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Welcome to the “Animals” section of our site! Here, we celebrate the wildlife that roams our planet. Whether you’re a seasoned wildlife enthusiast or just curious, you’ll love this. This section is a work in progress, and I encourage you to come back often to see what new animal-related content has been published.

This is not designed to be some kind of boring, long-winded encyclopedia. For each animal, I first give very quick, straight-to-the-point essential information so we know what we are talking about, then I list some fascinating, surprising, or little-known facts about the animal – so you can immediately see what makes these animals so amazing.

And since we are not a random encyclopedia, we give practical information and useful tips on how to spot and observe these wonderful creatures in the wild.

If like me you’re a nature lover, you know how thrilling it feels to encounter the majestic, awe-inspiring, sometimes strange species that call Earth home. Our goal with this new section is to spark your curiosity and, who knows, ignite your passion for the animal kingdom and encourage you to get out there, and include wildlife watching in your trips. Promoting responsible and sustainable wildlife tourism is one of our core values.

In a nutshell, here is the type of content you can expect to find, over time:

  1. Intriguing Animal Facts: Prepare to be amazed and learn a ton of things about a wide variety of animals – and prepare to discover animals you have never heard of! You’ll learn about their exceptional abilities, their lifestyle, and much more!
  2. Captivating Listicles: Dive into our engaging, I would even say addictive lists, showcasing the most extraordinary, surprising, and unique species you can imagine. Stay tuned and get ready for them.
  3. In-Depth Wildlife Articles: Explore specific features and behaviors of the animals you love, so you can quench your thirst for knowledge.
  4. Expert Tips & Advice: Planning to go on a wildlife adventure? Here you will find some information on how to go about it. Learn where to go and how to meet fascinating wildlife in their natural habitats.

Excited yet?

Animal Facts