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Are Timberland Good for Hiking? Pros and Cons

So we will be talking about the popular Timberland and the quality of its shoes for hiking enthusiasts. Of course, every real footwear lover should know Timberland. The legendary footwear-producing company is a leading brand globally and is known to sell all kinds of footwear for different events and activities, including Hiking.

Timberland has a lot of dedicated hiking boots, even though they are not so easy to see among hikers because of their high prices and poor advert attempts from the brand itself. Despite the not-so-big awareness for Timberland Hiking shoes, the company has a couple of great footwear for those who love the trail. You can buy more than 30 hiking trail-dedicated Timberlands from the official online store.

However, before you go out to buy any Timberland hiking shoe, you should know that there have been a series of concerns about the brand hiking category. Many users have polarized views about the brand products. While some claim the company’s hiking shoes are great, others have been critical of their comfort and durability.

The Pros and Cons of Using Timberland for Hiking

The Pros

Great for Short and Long Hikes

Hiking with a Timberland for quick short hikes is something that you do not want to miss. Most Timberland shoes are soft, durable, and designed to work for short and intense walks. Formerly there were many complaints that Timberlands were not so great for Long hikes as their seams start to melt after they have been used a couple of times.

The company seems to have taken the complaints in good faith and has now introduced its New patented leather with waterproof technology to outclass most standard hiking shoes on the trails. So you can have a good long walk with the right timberland shoe.

Timberland for hiking 2

Also Excellent for Casual Wear

You can’t deny that Timberland hiking shoes and boots are so classy they can actually be worn for casual outings. Their high-end appearance makes them the perfect fit for people who can only move with just a pair of shoes due to weight constraints when boarding airplanes. They can hike with their shoes and still use them for other formal events.

The best Timberland hiking shoes are designed with so much quality that they are aesthetically pleasing for formal events. Of course, multitasking for formal events may not be your primary motive for getting a hiking Timberland, but the extra benefit can come in handy occasionally.


Most Timberland Hiking shoes are cheap and can be purchased for less than $100. However, don’t be too happy yet! Most Timberland hiking shoes below $100 are not so great. This is why most of the products highlighted in this guide move above the $100 mark. You should buy a waterproof and durable shoe, and it isn’t out of place to spend a little more to get it.

The Cons

Leather Creases May Cause Blisters

Most Timberland boots are made of pure leather, and several customers have complained that some of these leather designs cause blisters after a long or intense walk. If you love to walk when hiking, then you need to be careful with the Timberland brand you settle for, as some are designed with poor leather.

The brand is trying to ensure that some of its shoes are more friendly for hikers, so carefully scrutinize its different hiking boots and read customer reviews before making a choice.

Timberland boots in snow

Not All Are Waterproof

Not all Timberland shoes are waterproof. Actually, most are not waterproof and are awful choices for water hiking, so you need to be deliberate and careful to end up with the right shoe. Also, the waterproof models are expensive, so you should be ready to spend a little more if you want them.

The Best Timberland Shoes to Go For

Now that we have talked about the pros and cons of Timberland hiking boots, there are some nice boots you can buy. There are great collections of Timberland you can go for, and this section will consider 5 top ones to buy.

Timberland Men’s Vibram® Waterproof Hiking Boots

View on The Timberland Website

Price: $200

Available Colors: Dark Brown

Timberland picks up the pace with its Vibram waterproof hiking shoe for men. This boot is a quality hiking shoe that helps the ankle absorbs sudden shock from wrong food placement.
If you are looking for a great product, the shoe Vibram leather technology ensures your feet are well cushioned and protected from forming blisters. Its TMBERDRY Waterproof Technology also makes it a really great choice. It has a special Ortholite Insole that gives extra relief and high support for long trekking and walking.

This boot is Lace-up style, and while it is designed for men, its inside is soft enough to work for women. It is designed with its patented ReBOTL material, about 50% recycled plastic.

The good thing about this boot is that it is also lightweight, so you can easily move with it while enjoying immense comfort and lower body support. It has a Vibram rubber outsole, which easily hooks to the terrain while giving an enhanced bouncy stride.

Aesthetically, Vibram leather boot is a beauty to behold and easy to care for. You should brush it and use minimal water on it.

Timberland shoe logo

Timberland Lincoln Peak Waterproof Hiking Boots

View on The Timberland Website

Price: $98.99

Available Colors: Black, Medium Grey, Wheat Leather

The peak Waterproof Hiking boot is one of Timberland’s classiest and most affordable products, allowing men to enjoy a great hike. This shoe’s standout feature is its TimberDry Waterproof Technology and quality leather, making it extremely durable even when consistently subjected to rigorous and wet terrain. The boot is made of the patented REBOTL Material and has at least 50% recycled plastic.

This product’s interior is very soft and comfy, thanks to its special compression-modeled EVA blend midsole foam. The comfy foam provides long-lasting cushioning and support, making Hiking much easier for users. A Trademark Timberland product, this boot comes with a quality rubber lug outsole that gives users better control in steep terrain. So if you are concerned about getting a boot that makes walking easy and aids better posture, this shoe may be the best option.

The shoes come with a lace style pattern, giving you a choice for better and easy fitting.

Timberland Euro Hiker Hiking Boots

View on The Timberland Website

Price: $140

Available Colors: Brown Smooth

This Timberland is a top choice for those who intend to wear something light while enjoying better control in all types of terrain. It is like the typical hiking boot you are probably used to, as it fits easily with its foam-like leather. It has a great midsole designed to offer great support and help your leg settle in easily.

The insole of this boot is better than average, and you have the option of getting a more special insole if you want something a little bit different. It is not waterproof but is great on shallow waters due to its authentic rubber outsole, which gives a nice bouncy feeling.

You do not need to do much work with polishing as the original smooth brown color available shines easily after a thorough brush. If you are a fan of long-distance walking, this boot can serve the purpose for a long time, provides good support for the ankle, and evenly distributes pressure from the knee. It is designed to help reduce the risk of injury and help you enjoy a more fulfilled hike.

Timberland shoes

Timberland Euro Hiker Waterproof Hiking Boots

View on The Timberland Website

Price: $140

Available Colors: Black Nubuck, Medium Grey Nubuck, Wheat Nubuck, Blue

This Euro shoe is quite different from our third shoe despite their similar names, and it is not just because it is waterproof. This shoe is designed with Timberland REBOTL material, a mix of excellent leather and recycled plastic. The special waterproof feature makes it the perfect choice for those who love to hike on moist surfaces. It is designed to allow Hiking on steep and plain surfaces and offer support for upward and downward Hiking.

Euro waterproof hikers boots come with a steel shank which offers excellent arch support for veterans. Its EVA-blend midsole is much softer and offers instant relief once worn. The midsole, combined with the specially designed insole, offers comfort that makes intense and long walks tolerable. The rubber lug outsole aid in protective and secure climbing as it connects easily to the ground. The shoe also offers great support for the ankle, which is one of its biggest benefits. So no need to worry about sprains as long as you walk carefully.

Timberland Women’s Vibram® Waterproof Hiking Boots

View on The Timberland Website

Price: $190

Available Colors: Black

The Vibram Waterproof Hiking Boots is dedicated to women for a successful, enjoyable Hiking experience. Considering the peculiarity of the female hiker, the Vibram boot was designed to be lightweight and to offer good comfort and high-level durability for a successful walk on the trail. The Vibram Waterproof Hiking boot with quality leather that is hard on the outside and soft on the inside. The leather comes with a TIMBERDRY waterproof Technology that makes the shoe well-suited for wet and moist areas.

The Ortholite insole of the shoe is quite special. It offers a level of massaging comfort to ease the soreness of walking long distances and on uneven terrains with steep elevations. There are very few insoles that you will find, which is better than this innovative design. The steel Shank installed in the shoe provides great arch support.

Like the others in this list, this shoe uses a Lace-Up style, so it is easy to wear and use with very few issues. The steel shank provides good arch support, which is also perfect for the knee. The rubber outsole is also perfect for ground stability and easy walking.

Final Thoughts

It is clear that Timberland has the good, bad, and ugly for its hiking footwear, and you really need to be discerning to get the right product. Buying the right Timberland will make your hiking experience excellent and the actual walking more of a fun activity than an endurance battle. This piece has outlined the pros and cons of using a Timberland for jogging and some of the best products you can settle for. One of the shoes outlined in this guide is dedicated to women. The other four, supposedly dedicated to men, can also be worn by women, thanks to their easy-on-the-leg design and make.

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