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Even though I have occasionally published articles about archaeology or Historical events that I find interesting, this website is where my passion for nature, hiking and the outdoors shine! It’s only logical that I ended up creating this page, where I share all about the wonderful adventures that I was lucky to live and gear that can enhance your outdoor experiences.

Whether you are a complete beginner looking for general advice, an experienced hiker looking for the best gear to buy, or simply browsing nice outdoor trip ideas, you will find interesting stuff on this page!

Now that you know what this page is all about, it’s time to get to the contents! You can of course scroll down, or use the menu on the right to directly go to the section you want to check out.

Outdoor Tips

Outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking or kayaking are some of my favorite activities when I travel… and they have become quite addictive. Over the years, I have accumulated a good deal of experience that I am sharing with you here.

Outdoor Gear Guides

Going out in the wild in good conditions often relies on the gear you carry with you. After all, how to trek without good shoes? How to enjoy an evening at camp without a good headlamp? How to go bird watching if you don’t have the right binoculars?

Just like everything else in life, outdoor gear can be great just like it can be full of flaws and low quality. And there is so much gear available that it’s not always easy to know what you are really buying!

For that reason, as an outdoor and hiking lover, I wanted to help you make the wisest choices when it comes to buying new outdoor equipment. I will be adding new guides here regularly.

Some Cool Hiking & Outdoors Experiences From The Blog

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