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Are Frogs Dangerous? What You Need to Know

Frogs are popular animals that live in water and land and can be found on almost every continent. A simple look at frogs gives the perception of a fast, extremely wary animal that cannot harm us and will always avoid us.

However, this is not entirely true. This guide will highlight what makes frogs dangerous and aggressive.

Are Frogs Dangerous?

Frogs can be dangerous to humans only if they are poisonous. Naturally, frogs do not pose any real danger to us except they are poisonous.

Poisonous frogs can be very dangerous to us and our pets. Some highly reputed poisonous frogs include the Peru black-legged dart frog and Colombia golden poison frog. Both frogs secrete a toxic liquid from their skin that can kill both humans and pets.

Both frogs’ toxicity is so high that touching them can be fatal. The golden poison frog carries enough toxicity to kill as many as 10 people.

Non-poisonous frogs do not threaten us much, but we can’t say the same for our pets. A dog or cat that eats a frog can suffer severe injuries as the latter has lots of cartilage and bones all over its body. Pets usually find them difficult to swallow or even digest.

Are Frogs Aggressive?

Frogs are not aggressive to humans, except they are the poisonous ones whose skin secretions can sometimes kill us. However, frogs can be very aggressive against themselves. Research has shown that male frogs become more aggressive as they grow older.

Also, those from a denser population who have to compete for female attraction are far more aggressive than those with less need to compete for female interest and food.

Male-to-male aggression in frogs is quite common than female-to-female fights. The marine toad is also well known for its aggressiveness and ability to kill other frogs with poison. Bullfrogs are also other frogs that are very aggressive.

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Dangerous poison dart frog

Do Frogs Attack Humans?

Frogs do not attack humans if we let them be. They do not want anything to do with us, so they always jump away whenever we try to get close. A frog will only try to fight back if it cannot escape, which is rare.

Poisonous frogs are the most likely ever to defend themselves using their secretions. They bring out their secretions as a defense when they are lifted.

The golden poison frog and the black-legged dart frog are very dangerous to humans and will use their secretions as a defense.

Do Frogs Bite Humans?

Frogs can bite us as a last resort if they get close enough. However, most do not have enough bite force and strong teeth to cause any real pain. Horned frogs are known to have an average force of 30 newtons which is not good enough to cause significant injuries to us.

Some frogs’ bites are dangerous, but not because of their bite force. These frogs have high viruses and bacteria toxicity that can cause illness and infection.

Do Frogs Eat Humans?

Frogs are not human eaters. They do not eat human flesh, even if it is a corpse. Frogs are not big flesh eaters because their teeth are too small and weak. They prefer to eat insects and small animals like crickets, ants, grasshoppers, and flies.

Are All Frogs Poisonous?

Not all frogs are poisonous. In fact, there are fewer poisonous frogs than those with venom. Some popular non-poisonous frogs include spring peeper, Australian tree frogs, American tree frogs, red-eyed tree frogs, pacific tree frogs, and squirrel tree frogs.

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Poisonous frog

How Many Poisonous Frogs Exist?

There are at least 45 poisonous frogs with different degrees of toxicity currently. While the golden poison frogs and black-legged dart frogs are known for their venom, they are not the only poisonous frogs you should avoid. Some of the major poisonous frogs all over the globe include:

  1. Poison dart frog.
  2. Golden poison frog.
  3. Dyeing poison dart frog.
  4. Blue poison dart frog.
  5. Cane toad.
  6. American toad.
  7. Colorado River toad.
  8. Asiatic toad.
  9. European green toad.
  10. Fowler’s toad.
  11. Oak toad.
  12. Southern corroboree frog.
  13. Bruno’s casque-headed frog.
  14. Tree frogs.
  15. American green tree frog.
  16. Smoky jungle frog.
  17. Cuban tree frog.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Tell if a Frog is Poisonous?

The most apparent telltale sign that a frog is poisonous is if it has a very bright shiny color. Almost all poisonous frogs have the most beautiful, highly colorful skins. They are tempting to touch, but experts have warned that this could be a serious mistake.

Are Poison Dart Frogs Poisonous to Humans?

Only a few poison dart frogs have poison that seriously threatens humans. The others do not pose much threat to us, while some do not even have poison. It is, however, advised to avoid poison dart frogs as the lethal ones can kill a human with their secretion if absorbed into the skin.

Can You Die from Touching a Poison Dart Frog?

It is possible to die from touching a poison dart frog. Most poison dart frogs will not cause serious reactions when we touch them. However, some will cause reactions like swelling and paralysis. The more dangerous dart poison frog can release enough poison to kill an adult. Some dart poison frogs can release more than a hundred milligrams of batrachotoxin, which can kill an adult.

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