournament CT-3442. In addition, it is made of quality materials that ensure the good durability of the tripod and comes at a fair price. That’s why in my opinion, it’s the best tripod to get for wildlife photography.

Of course, this is only my personal opinion, and that is why I am presenting you with 5 tripods and not just my top pick.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! The list of the 5 best tripods you can get in 2024 for wildlife photography are on this page. It really wasn’t easy to select these tripods among hundreds of great (and not-so-great) tripods, but I believe you can trust this selection.

I really hope this guide helped you make a wise choice and find the tripod you were looking for to shoot outstanding wildlife photography!


  • Giovanni
    Posted September 13, 2020 at 11:40 pm

    Hi for wildlife photography do you suggest a tripod with also the fourth column? Thanks

    • Post Author
      Posted September 14, 2020 at 7:36 am

      Hi Giovanni, using the central column is fine but you need to make sure the tripod remains perfectly stable. For wildlife with very heavy gear, having longer tripod legs can be a good idea so you don’t need to use the central column, and you are sure it remains very stable. Hope it helps!


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