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Gear Up for the Expedition: The Explorer’s Guide to Moving Your Car with Adventure in Mind

Want to traverse a country or even a continent with your ATV, car, RV, or jetski but don’t know how?

Today we’ll go into how you can go on any adventure, with your vehicle, the process, and what to expect along the journey.

Let’s get started.

Explorer’s Guide to Moving Your Car With Adventure in Mind

1. Choose a Suitable Destination

Your origin-destination is important, as that’s where your vehicle will be located. If you want to traverse Africa in a Jeep, then you’re going to want to start near a port. The reason is that the port is where your vehicle will arrive, and will make shipping much easier logistically.

If this isn’t possible and your destination is land-based, you’ll still have no problem getting the vehicle to your destination, it will just take a little bit longer. It’s also important to verify if carriers operate in your destination, as not every part of the world is accessible.

That being said, with great logistical handling, the best car movers have no problems getting vehicles to any point in the world. You will however need to pay a little extra to get the vehicle to harder-to-reach points, for instance, a remote location in Asia or Africa.

Car under the stars

2. Choose a Suitable Carrier Service

Choosing the right car transport company for your adventure is very important, especially if you’re planning an adventure overseas. Some carriers don’t ship worldwide, so it’s important to verify the details beforehand.

Always go with a transport service that is well-reviewed, and can ship plenty of different vehicles, like A1 Auto Transport for motorcycles. The reason is that a well-qualified handler shows their expertise by being able to handle multiple types of vehicles, not just cars.

Also, check out their online presence to ensure that they are operating legally. You can do this by checking out the Department of Transport’s website as well as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

You want to verify that the company you’re working with is operating legally, as many “transport companies” are simply landing pages, and not legal, verified entities. This is important, as you want to know your vehicle is properly insured, and not left out to dry during any mishaps that may happen along the way.

In addition to verifying a company’s legal status, it’s wise to consider the practical aspects of vehicle transportation, especially if you’re dealing with electric vehicles. For instance, understanding how the transport company handles issues charging your car battery can offer peace of mind, ensuring that your vehicle arrives at its destination ready to go. This consideration is as crucial as confirming insurance coverage, as it prevents potential delays or complications during transit.

3. Plan Ahead

No matter if you’re planning to go to Africa, China, or Indonesia, it’s important to plan out your vehicle’s transport months in advance. The reason is that affordable transport can take a month or even more to arrive.

If you need your vehicle on a certain date at your target destination, then it’s always best to send your vehicle a week or two before landing in your destination and leave it in storage. Storage however does cost extra, but will make it much easier logistically to have the vehicle on a certain date.

If you are in a rush, then air shipping is also available by most carriers, but remember that air shipping is quite costly and not affordable for the average person. As long as you plan your adventure well in advance, you should have no problem bringing any type of vehicle with you.

Car toy (illustration)

4. Consider Alternative Options

In certain circumstances, it may not make sense to bring your vehicle with you for your adventure. If you only need the vehicle for a few hours for your adventure, then renting a vehicle will make much more sense.

However, if you want to travel by vehicle, like an RV, in a foreign country, then rental fees will end up sky-high after a few months, and shipping your RV may even save you money in the long term.

With great planning, however, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. All that’s required is some knowledge, and bringing your vehicle with you to any point on the planet is a possibility, and only your mind is the limit.


Embarking on an adventure with your vehicle, be it an ATV, car, RV, or jetski, is a thrilling prospect that opens up a world of possibilities. In our Explorer’s Guide to Moving Your Car With Adventure in Mind, we’ve delved into the crucial aspects of making this journey a reality. Let’s recap the key points that will gear you up for the expedition of a lifetime.

Selecting the right destination sets the stage for your adventure. Whether you dream of navigating the landscapes of Africa in a Jeep or exploring remote corners of the world, understanding the logistics of your chosen destination is paramount. Starting near a port can streamline the shipping process, but even land-based destinations are accessible with careful planning.

Choosing a suitable carrier service is the linchpin of a successful vehicle transport experience. Opting for a reputable service, such as A1 Auto Transport, ensures that your vehicle is in capable hands. It’s essential to verify the carrier’s global reach, read reviews, and confirm their legal standing to guarantee a smooth and secure journey for your prized possession.

Planning emerges as a critical factor in the success of your vehicle’s transport. Whether your adventure spans Africa, China, or Indonesia, meticulous planning months in advance is key. Affordable transport options may take time to reach your destination, so strategic timing, including potential storage solutions, can help align your vehicle’s arrival with your travel schedule.

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