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3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Croatia

Croatia is a beautiful country situated in the Balkan Peninsula of Europe. The country has a lot to offer to its visitors, from stunning beaches to picturesque old towns, luxury villas and charming villages, making for a perfect summer holiday destination.

Before heading off on your travels, there are a few essentials that you’ll need to have, one of the most important being a GHIC – an updated alternative to the ehic card. This card means you can benefit from health coverage whilst traveling in the EU, for your own peace of mind. With this in mind, here are three reasons why you should add Croatia to your travel bucket list.


1. Natural Beauty

Croatia is blessed with natural beauty that will leave you awestruck. The country has a diverse landscape that ranges from the turquoise blue sea to lush green forests, cascading waterfalls, and rugged mountains.

One of the most popular natural attractions is the Plitvice Lakes National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The park features a series of 16 interconnected lakes and waterfalls that flow into each other through a network of streams and rivers. Visitors can explore the park on foot or take a boat ride to experience the beauty up close.

Another must-visit natural attraction in Croatia is the Krka National Park. The park is known for its seven waterfalls and stunning natural pools. Visitors can swim in the crystal-clear water of the pools and take a refreshing dip under the waterfalls.

If you are a beach lover, Croatia has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. The country has a long coastline that stretches over 1,700 km and offers a variety of beaches from sandy to pebbly. One of the most popular beaches is Zlatni Rat Beach, which is located on the island of Brac. The beach is famous for its unique shape and crystal-clear water.


2. History and Culture

Croatia has a rich history and culture that is reflected in its architecture, museums, and festivals. The country has several well-preserved ancient towns that are worth visiting, such as Dubrovnik, Split, and Trogir. Dubrovnik is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is known for its well-preserved medieval walls and red-roofed buildings. Visitors can take a walk along the walls and enjoy stunning views of the Adriatic Sea.

Split is another ancient town that is famous for its Diocletian Palace, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. The palace was built in the 4th century AD and is one of the most well-preserved Roman monuments in the world. Visitors can take a walk through the palace and explore its underground cellars, temples, and courtyards.

Croatia is also known for its festivals, which celebrate the country’s rich culture and history. One of the most famous festivals is the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, which takes place every year from mid-July to mid-August. The festival features a variety of performances, including theatre, music, and dance.

Market in Croatia

3. Food and Wine

Croatia has a diverse cuisine that is influenced by its neighboring countries, including Italy, Hungary, and Austria. The country is known for its fresh seafood, grilled meats, and pasta dishes. One of the most famous Croatian dishes is Pasticada, which is a slow-cooked beef dish served with gnocchi.

Croatia is also known for its wine, which is produced in several regions throughout the country. Some of the most popular wines include Plavac Mali, Malvazija, and Graševina. Visitors can take a wine tour and visit local vineyards to learn about the wine-making process and sample some of the best wines Croatia has to offer.

Final Thoughts

Croatia is a beautiful country that has something to offer to everyone. Whether you are a nature lover, a history buff, or a foodie, Croatia has it all. So, pack your bags and head to this beautiful country to experience its natural beauty, rich history and culture, and delicious cuisine.

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