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4 Ways to Explore Art During a Trip to Spain

True mindful vacation implies not only leisure but also interaction with local culture, especially in such a charismatic country as Spain. The full distraction of daily life and routine has numerous ways, and art is one of them. You don’t have to be an expert or critic to observe the beautiful creation of humanity, because the goal is to enjoy, not evaluate.

Observing art has a positive impact on the mind. It reduces stress and stimulates imagination and creativity. Mainly, it provides a cathartic outlet for processing emotions nonverbally. Analyzing art or other visual elements also improves cognitive skills.

It would be sinful to deprive yourself of such a fantastic experience, so plan to attend at least a few spots. This article will help to choose and pick a suitable way for art exploration in Spain. This article will help to choose and pick a suitable way for art exploration in Spain.

Go Through Heritage Hubs

Velazquez Museum

Artistic attractions in Spain demonstrate a diverse cultural heritage that’s renowned worldwide. For example, in Andalusia visitors experience the birthplace of flamenco with live music. Seville, Granada, and Jerez de la Frontera are the key cities where the gypsy dance became a famous style with variations through the years. 

In addition, Andalusia is the heart of Moorish society.  You can explore their unique architecture, like the Mezquita Cathedral in Cordoba. Don’t omit their cuisine, especially paella, and enjoy stylish gardens with fountains and beautiful reflecting pools.  For further research consider these places:

  • Basque Country
  • Catalonia
  • Valencia
  • Madrid
  • Castile and Leon

There are a lot of inspirations and interesting objects, so if you decide to make a cultural route around other artistic attractions, consider car hire for flexible transportation.

Participate in Festivals

Visitors usually feel excited when seeing historical masterpieces in Spanish art museums
such as Picasso’s “Guernica”, but what about real-time meetings with modern art of the current century? It’s not going to disappoint you, obviously, because people have learned and are still learning how to create wonder with technology or other methods.

In some sense, multimedia or another sort of modern art seems to be even closer to our perception than classical exhibitions, which are shown in ANIMAC.

ANIMAC is hosted in Catalonia. This festival provides audiences with opportunities to engage with visual art. Animation, film, graphic design, audiovisual, and cinema are key topics.

Workshops and masterclasses motivate participants to broaden their outlook with lectures. Unique installations, in turn, show the new sides of animation. To find different themes of art festivals click here. Sculpture, collecting, jewelry – the choice is vast.

Observe Art Galleries

Art Gallery

Art galleries in Spain attract locals and tourists with wide perspectives on unique exploration and educational purposes. Artistic expression inspires one to create own philosophy or admire aesthetic features. You can view any type of art in these internationally famous establishments, whether it be traditional or modern:

  • The Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona is known for its post-war art legacy, although nowadays it’s a temple of modern artistic movements with numerous collections of works. 
  • Reina Sofia in Madrid demonstrates paintings of 20th-century representatives Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali and some other international artists. 
  • At Valencian Institute of Modern Art, you’ll find 11,000 pieces split into eight departments dedicated to the development of contemporary art. The one describes Julio Gonsalez, the pioneer of the new era in arts, who became well-known for iron sculpture.

Active excursions demand more energy. Especially if travelers have more plans connected with other vacation sections. They should be filled with pure happiness and refreshment, not stress or constant rush. And a solution to how to reach that is below!

Improve The Quality of The Trip

Man driving

Traveling to undiscovered treasures, unwinding in the countryside, or switching between busy cities and beach time in Alicante demands better time management and independent means of transport.

A 9-seater car hire solves all your schedule problems most comfortably by tripping in a spacious cabin with needed facilities. always gives affordable prices and suitable car models for every wallet. The site generates data according to your requests.

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Study The Art Street Scene

Street Art in Madrid

Vibrant murals decorate buildings and walls all around Spain. The creativity is literally soaking the neighborhoods. An environment gains new colors of life or even transfers the viewer to another world without leaving the planet. Street art encompasses all topics from politics to love in possible styles of different complexity.

Urban art in Madrid is widespread in Lavapies and Malasana, where you can walk or take a free tour to appreciate the greatest examples. Also, there are related festivals for fans with certain programs and activities in the heart of Spanish guerilla arts.


As you see, Spain is a perfect country to get acquainted with arts in different ways. Agree, there are countless aspects of beauty that touch every piece of territory. It’s just impossible to not find something special for everyone. Good luck and safe trips!

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