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Renting a Bike: 6 Useful Tips for Getting a Good Deal

One of the most practical, cost-effective, yet enjoyable forms of transportation is without denying a bike. Unlike cars (or any other vehicle for that matter), you do not need to have any previous experience in order to ride it.

A vast majority of bikers love it because it makes them feel free and allows them to reach areas that cannot be easily accessed by automobiles. Not to mention the fact that it’s an excellent way to steer clear of, oftentimes, tedious traffic.

Now, it doesn’t matter if you’re planning on renting a bike when traveling, or because you simply do not currently have one in your possession, what matters is to take these factors into account before you spend any cash.

Find A Good Bike-Rental Company

There are a lot of bike rental companies in the world, however, it doesn’t mean that all of them are reputable and offer high-quality bikes. What factors must be prioritized in order to hunt down a good one?

For starters, first determine your budget. Avid bike lovers at Hilton Head bike rentals would like to remind you that, nowadays, you can stumble upon a variety of different bike rental services that provide people with all sorts of bikes in terms of price. The ones that are on the higher end usually come with fantastic features and are generally pricier.

On the other hand, those that are considered a bit more “ordinary”, are also a great option, however, they aren’t packed with a bunch of different features and are ideal for bikers who are a bit tight on the budget.

If you want to avoid exceeding your budget, then it’s good to set it right off the bat and then focus on the ones that are within your price range. Another thing that you’re supposed to do is to cast your eyes on the online reviews to see if the bike-rental services that you’re interested in are trustworthy.

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Don’t Forget The Condition

It doesn’t matter whether you’ll be using this vehicle a lot or not, at the end of the day, you do not want your ride to be ruined just because the bike is not in good condition. Not to mention the money you’ll be wasting then.

Consequently, before you choose anything, first be sure to properly investigate the bike to see if the tires and rearview mirrors are okay. If by any chance, you notice any damage, then don’t be afraid to talk to the owner of the bike rental to see if they can replace the damaged parts. 

Bear in mind that sometimes, it’s not easy to spot damage, at least not at first glance, hence it’s of huge importance to cautiously experience your bike just to be certain that nothing’s wrong with it.

Besides the tires and rearview windows, you should also check the starting, stopping, clutching, honking, shifting, and lighting systems.

What Type Is Right For You?

If you’ve never ridden a bike before, then it would be advised to get familiar with some types just to see which one is right for you. Below, you’ll be provided with some basics as far as this is concerned. 

  • Road bikes – If you’re searching for something that’s very fast, plus you’re planning on riding on a smooth sidewalk, then you should take this one into consideration.
  • City bikes – As the name suggests, they are ideal for getting around the city’s hustle and bustle. What’s great about them is they do not require clothing that’s intended for cycling, but you can wear anything you’re comfortable in.
  • Hybrid bikes – A perfect mixture of mountain and road bikes. They come with very big seats and are generally very comfortable. In addition, you can ride them on unpaved or paved roads, however, it wouldn’t be wise to utilize them for off-road mountain bike trails.

Not Everything Is About The Price

Renting a bike is certainly not the biggest investment you are ever going to have, however, we know that there are people who do not have the means to afford anything that’s at their disposal when it comes to this.

Although it doesn’t mean that you should solely focus on the ones that are on the pricier side, you shouldn’t also consider only the ones that are cheap. Bear in mind that vehicles that are very inexpensive aren’t intended for longer rides.

Even if the renter tries to convince you to rent their bike by claiming that it is as efficient as the one that’s a bit costlier, do not fall into this trip. They are doing so to allure as many bikers as they can.

Cycling in the countryside

Do You Get Anything Else Except For The Bike?

Of course, it’s not the end of the world if you are getting only a bike and nothing else along with it, however, if you are planning on using it a lot, then it wouldn’t be smart to select a rental company that solely offers bare-bones bikes and nothing else.

Instead, you should select the ones that give you helmets as well, because, after all, there’s nothing more important than staying safe while on the road. Speaking of safety, if you are planning to ride this vehicle even during the night, then you should check to see if the rental company provides front and rear lights too!

There are other amenities that could potentially be included, like a map, basket, and bike clock. Although it’s great to have them as well, they aren’t as essential as the above-mentioned features.

Let’s Not Forget To Talk About The Size

Another factor that you should take into account is the size of the bike. If you’ve never rented a bike before and you’re not sure what to look for, then just browse the internet in order to find a good bike sizing chart. Normally, the bike size is gauged from the crank to where the seat post begins.

Final Thoughts

It appears to be like bikes are back in fashion, which doesn’t come as a surprise since they are truly very convenient and provide you with an awesome experience. However, if you do not want anything to ruin your ride, then you must implement all the tips that were mentioned today.

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