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Discover 8 Incredible Caves in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is particularly famous for its cheese. The state is known as “America’s Dairyland” because it’s one of the nation’s leading dairy producers. Wisconsin is also famed for its beer, specifically in Milwaukee. However, there’s more to this Midwestern U.S. state than just cheese and beer!

Wisconsin is full of beautiful coastlines, historical settings, and untouched landscapes. Some of the popular tourist attractions within the state include several awe-inspiring caving systems. Explore the green meadows and experience how truly tranquil nature can be in the rich geographic diversity of Wisconsin.

Uncover the hidden mysteries, nature’s best-kept secrets, and unmatched experience in the following caves in Wisconsin.

Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave is the longest-known cave in Wisconsin. The cave is believed to have been formed roughly 485 million years ago during the Lower Ordovician Period. The cave contains various stunning formations, including stalactites and stalagmites that are concentrated in the southeast part of the cave. It’s a multi-level solutional cave perfectly suitable for friends or family adventures.

Crystal cave is home to some rare bat species, which you might encounter while exploring the deepest parts of the cave.

  • Address: W965 WI-29, Spring Valley, WI 54767, United States
  • Website: Crystal Cave
  • Phone number: +1 715-778-4414
  • Entrance fee: $21.98 for adults, $14.98 for children between ages 3-12, and free for children below 2.
  • Google Maps link: Crystal Cave

Cave of the Mounds

Cave of the Mounds has been promoted as the jewel box of major American caves because of its stunning beauty, which comes from the large deposits of speleothems. These formations come in brilliant color varieties, such as grays, blues, browns, and reds. The blues and grays are caused by the presence of manganese oxide in the formation. Similarly, the reds and browns are caused by iron oxide.

Apart from taking a cave tour, you can also engage in other above-ground activities, such as cycling and hiking, and marvel at the spectacular geological diversity of Cave of the Mounds

  • Address: 2975 Cave of the Mounds Rd, Blue Mounds, WI 53517, United States
  • Website: Cave Of The Mounds
  • Phone number: +1 608-437-3038
  • Entrance fee: $21.99 for adults 13+, $12.99 for children between ages 4-12, and free for children below 3.
  • Google Maps link: Cave Of The Mounds

Eagle Cave

Best known as Wisconsin’s largest onyx cave, Eagle Cave was the first cave to be commercially operated in Wisconsin. It features a cave system with four underground levels interconnected by meandering pathways. Take a cave tour and explore numerous geological features, such as stalagmites and stalactites.

Eagle Cave is a popular camping destination in the United States, especially during the spring, fall, and winter. Explorers can camp in the cave and participate in their cave exploratory program.

  • Address: 16320 Cavern Ln, Blue River, WI 53518, United States
  • Website: Eagle Cave
  • Phone number: +1 608-537-2988
  • Entrance fee: General admission for adults is $16 per person, $9 for children between ages 4-12, and free for children below 3. Seniors may request a $2 discount.
  • Google Maps link: Eagle Cave

Reuben’s Cave

Located next to Little Sugar River, Reubens Cave is a micro cache container on public hunting grounds. Its name is derived from a man named Reuben Folsom, believed to have lived in this cave and hunted wolves in the area. Reeuben started living in the Albany Area in 1842 until his demise in 1875.

A conspicuous trail will lead you to Reuben’s Cave, a hallow cavern within massive rocks, though it gets a bit overgrown during some seasons. Rubens Cave is an ideal place for intrepid adventurers due to its quiet surroundings. The cave tends to be muddy through most of the seasons, so you should wear some boots to facilitate your movement.

  • Address: Sugar River Pkwy, Albany, WI 53502, United States
  • Entrance fee: Free
  • Google Maps link: Reuben’s Cave

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Sea Caves

The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore sea caves were formed due to wave actions, freezing, and thawing, which sculpted shorelines, creating these extensive sea caves. Nature continues to carve vaulted chambers, delicate arches, and honeycombed passages into cliffs, creating more spectacular views of the sea caves.

Visitors tour the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, especially during summer and winter, to witness Lake Superior’s ever-changing handiwork and explore the awe-inspiring sea caves with breathtaking geological formations. You can use a kayak to explore the caves during the dry and hot seasons. The lake becomes frozen during the winter season, meaning you can walk over a vast space of frozen lake to access the sea caves.

Cherney Maribel Caves

Cherney Maribel Caves in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, offers many caves and crevices, including Split Rock Cave, Sinkhole Cave, Tartarus Cave, Pancake Cave, Coopers Cave, and more along a rugged cliff line, typically paralleling the West Twin River. All the caves are gated and require guided tours to explore.

Maribel Cave was formed primarily by glacial activity, exposing a rock layer called Niagara Dolomite. The rock has decomposed over the years due to extreme climatic conditions.

The cave features unique geological formations and hiking trails above the ground. The upland wooded area has been developed with a picnic shelter and ample playground.

Pier Natural Bridge Park

Pier Natural Bridge Park has unique geological features. You’ll notice a half-mile-long blocked and layered sandstone formation covered with green shrubs and topped by tall pines. Underneath this rock formation, the West Branch of the Pine River connects with the Main Branch, forming a Natural Bridge.

Visitors can access the West Branch of the Pine River using a man-made tunnel. There are also some stairs for those who want to access the top of the rock formation. The park also has picnic tables, playing equipment, and campsites if you want to spend a night in this serene environment. Camping permits are on a first-come basis.

The park’s first name was derived from Pier’s family, who donated their land to Richland County to be preserved as a park.

Caves in Ledge View Nature Center

Ledge View Nature Center is a popular Calumet County Park and an environmental education center in Chilton, Wisconsin. The park features natural solution dolomite caves, a rain garden, a butterfly garden, an arboretum, and a 60-foot observation tower.

The nature center offers school programs in Marple syruping, sedimentary geology, caving, and winter ecology. There is a lot you can do at Ledge View Nature Center. Visit the place and enjoy the nature center building’s interactive exhibits and otherworldly displays.

Final Thoughts

Caves in Wisconsin are a wonderful source of adventure and a sure way to connect with nature. Exploring the caves listed above is an enthralling activity for both local and foreign tourists. The intense feeling of entering a small, dark hole in the ground or sometimes underwater, like in the case of sea caves, is a unique experience you can find in all the caves in Wisconsin. It would be best to put these caves on your adventure bucket list.

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