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Birdwatching in North America

For lovers of flora and fauna, there is nothing better than walking through wild places and listening to the sounds of nature. Combining this activity with birdwatching, which is popular in North America, is the perfect combination that can bring great pleasure to everyone.

We invite you to study the features of this entertainment in more detail, identify popular bird-watching locations and learn the secrets of the best birdwatchers on the continent.

Features of Birdwatching in North America

Birdwatching originated in the 19th century, but this activity appeared in North America a little later. Initially, the main goal was the study and recording of birds, not simply the observation of birds. Only in the mid-20th century did birdwatching become a popular pastime among North Americans. Nowadays, it has long outgrown the status of a simple hobby and has become an integral part of culture.

The popularity of birdwatching in North America is constantly growing. Many mass events related to bird watching and even competitions are held annually in different countries. For example, in the USA, there is the so-called World Series of Birding, which unites several competitions and attracts the attention of ornithologists from all over the planet. Similar events are held in other countries of the continent.

In North America, daytime and nighttime birdwatching are equally popular. The latter became available thanks to the wide distribution of various night vision optics, making it possible to find nocturnal birds even under poor lighting conditions.

In each case, the birdwatcher gets to see different birds and appreciate the diversity of species on the continent. In some cases, it is possible to find rare birds under environmental organizations’ protection.

Woman birdwatching

Popular Places for Birdwatching

There are hundreds of locations across North America that are ideal for bird-watching enthusiasts. The largest number of such places is located in the USA, which is the center of world birdwatching. One of the most popular was Greenough (Montana), or rather the 42-acre natural park located on its territory.

Many birds live there, which will be interesting and educational to watch. Among the most interesting species are the golden eagle, sage grouse, Bohemian waxwing, and pygmy owl.

In the state of Georgia, there is a small island called St. Simons. It is remote from other land areas, so people rarely visit there. This circumstance creates ideal conditions for the growth of animal and bird populations. Many of the latter are always on the island; you can watch them almost year-round.

The main objects for birdwatching enthusiasts are plovers, wood storks, buntings, and long-legged waders. There is also a birdwatching center in Rhode Island. It is the port city of Bristol, in the vicinity of which there are always many birds.

A variety of wading birds live in these places. Also attracting the attention of North American birdwatchers are the purple martin, saltmarsh sparrow and other exciting species.

In Canada, the province of British Columbia is the leader in popularity among birdwatching enthusiasts. Vancouver Island provides excellent conditions for local and migratory birds at different times of the year on its territory. Observing them is enough to find a suitable site and have high-quality optics with you.

Under these conditions, you can see various birds, including black oystercatchers, the famous bald eagles and funny-looking crested puffins. Stay close to the coast; you can see albatrosses and similar birds soaring in the sky.

Blue jay

Recommendations for Beginners

In North America, birdwatching is a popular activity, with an increasing number of fans yearly. Beginners in this business should learn from professionals and listen to their advice.

The main recommendation is the use of high-quality optics. Without it, it would be tough to find birds of interest in the rich vegetation of North America. The specific type of device is selected depending on the birdwatcher’s terrain, time of day, and personal preferences.

As of June this year, North America has more than 2,000 bird species. It is impossible to remember all of them by their appearance and sounds, so you should always have some source of information with you. It could be a bird identifier, popular among birdwatchers, or its electronic analog. If such sources are available, classifying observed birds will be much easier.

It is recommended to be as quiet as possible during the event. In this case, the chances of meeting the birds of interest will be much higher. If you make much noise, then timid birds will know about your presence in advance and fly away to safer places.

Another critical recommendation that applies to beginners and professionals is the need to observe various precautions. In the habitats of birds, there may be dangerous predators, poisonous snakes and insects, and other representatives of fauna that can harm the health of the birdwatcher. In addition, there is always a risk of injury or going astray from the chosen route.

Final Thoughts

Among the many peaceful hobbies that do not harm nature and the environment, one of the most popular in North America is birdwatching. This entertainment is available to everyone, regardless of age and amount of money in their pocket.

It provides an opportunity to experience the splendor of the wild nature of our planet and obtain valuable data on the diversity of bird species in a particular region. You will love this activity once you go bird hunting and look forward to the next similar event.

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