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Are Dolphins Dangerous? Do Dolphins Attack Humans?

Dolphins are carnivorous mammals that live in the ocean and are of the order of Cetaceans, sharing a connection with whales. Highly intelligent mammals, dolphins are known for their affinity with humans.

However, most people forget that dolphins are wild mammals with wild characteristics. Find out if dolphins attack humans.

Can Dolphins Kill People?

Yes, dolphins are so strong that killing humans is easy. However, they do not like to kill or even hurt us. They will prefer to play with us if they like us, while if they don’t want to be friendly, they will stay away.

A dolphin will only show real aggression if it believes it is in danger. This was the case in a 1994 Brazil incident where a dolphin named Tião retaliated against the harassment of two swimmers, killing one in the process.

Do Dolphins Eat Humans?

Dolphins do not eat humans. Even if they had to kill a human on a rare occasion, they wouldn’t eat the corpse. While dolphins are carnivorous, they are very selective and have a favorite food.

They generally love fish, irrespective of their habitat. Salmons, herrings, jellyfish, squids, and mackerels are the primary food dolphins eat.

Dolphin with open mouth

Are Wild Dolphins Dangerous?

Wild dolphins will not attack a human if they are not provoked. They may watch humans from afar and decide to keep their distance or swim close while being observant.

A wild dolphin that has never interacted with a human will only become aggressive if it feels threatened. It is advised that humans never attempt to touch wild dolphins, except they show signs of extreme friendliness.

Do Dolphins Sexually Attack Humans?

There have been suggestions that dolphins may feel aroused when they see humans. While they have never really had sex with any human, there have been cases of male dolphins climbing on top of humans with arousal.

The problem with these sexual attacks is not a possible rape but the possibility of getting drowned with such weight pressing down on us.

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What Are Three Ways Humans Can Safely Interact With Dolphins?

Dolphins are enormous, extremely strong, and highly intelligent. These characteristics mean they can seriously injure us if they attack. Another major problem is that they could pick bad behaviors that put their life at risk in the ocean when they become too friendly with us.

See three major ways to safely interact with a dolphin and curb the possibility of any negative experience after.

Never Feed a Dolphin: Feeding a dolphin may seem cute, but it will make the dolphin think that humans give free food always. The dolphin will typically stop hunting and hope to find a boat for free food. Worse, it will teach every dolphin it sees the new begging trend.

Dolphins getting close to boats put their life at risk as they often get caught in nets, suffer fatal injuries from boat propellers, and could get a gunshot from scared fishermen. In the end, the dolphin always suffers. This reason is why it is illegal to feed dolphins (except those in captivity) in most countries.

Do Not Touch A Dolphin: Never touch a dolphin unless it initiates contact. You can never be sure of a dolphin’s reaction if you surprise it with a hand rub.

Do Not Harass a Dolphin: Do not throw stones to force a playful dolphin to perform tasks it is unwilling to. Forcefully dragging a dolphin by the fins or climbing it could lead to retaliation. Always ask a guide to know the right steps to take whenever you are checking out a dolphin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many People Do Dolphins Kill in a Year?

There are no annual human death records by dolphins because these mammals are not interested in attacking or killing humans. There has only been one recorded death incident where a dolphin named Taio killed a swimmer and injured the other. The dolphin retaliated when both men tried to restrain it illegally.

Why Can’t You Pet Dolphins?

Trying to pet a dolphin is financially, mentally and physically tasking. You will need a huge aquarium, consistent daily fish food weighing as much as 20 to 30 pounds and consistent treatment. It is extremely tasking to pet a dolphin which is why it is not recommended.

Do Dolphins Kill for Fun?

Dolphins kill for fun and can leave the dead body of the unfortunate animal without eating. Orcas or Killer whales are dolphins notoriously known for killing just for the sake of it.

Do Dolphins Bite Humans?

Dolphins will only bite humans if they are extremely distressed by humans or are threatened. They mostly bite to dissuade the human and not kill. This reason is why dolphin-related deaths are rare.

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