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10 Ways To Ensure Your Safety As A Solo Explorer

Traveling allows you to explore new sights, cultures, and environments, giving you a different and better perspective of the world. While traveling is usually best enjoyed with friends, your partner, and loved ones, going on an adventure solo can also be memorable. By traveling solo, you wouldn’t have to worry about waiting on others since you get to follow your own schedule and itinerary.

While being a solo traveler allows you to do more things, there are risks and potential dangers you need to be wary of. Traveling alone is generally safe, but you never know when emergencies will happen. And since you don’t have a companion, you may not have someone to help you in case of unfortunate incidents. But this shouldn’t scare you and cause you to cancel your plans of exploring a new place by yourself.

To make it work, listed below are some ways you can consider to ensure your safety as a solo explorer:

Bring Self-Defense Tool

As mentioned, traveling alone has a few risks. And while very few people get attacked or assaulted while exploring or solo camping, some explorers may feel more comfortable traveling alone if they know how to defend themselves from other people or dangerous wildlife like mountain lions, bears, and boars).

With that in mind, as a solo explorer, it’s highly recommended to bring a self-defense tool with you. It could be a pocketknife, pepper spray, tear gas, or even a gun if you are licensed to carry one. Don’t have a license? Get one ASAP! Here is a good place to get a license to carry in Texas, for example, if you happen to be in this state. Just find one for your state if you are not in Texas and you’re good to go!

As you decide to take a firearm, choosing the right self-defense round for you is crucial. It can help you identify which better option you can conveniently and safely bring around with you.

Alternatively, if you can learn some basic self-defense techniques before your trip, the better. This can help increase your chances of protecting yourself. Essentially, knowing self-defense moves and bringing tools with you can be great solutions to ensure your safety while exploring new destinations alone.

Research Your Destination Carefully

As you independently explore a place you’ve never been, you should carefully research your destination. For instance, you can search for the crime rates within a specific area to know how often incidents like theft occurs. This can give you a general insight into how safe the place is, especially for non-locals.

In addition, it can also help to familiarize yourself with transportation routes, landmarks, and commercial establishments. This way, you can easily navigate the area and avoid chances of getting lost while exploring.

Traveler in train station

Book A Reputable Accommodation

If you’re planning to spend the night, you need to look for reputable accommodation within the area. For instance, you can book a hotel room. However, if you have a limited budget, you can always opt for more affordable options like serviced apartments or hostels. But as a general rule, don’t skip reading reviews online to know how safe and secure the accommodation is.

Moreover, you may want to look for lodging within the city so you won’t have to worry about traveling to distant and remote places where danger might be around the corner.

Schedule Your Arrival During The Day

For a safer trip, schedule your arrival time during the day. This way, you can have better navigation of your destination as it is still bright and there are plenty of people to ask for directions. Generally, if you arrive at night, you may have fewer transportation options and fewer people to ask for assistance from.

Identify All Means Of Transportation

As a solo explorer, going to various places is mostly part of your agenda. While it’s fun to be spontaneous and adventurous, you may want to identify first all sorts of transportation available around the area. Doing so can give you an insight into how you can get to different places rather than groping in the dark. It can also prevent you from getting lost as you know how to bring yourself to other sites and back. Apart from using a cab or a ride-sharing app, learning the place’s public transportation help offer you a more convenient yet safe way to go around.

Create A Detailed Itinerary

Being spontaneous can be fun and thrilling, but if you’re traveling to an area you haven’t been to before, it may be best to create a detailed itinerary. For one, it can help keep you safe since you get to plan and know exactly where you’re going and how you can get there.

Furthermore, as you arrange your itinerary, consider sharing it with your trusted family and friends. This way, they will know where you are during that time of the day.

Blend With The Locals

Another great safety tip you can use for your solo travels is blending with the locals as much as possible. Being away from the spotlight can help keep you away from danger’s attention.

Generally, if you look like someone not from the place, pit pockets will most likely target you. To prevent this, it may be best to stay low-key and avoid wearing flashy pieces of jewelry or accessories.

Rear view of walking young adult asian woman traveller backpack

Don’t Walk Alone In The Dark

As a general precaution, you should never walk alone in the dark, especially in a place you are unfamiliar with. If you need to buy something, ensure that you get all errands done in the morning or daylight so you can use the nighttime indoors to rest.

While you can always go out to explore the night market, try to avoid walking alone in the dark, wherein there’s no one around you, like alleys. Always walk along busy and well-lit places to keep yourself safe. Even if it means taking the longer route, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Limit Drinking

Drinking can be fun, especially if you like exploring draft beers and local liquors around the area. However, since you’re traveling alone, it’s best to limit drinking and keep yourself alert and active at all times. No matter how confident you are with your drink limit, try to keep them up to a minimum by at least a maximum of one glass.

Aside from drinking responsibly, keep an eye on your drink to prevent instances of consuming spiked drinks, which can cause you to lose consciousness.

Download An Offline Map

In this modern age and time, almost everyone relies on the internet. While technology can provide convenience and assistance as you travel, you should still prepare for the possibility of going offline. This can be helpful in case you run out of mobile data or perhaps there’s no signal from where you are.

With that, consider downloading an offline map of your travel destination. You can also opt for a physical map. Preparing in advance can help you get around without worrying about having a stable internet connection or power.


Ensuring safety as a solo explorer is crucial, as your entire life relies on it. While being adventurous and spontaneous sounds fun, prioritizing your safety above anything else is more valuable than a little thrill. Considering the tips mentioned above, you can ensure a fun, enjoyable, and safe adventure.

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