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5 Alternative Ways To Travel This Year

When it comes to travel, making your own plans and exploring your way on your own terms can elevate your experience and allow you to get the most out of your time away from home.

It’s no surprise that more and more people are gravitating towards personalized travel experiences. These bespoke adventures, distinct from package holidays and pre-planned trips, offer a unique charm. The freedom to explore at your own pace, in your own style, is a priceless gift that allows you to discover the world in a way that suits you, regardless of your destination.

These tips are not just about travel, they’re about creating the perfect adventure. They’re about stepping outside your comfort zone and discovering new ways to explore the world. They’re about making your next trip the most exciting one yet.

Book A Camper

Travelling in a camper or RV and defending your preferences can genuinely elevate your travel plans. Whether you travel around your home country in a camper, for example, to see the place you live and call home, or hire one when you arrive at your destination to explore a new country, it’s entirely up to you.

But travelling in hybrid campers can allow you to travel at your own pace, set your own route and do what you want when you want, without worrying about things like check-in times, high accommodation feels or getting to where you need to and missed connections.

Booking a camper

House Sitting

If you’re open to new experiences and don’t have a specific destination in mind, consider using house-sitting sites. This unique approach can provide you with a temporary home base, allowing you to explore places you might not have considered otherwise.

For homeowners, having a trusted person in their home to care for things and pets can offer peace of mind, while for you, it’s an opportunity to live like a local and truly immerse yourself in a new environment.

Couch Surfing

If you’re open to sharing a space with a stranger, couch surfing is more than just a way to save on accommodation. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in a local community and experience a more authentic lifestyle.

While you won’t be paying for your sofa space, your host will appreciate your contribution, whether it’s helping with cooking or cleaning. It’s a small price to pay for the rich cultural experience you’ll gain.

Motorbike trip

Motorbike Trip

If you want to hit the open road but a camper doesn’t appeal to you, then why not head out on a motorbike trip, either a pre-booked and pre-planned route in the destination of your choice or freestyle it?

You will still need to find accommodation, but this can be paired with one of the above choices, i.e. couch surfing, to give you a place to rest while you explore on two wheels.

Public Transport

Making your way around your destination via public transport and forgoing plane travel can afford you a unique experience and a more grounded way to travel. Use local bus services to help you get around and sleeper trains to move from one country to another or part of a country.

Japan, for example, has some fantastic sleeper trains, as does Europe (The Orient Express) and South Africa. Using these forms of travel can afford you a place to sleep and rest while getting from A to B.

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