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Are Snakes Friendly? Do They Have Feelings & Make Good Pets?

Many often consider snakes as vile creatures due to media misrepresentation. In reality, snakes are wary, scared animals that often do not try to harm humans. Some even consider them friendly creatures. Are Snakes really friendly? Find out in this piece. 

Can Pet Snakes Show Affection?

Pet snakes are believed to feel indifferent around humans and are more tolerant of our presence than fearful. Pet snakes may appear friendly when they are playful, but that is not the case, as they prefer being left alone. Attempts shouldn’t be made to pet them if you are not a popular face.

Can Snakes Be Friendly and Nice?

Snakes cannot be friendly and nice as they do not have the intellectual and emotional capacity to build a relationship with humans. It is mostly snake fanciers that consider playfulness as friendliness.

A snake owner who views his pet as a great companion and friend realistically only enjoys a one-way friendship. Snakes do not see their owners as a threat, nor do they see them as a friend.

Do Snakes Like Humans?

Snakes do not like humans and would do all they can to avoid them if possible. They only experience flight or fight emotions like fear and aggression when they see humans. However, some less aggressive and docile snake species can be trained to trust and feel comfortable around people.

Do Snakes Have Feelings And Emotions?

Snakes have feelings and emotions. They can show aggression, fear, familiarity, contentment, and even skittishness when strangers are around. Snakes can also show satisfaction when their owners make them comfortable. However, a snake’s emotion cannot be compared with that of humans.

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Baby pet snakes

Can Snakes Feel Love?

Snakes cannot feel love or other deep emotions that humans can feel. Their mental capacity is not the same as that of humans. While your pet snake cannot feel love, it will be at peace with you when you constantly provide food and other amenities that improve its comfort.

Are Snakes Affectionate?

Snakes are not affectionate. They cannot show affection like domesticated dogs and cats. Some snake owners think their pet is affectionate when cuddling them, but in actual sense, the cold-blooded reptile is taking some body heat from their owners.

Can Snakes Form Bond With Humans?

Some snake species can establish bonds with humans. Snakes are usually not openly affectionate like other pets, such as cats or dogs.

But with the help of the vomeronasal organ, they establish distinct smells to recognize caregivers. A snake fed regularly and taken care of by its owner will likely develop a bond with such a person.

How Do Snakes Show Affection?

Snakes cannot show affection. Reptiles do not care for their young ones and are rarely capable of forming bonds with humans or other reptiles. Snake lovers quickly think that snakes who no longer fear our presence and recognize us are affectionate. However, this is not the case.

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Friendly corn snake

Do Snakes Like To Be Petted?

Snakes in the wild do not like being petted and consider humans as threats. Pet snakes are used to handling and do not mind being held and petted. Other domestic animals can feel a desirable sensation from petting, but this is not the same with snakes. Most pet snakes do not mind the physical interaction with their owners.

Are Snakes Domesticated?

Snakes are not domesticated reptiles, and most can never be domesticated. They might stay calm in captivity but immediately adapt to their wary nature in the wild. Snakes are wild animals that are better of in their natural habitat. Some snake species, like the corn snake, can be domesticated and live comfortably among humans.

Can Snakes Be Tamed And Trained?

Most snakes cannot be trained or tamed. It is impossible to teach your pet snake complex behaviors like sitting, eating, coming, or going that cat and dog understand.

These wild reptiles are not the kind of species that can be trained, although they can be taught to be calm around their owners when treated properly. However, snakes are considered tame when they are bred in captivity.

Do Snakes Make Good Pets?

Snakes make good pets if you are willing to take the initiative to provide them with the necessary care. These carnivorous reptiles are often misunderstood and perceived wrongly. Snakes make great pets for those who are knowledgeable about their species and well-being and appreciate all they have to offer.

Person holding a pet snake

Are Snake Pets Dangerous?

A snake’s specie determines How dangerous and aggressive it can be. There are several docile and harmless species you could choose as their pet.

Keeping a highly aggressive and venomous snake and expecting it to act cordially in exchange for care may lead you into trouble. So it would be wise to consider a snake’s specie before choosing your ideal pet snake.

What are the Friendliest And Most Docile Snakes?

Several snake species are friendly and docile. These species include corn snake, ball python, pygmy python, rosy boa, boa constrictor, California kingsnake, garter snake, hognose snake, ringneck snake, and rough green snake. The corn snake tops the list for the most friendly and docile. It has a gentle personality and is easy to feed or handle.

Do Snakes Recognize Their Owner?

Snakes recognize their owners. Snakes’ powerful vomeronasal organs allow them to taste and scent, which is how they know that their prey is around when in the wild. This special organ allows them to associate their owners with safety and their source of food. Snakes do not recognize their owners the way cats or dogs would.

Do Snakes Like Being Held?

Most snakes don’t like to be held. Snakes are wary animals who don’t like to be held, petted, or touched. Being held is stressful for snakes, and because they cannot yelp or whine, it’s difficult to know if they feel hurt. Most snake pets accustomed to their owners don’t mind being held.

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