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The 7 Best and Easiest Self-Guided Walking Trails in the UK for Beginners

One of the best ways to make the most of your holidays is to get outdoors and do more activities with your loved ones and family. Many people today focus on how they can find exotic locations that they can fly to for holidays.

However, if you are low on budget you can still find alternatives that can help you make the most of your holidays. If you are in the UK you can look for various walking trails that allow you to explore nature and learn more about different parts of the country and its history as well. 

If you have never tried walking tours you can start with easy self-guided walking holidays trails which would ensure that you can have a great time with your family outdoors. This would be a great way for you to explore various regions in the UK when you are going solo, with your partner or your family. 

Here are the 7 best and easiest self-guided walking trails in the UK for beginners. 

The Dales Way

Dales Way

If you are planning to explore a National Trail in the UK you can start with The Dales Way. This trail is one of the easiest ones you can find passing through the iconic Yorkshire Dales National Park. There are many things to do in Yorkshire Dales but walking is certainly the easiest of all.

As you walk from east to west you can explore plenty of natural landscapes that would keep you happy and make things easier for you. On a basic level, The Dales Way is a riverside walk that borders the Wharfe and Dee Rivers. The path also takes you along Lake Windermere which is one of the largest lakes in England.

This self-guided 130-km trail is simple and easy and you can start this tour from Ilkley to Bowness on Windermere, or you can pick any of the smaller tours of this trail. As you walk this trail you also occasionally cross various countryside villages and woodlands where you can spot many birds. 

Cleveland Way

Cleveland Way

Coastal walking trails can offer you a lot more than you can imagine. One of the easiest walking trails in the UK that offers excellent coastal views is the Cleveland Way. This one is for those who want to spend more days outdoors and cover more ground quickly.

Established in 1969, Cleveland Way offers excellent panoramic views of moorlands, woodlands, fields and quaint villages in England. Hence, you can be sure that you can find plenty of landscapes and even explore some of the historic castles and abbeys that fall along the trail.

The best part about this self-guided trail is that the landscapes keep changing offering you a chance to explore different terrains which is a good way to enjoy walking tours. However, when you are covering more than 150 km on foot you need to get the best walking shoes to support this hike.

Cotswold Way

Cotswold Way

Are you interested in birds, flowers and plenty of greenery around as you go on a walking trip? If you are into bird watching, Cotswold Way is one of the easiest and most beautiful trails that would offer you a great experience.

Whether you are walking alone or with your loved ones you can enjoy the experience as you stroll through quaint villages, rolling pastures, excellent beech woodland and much more.

If you are walking this path in the spring season your trail will be dotted with fields of wildflowers and bluebells and plenty of butterflies around them. This is one of the best-marked National Trails in England and therefore you can enjoy this tour without any guidance or assistance. 

Vale of Lorton

Vale of Lorton

Looking for walking trails that are easy, short and quiet? Well, if you prefer walking trails where you can be closer to Mother Nature you can choose Vale of Lorton. This 45-km trail can be done in 2-3 days and you can walk through some of the best landscapes you can find in the Lake District National Park.

The Vale of Lorton trail takes you through forest paths, country lanes and even many well-trod paths that you can follow. This makes this trip quite convenient when you are new to the idea of walking tours. While you are exploring you can also cover the market town of Keswick on this route. 

Hadrian’s Wall Way

Hadrian’s Wall

If you are interested in walking one of the most beautiful walking paths in the UK you need to put the Hadrian’s Wall Way on your list. This walking path was established in 2003 and became an instant hit with most walking enthusiasts internationally and in the UK.

If you are a beginner you can explore the Hadrian’s Wall Way which follows the Hadrian’s Wall and offers a coast-to-coast walking experience. The wall is one of Europe’s largest surviving Roman monuments and as you explore the path you can find plenty of historic sites, fortresses and ruins that can tell you a lot about the history of the location.

This is a well-covered path and therefore you can look for a self-guided trail experience here when you are in the UK. You can cover this almost 150-km trail in short spells as you halt at various locations before you move on. 

Gower Peninsula

Whiteford Sands

If you are in Wales, Gower Peninsula is one of the easy to moderate-level walking trails that would offer you a great experience. Located in South Wales, this 72-km trail can provide you with some of the best landscapes you can capture on camera or in your selfies. While you are here you can enjoy the secluded beach here known as Whiteford Sands.

However, this walking trail is not just about the sea and the sand but you also get to walk and cover rolling grasslands, limestone cliffs, and coastal woodlands. There are plenty of ancient buildings and historic sites that fall in line with this trail and therefore Gower Peninsula is a great walking trail that offers an easy and reliable walking tour experience. 

Fife Coastal Path

Coastal trail

If you are exploring Scotland you can explore the Fife Coastal Path which is one of the most popular and iconic walking trails in the UK. This trail begins in North Queensferry and ends in Newport-on-Tay.

If you are a beginner you do not have to worry much because the walking is straightforward and you can pass through various historical monuments, quaint villages, natural reserves and volcanic landmarks.

This is a great walking trail when you are going on a holiday with your loved ones and family. You can explore Scotland’s natural terrain and also look out for various flowers, birds and insects as you finish this trail.

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