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Cultural Havens Marinas Along the Croatian Coast with a Rich History You Must Visit

A lot of people know Croatia for its large number of national parks, amazing untouched nature and panoramic hiking trails. However, people have inhabited this region from ancient times, due to which, Croatia also has a rich history and endless cultural sights. There are numerous manifestations and monuments you can visit while vacationing here.

A lot of these cultural havens are along the Adriatic Coast of Croatia which makes them accessible by boat. If you’re looking for the ideal vehicle for your summer vacation, take a look at the wide offer on Yacht IN. There are endless amazing marinas along the Croatian coast, some of which have great historical and cultural sights.

Unforgettable Cultural Havens Marinas Along the Dalmatian Coast

The most visited region in Croatia is Dalmatia which takes over the whole southern part of the coast and is home to many luxurious marinas located in old towns with fascinating histories. If you’re looking for old-town charm, raw nature and high comfort, head to ACI Marina Trogir.

The city of Trogir was founded in the 3rd century and the remains of the old city still stand – discover its monumental cathedral as well as the island of Čiovo while enjoying Croatia’s top yacht charters.

From Trogir, head to Split, the central town of Dalmatia. You might have heard of Split as the city in which Diocletian built his palace. This amazing complex takes over the whole old town core and has so much to offer. Explore numerous monuments located inside the Palace, ranging from different periods of this city’s history. 

Marina in Croatia

If you’re looking for an even more luxurious marina, definitely sail to Šibenik, the town most famous for its fortification system. The Marina Mandalina is the only one in Croatia that accommodates megayachts and offers a truly unique experience, ideal for anyone looking for yachts in Dalmatia.

It is located near the St Anthony’s Channel, along which lies a beautiful promenade immersed in nature. A fun fact about Šibenik is that it was the first town in the world with public lighting.

Cultural Havens Marinas on the Northern Croatian Coast with a Rich History

We can’t talk about marinas in Croatia without mentioning the oldest marina in the country, the one on the island of Krk. If you have time to only visit one marina, the one in Punat Krk should be your first choice.

The rich culture of the island is reflected in a large number of folkloric groups and the fact that it’s home to Bašćanska ploča – a monument in which the Croatian ethnonym is mentioned for the first time in the native language.

Going further north to Istria, you’ll find several great marinas, such as the ACI Marina Pula, from which you can explore the ancient city of Pula and its monumental colosseum. Don’t forget to discover the spectacular gastronomic offer of Istria too.

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