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Photography Guide & Resources

Over the last 15 years and more, I have wandered in various parts of the world - always with a camera in hand. Photography has been an interest of mine as far as I can remember and a strong focus of this blog since day one.

I have created this Photography section on my blog so I can share with you all I have learned about photography - from travel & nature photography to interactive panoramic photography, and detailed gear guides to help you choose the equipment that is adapted to your needs.

Enough talking, let's dive in! You can either scroll down or use the Table of Contents listing below to jump to the section you are interested in. 🙂

Photography Tips & Tutorials

Learning photography all by yourself represents a big fairly big challenge but a nonetheless very attainable one. A ton of resource exists online and I will not pretend to be the #1 photography learning resource on the internet, but I wanted to share some of the techniques, tips and tricks I have learned over the years in order to take better, higher quality pictures.

I am not a professional photographer, but I am someone who truly enjoys shooting nice pictures, who is always keen on learning new things, and always tries to improve my skills.

Take a look at the articles I have for you, result of all these years of experience taking pictures around the world!

Panoramic Photography

If you have ever browsed the travel blog on this site, you probably have noticed that 360° photography is a cool feature of Exploration Junkie's travel blog and it's one of my favorite types of photography because it's just so special! I like the idea that people can truly interact with my images.

This is why I have created a beginner-friendly tutorial to get you started at creating 360-degree panoramas and virtual tours.

How To Make A 360-Degree Panorama

Learn how to create 360-degree images like those you can find on this site, with no specialized equipment.

Photography Gear Guides

Because not all cameras are created equal and pressing the shutter release button is not enough to shoot outstanding photography, I felt it was about time to share my experience and create this photography gear guide. This way, I am hoping to help you decide what is the best next piece of photography equipment you should get, according to your needs and budget.

Are you shooting wildlife, landscape or general travel photography? Are you searching for a lightweight camera or looking to get your first DSLR, but don't really know what to choose? Wondering how to choose you next lens or what's the best tripod you can get? I've got you covered. In each article, I discuss what factors you should take in consideration before choosing and buying.