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Our Guide To Choosing Your Surf Poncho – Things To Consider

Let’s face it, you’ll rarely find changing rooms at most surfing destinations. While this may not be a problem when you first arrive, it’ll certainly become a problem when you are done surfing and intend to change from your surfing clothing to your casual clothing. So how do you change your clothes without a changing room while still managing to maintain your modesty? A surf poncho is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Surf ponchos are pieces of clothing that are slipped over the body with a slit in the middle for the head. The main benefit of surf ponchos is that they allow you to change clothes in privacy, even in the middle of a beach. A surf poncho is your own portable and mobile changing room!

The popularity of surfing means there are quite a few surf ponchos available on the market. Let’s take a look at what to pay attention to when choosing one. So here we go.

Why Use a Surf Poncho?

Have you gone surfing before? Or just go to catch fun by the beachside or perhaps you are a water sports enthusiast. If you fall into any of these categories, then you need a Surf Poncho.

Changing in and out of your wetsuits becomes no worry with the aid of these changing robes. A Surf Poncho is essentially a wearable towel usually with a hood. They provide water sports enthusiasts a convenient and easy way to carefully change in and out of their wetsuits without the worry of exposing their body parts.

With a surf poncho as part of your outdoor gear, you do not need to be changing at the back of your car seats or queuing to change in public toilets as you can easily change in and out of your wetsuits or summer clothing even in the open.

This outfit is not just your regular summer attire, as earlier stated, it is a part-towel, can be used to dry your body after swimming or surfing, a part-clothing, as it can be worn on the beach or even in homes when all you need is just a cover over your body, and as explained earlier it is a part-changing room.

What Size Should I Get?

Most Surf ponchos (for adults) are usually designed in a single size for everyone. They are made in such a way that it perfectly fits all, irrespective of the different height variation.

Although in some instances we have producers of ponchos making multiple designs, this is to ensure that every individual can get one that perfectly fits their body size.

Ensure that your surf poncho covers you well, even in bending situations. They should be long enough to protect your backside from getting exposed.

How to Choose your Surf Poncho

In deciding on the kind of Surf Poncho to buy, there are certain factors you need to look out for, even amongst a group of top-quality ones, you still need to choose the one that suits you best. Having done thorough research on this outdoor gear. I have outlined some of the necessary properties you need to look out for when making a choice.


In selecting a choice for your Surf Poncho, the material should be the first thing to consider, just like in choosing your winter and summer wear. You sure want a robe that is soft and tender to your skin, providing you the desired comfortability, you’d also want it to give you warmth, considering that it is what you wear immediately after leaving the cold beach.

Other than comfort, one other quality you want from your material is the ease of washing, you want a poncho that easily gets cleaned when put in your machine. Also, you’d want a type of material that absorbs water well and of course, dries quickly.

Essentially, there are three types of materials used in the production of Surf Ponchos. There is terrycloth which is like your typical towel. Although, those made out of microfiber and natural cotton are the commonest.

Those made out of microfiber are the lightest in weight, making them very ideal for travel as they do not add unnecessary weight to your already heavy bags. Those made out of cotton appear to be the nicest though as they leave no fuzz on the body after use. For warmth, those made out of terrycloth are superior to the other two.

Water Absorption

Surf ponchos are not only used as personal changing rooms, but they also serve as your towel. You want something that keeps your body dry after wearing it. The material of choice for your poncho needs to be one that can absorb water well yet dries off quickly.


The ability of your Surf Poncho to give you warmth almost immediately after wearing them is another factor that needs to be considered. The material used in designing the poncho is expected to be able to absorb water quickly from the body as well as provide needed warmth since it is the first piece of clothing you wear batting out of water.

Materials made out of cotton dry the body quickly and provide optimum warmth, although those made from terrycloth provide more warmth for the body.


Surf ponchos made out of the right materials are almost as important as construction, which is how these materials are put together. For example, when choosing a colored robe, you want one that is well dyed and doesn’t fade easily. In general, you want a poncho with solid edging to avoid revealing your privacy.


Most Surf Ponchos (for adults) in today’s market are unisex, can be used by both males and females, and are usually designed in a single size for all. Just ensure that the Poncho you are buying is long enough to fit well, especially if you are very tall. You want a poncho that guarantees your privacy even when you bend over.

One thing should be noted, the Surf Ponchos should not be too long that it starts to hamper your movement, it is advised to go for those with slits at either side of the base in cases where the ponchos seem too long, to create room for easy movement.


There are not so many stylish designs for Surf ponchos in the market, as these robes serve a purpose. When deciding a choice for your surf poncho, style shouldn’t be one of the main factors to consider. The order should be function over design in making your choice since, after use, you can always switch to your designer clothing.

Final Thoughts

For one hearing the two words ‘Surf Poncho’ for the first time, you’d probably think it’s one sophisticated outdoor gear. However, they are pretty easy to find. We see them whenever we visit the beach or go surfing. With all that has been said, you could still tell yourself you can make do without a surf poncho, but having experienced that icy cold feeling after surfing on a cold morning, I’ll advise you to get one before going out for your next outdoor trip.

Also, ensure you don’t just get a piece of junk poncho, get a quality one that can serve the purpose of purchase. Other than it being used as a changing room, your surf ponchos can also be enjoyed while having a picnic at the beach. It could also be worn when at home, especially during the summer, when all you need is just a cover over your body.

For a water sports enthusiast, I assure you that after your first use of a quality Surf Poncho, it will become one of the first pieces of gear you pick when planning on a trip to the outdoors.

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