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Virtual Tour Collection

Welcome to The Virtual Tour Collection!

This page shows all the panoramas and virtual tours created for Exploration Junkie, whether they are featured in an article or not. New tours are regularly added to this page.

In case you are confused, a panorama is a 360-degree image and a virtual tour is a set of panoramas in which you can jump from panorama to panorama from inside the images. If you want to learn how to create a 360-degree panorama, you can read our tutorial.

You can filter the virtual tours by countries, simply by clicking on the country name. The page will then show you the available virtual tours for this specific country. For each virtual tour, you can see how many panoramas it is made of.

You will also notice that some virtual tours have a little heart, these are among the most beautiful and interesting tours. It doesn’t mean the others are not! Do explore everything 🙂

You are free to share and embed any of these virtual tours on your website. By clicking the “Embed Tour” button, you will be given a code to copy and paste in your website. The only requirement is to keep the attribution as it is provided in the code. If you have any issue or question regarding embedding a virtual tour on your site, don’t hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to assist.

When applicable, a link to the full article is provided so you can learn more about the place and how to travel there.

As of today, 228 Virtual Tours | 1045 Panoramas

Virtual Tour Gallery

The Page is Being Upgraded, Check Back Later!