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8 Ways to Find Out Your Spirit Animal Through Dreams or Meditation

Using meditation and dreams can help people identify their animal totem. This practice of connecting with our animal symbols provides insight into ourselves and helps us better understand life and the world.

About Dream Animal Totem

Animal energies often communicate with us through our subconscious mind when we sleep or meditate. They give us important information about our past, present, and future, as well as recommendations for solving the problems we currently face.

In our dreams and meditations, animals often appear to reveal themselves as our spiritual guides and represent our animal totem.

To effectively work with our animal totems, we must pay close attention and study the symbolic meanings of the animals we are connected to.

Animals often have a stronger sense of purpose and instinct than humans. We can benefit from their wisdom by seeking guidance from them and studying their behaviors in our dreams and during meditation with a psychic advisor.

Meditation can be considered a form of active dreaming, and you can follow these steps to identify animal totems through both dreams and meditative practices. There are eight steps you can follow to discover your animal totem through dreams and meditation.

We discussed the concept of an animal totem in dreams and the significance of studying animals in dreams and meditation. What will happen next?


8 Ways to Find Out Your Spirit Animal Through Dreams or Meditation

1. Write it Down

Keep an animal totem journal handy by your bed or in your meditation room to record your experiences when you wake up or return from meditation. This way, you can easily document your encounters with animal spirits.

2. Be Consistent

Try to establish a consistent sleep or meditation schedule every day. Your subconscious mind thrives on routine, so once you develop a regular pattern, it will be easier for you to relax and interpret the animal symbols.

3. Chill Out

Ensure that the setting you are in is suitable for calming down. It becomes challenging to connect with our animal totems when we have distractions like a TV or unfinished household tasks. Organize your sleeping or meditation space a bit – it doesn’t have to be complicated. The subconscious mind thrives in an orderly environment and will be more receptive if there are no distractions or annoyances present.

4. Hocus, Pocus, Focus!

Start your sleep or meditation session by stating your desire to identify your animal totem. Clearly express to your subconscious mind, spirit, and the animal spirit realm that you want to connect with your animal totem. Quietly repeat your intention on live psychic chat to meet your animal spirit in your dreams. You can use the suggested phrase or create your intention.


5. Don’t Let the Moment Fade Away

When you wake up or come out of meditation, be sure to write down your thoughts in your animal’s totem journal. Alternatively, you can record your impressions using your voice if that is more convenient. It’s important to capture these moments because they are easily forgotten.

Dreams and meditations tend to slip away like the wind. It is essential to document our experiences to help us reflect on the meaning of our animal symbol. Writing down these events provides us with a foundation for understanding the traits of our animal totem and interpreting the messages it is sending to us.

6. Dig Into the Details

Be sure to include all details. For example,

  • What was your spirit animal doing when you encountered it? Was it flying or swimming?
  • What was his appearance?
  • What was the environment like?
  • What color was it?

The more information you gather, the stronger your connection with your spirit animal guide will be.

7. Take a Break

After some time, whether it’s a few hours or even a day, revisit your journal where you wrote about your animal totem and read over your notes from that session. Look into researching the animal that appeared to you and start connecting its characteristics with the details of its appearance during your sleep or meditation. Over time, you will start to build a clearer picture and gain a deeper insight into yourself, your life, and the world around you.

Close up portrait of a horse

8. Practice Makes Perfect

Repeat this process to continue communication and get a greater understanding.

By consistently adhering to this advice, you will enhance your skills in interpreting and rely more on your instincts when working with your animal totem. Additionally, as you progress in this journey, the animal spirits will become more visible to you, as they will feel your self-assurance and reverence towards their existence.

No matter what happens, do not feel disheartened if your animal totem does not reveal itself to you initially. Keep trying even if you see an animal but the experience feels strange and unclear. Remember that this is a journey that requires time, patience, and effort to see results.

Work hard and remember that your animal spirit is as eager to connect with you as you are with it.

If you discover a more effective way to connect with your animal totem, feel free to use it. It is simply a tool to help you on your journey. Ultimately, you control the process.

Identifying animal totems through dreams and meditation is known as animal dream totem.


Finally, this is a joint effort. It is important to show respect for the animal world by inviting our animal spirits to join us on psychic online chat free and dream to provide in this article will aid you in forming a connection with your unique animal guides.

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