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6 Unique Off-road Travel Ideas for Adventurers in Australia

Australia is a great continent with many things to offer – from going to the beach to visiting the mountains to heading to the deserts where rarely any living being can survive for a long time. If you love adventures, Australia is the best place to be. There’s so much to do.

To enjoy Australia to the fullest, you must know what to do. Aside from ordinary travel ideas like visiting the natives, seeing the Sydney Opera, and something like that, you can do some off-roading and experience the continent differently.

Millions of Australians love outdoor adventures. They gladly go on off-road trips with their 4×4 UTEs. They have fantastic UTE toolbox canopies installed over the rear tray where everything is stored – from oversized models covering the entire area to smaller 1400 canopy tool boxes that are enough for storing the most valuable items inside.

In this article, we share six excellent ideas that are unique and you should try if you’re in Australia. Keep reading and find out some of them, and if you like the ideas, prepare well to hit the road.

1. Desert Dune Bashing

There are ten deserts in Australia. You can choose some of them based on your preferences. Pick one that is near your place of residence, but also based on the difficulty. Not all deserts are the same – some are literally deadly.

When you find the perfect one for you, organize a trip and enjoy the piece of land on the continent where most of the planet’s living beings can’t survive for long. Tackle all the obstacles by climbing uphill with your powerful UTE and experience the dangers of rough nature.

Off-road in dune in Australia

2. Camping Away From the City

Camping is a wonderful activity, especially for the outdoor and nature lovers. Most campers will pack their tents and head to the wilderness where they will look for the perfect camping spot, but if you’re experienced enough, you’ll know where to find yours without spending hours searching for the best place.

The best way to do it is by driving an off-road vehicle that will take you anywhere you want. Choose a 4×4 UTE in which you will pack everything you need. Many campers love transforming their rear tray into a remote bedroom by installing a toolbox canopy that covers the entire rear tray – making your vehicle the perfect sleepover location.

3. Off-road Track Excursion

There’s something so satisfying in driving through the never-ending off-tracks and enjoying untouched nature. You can stop and listen to the birds chirping, feel the breeze on your face, and breathe some fresh air. The air here is not like in the polluted cities.

You don’t need a destination – you can drive where the road takes you, listen to some great music, have a conversation with your spouse or friends, and enjoy the moment of spending time with great people through the fantastic Australian lands.

4. Beach Exploration

Australia is a continent surrounded by water. Wherever you go, the final point will be the ocean. That means beaches are everywhere around you. You may have some fantastic times on the beach if you have the right vehicle with you. Seaside adventures may be exciting if you know how to make them.

Remember that you can only drive a 4×4 vehicle through the sand. Be fully prepared for the challenge, or else you will get stuck and need to call for help. However, being prepared means enjoying the challenge and the moment.

Beach driving in Australia

5. Night Time Driving Through the Great Outdoors

For those who love a bit more adrenaline, there’s the nighttime driving through the off-road tracks we mentioned earlier. It is entirely different driving through the untouched nature during the day and the night. At night, the challenge and the adventure are something else.

It’s a cool drive through the day, and you can enjoy the surroundings, but at night, you never know what might come out of the forests on the sides of the road. You must have extensive lights that can illuminate the area and the road ahead, which is a challenge of its own. Night drives are not for the faint of heart.

6. River Crossing and Obstacle Tackling

Many old trading paths lead through small or big rivers. There was simply no other way around to get from one place to another. These tracks are still used for adventurers today. Going where our ancestors used to go is exciting and challenging at the same time.

To do this, you must find one or more rivers that are crossable, but you also need a vehicle capable of doing it. Remember that this is not a job for every vehicle. You must own a UTE that is proven to be capable of this, and going with an ordinary car is unsafe.

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