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How to Deal with Your Travel Anxiety

Some travel anxiety is perfectly normal because despite often being associated with taking time off work and visiting new and exciting places, it also requires a lot of planning.

That said, there are ways to limit travel anxiety and feel at ease when traveling for work or leisure, so let’s explore them. But first:

What is Travel Anxiety?

Travel anxiety is a feeling of fear that typically arises before the trip and can sometimes persist until the person returns home. Symptoms can range from mild to severe and affect a person’s ability to relax and enjoy themselves.

While traveling often brings excitement, especially when visiting a place for the first time, it can also feel overwhelming because there is a lot to think about:

  • Booking flights
  • Organizing transportation to and from the airport
  • Finding good places to stay
  • Navigating the new location once you get there

For some people, all that planning can be overwhelming and even lead to panic attacks while traveling.

Anxious traveler

How to Deal with the Anxiety of Being Away from Home

1. Plan Ahead

Stress often comes from the unknown. Some people can be spontaneous and set off on a trip with little planning. 

But if you prefer a concrete plan, sit down and clarify all the details. This is a fantastic way to manage stress and eliminate guesswork.

Specifically, plan:

  • Travel (flights, car rental, etc.)
  • Accommodations (hotel, hostel, etc.)
  • Travel insurance (medical coverage, luggage, etc.)
  • Documents (personal ID, passport, visa, tickets, etc.)
  • Travel Itinerary (flight details, accommodation address, contact info, etc.)
  • Finances (currency exchange, cash, debit/credit card, budgeting, etc.)
  • Packing (clothing, toiletries, medications, devices, etc.)
  • Communication (mobile plan, roaming options, communication apps like Viber, etc.)

2. Stay Connected

Travel anxiety can sometimes come from (or be heightened by) the feeling of isolation from friends, family, and home. For example, traveling to a distant location can be exciting, but it can also make you homesick and anxious.

So, another answer to “How to deal with travel anxiety?” is to simply stay connected, especially when you feel down. This includes calling people back home (including having video calls) and chatting.

Though it may seem insignificant, this can provide a feeling of ‘connectedness’ and help you feel more at ease.

On that note, if possible, take some comfort items with you. These can be things you use regularly at home––a favorite blanket, a pillow, a device, or a small keepsake from home.

3. Consider Taking Supplements

You can easily carry and use calm gummies for stress during your trip. Have some gummies handy and pop them on the go. Whenever you feel anxious or stressed while traveling you can easily cope with the situation by popping some fruity gummies. Gummies are easy to carry around while traveling since you don’t have to stress about them spilling. 

4. Keep Up with Healthy Habits

Keeping up with healthy habits can have a profound positive impact on your mood, well-being, and anxiety levels.

For instance, exercise is well known for its relaxing and uplifting effects. It helps you feel better, boosts energy levels, and reduces the risk of anxiety. 

The great news is that you don’t necessarily need to do structured exercise. Even long daily walks exploring the new area can be great.

Similarly, eating more whole and nutritious foods can lead to steadier energy levels and a clear mind, both of which can help you deal with anxiety.

Traveler in a serene landscape

5. Stay Hydrated 

Never compromise on your hydration levels. While you’re traveling, you deviate from your routine diets and water intake. This can cause anxiety and stress. Make sure to have some good water supply always handy. Drink your water and carry some snacks so that you’re not starving yourself during the journey. 

6. Motion Sickness 

Many people are prone to motion sickness. If you’re among them, one of the most important tips to reduce stress while traveling is preventing motion sickness. This creates a discomforting situation also for the people who are traveling with you.

Carry some products like ginger candies or practice remedies like acupressure wristbands. The seat you choose also makes a difference. Pick the seat that exposes you to the least amount of motion. Sipping small amounts of fluid can help you with vomiting.

7. Practice Some Relaxation Tips 

Incorporating some activities that relax you helps soothe your tension. For instance, if you love reading, carry a book with you and spend some time reading whenever you feel stressed. Sometimes distracting yourself is the best way for a stress-free travel.

Some people start feeling homesick and can’t figure out how to reduce travel anxiety. This is when relaxing techniques like listening to podcasts, music, or reading a book can help.

Final Words

Travel anxiety is relatively common. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to manage it, feel at ease, and enjoy your trips.
Some travel anxiety treatment options include planning your trips thoroughly, staying connected with family, taking products to reduce stress and enhance relaxing effects, and staying consistent with healthy habits like regular exercise and eating a healthy diet.

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