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What Restaurants Are Worth Visiting in Warsaw?

While Poland’s vibrant capital, Warsaw, is renowned for its magnificent architecture, rich history, and diverse cultural attractions, it also boasts a prominent culinary scene.

This scene is a true melting pot of flavors inspired not only by the country’s traditions but also by international influences, reflecting Warsaw’s dynamic and cosmopolitan character.

La Brasserie Moderne, an exquisite restaurant located on the premises of the luxurious Sofitel Victoria Warsaw hotel, stands out as one of the most notable dining options where you can experience a sophisticated blend of culinary inspirations. Below, you will find more about this unique place.

A Modern Spin on the Classic French Brasserie

Located in the heart of Warsaw, La Brasserie Moderne offers a stylish contemporary take on the traditional French brasserie. Here, masterful chef Paweł Kałuśki focuses on highlighting the natural perfection and inherent qualities of premium, fresh products.

Through skillful preparation, Kałuśki and his seasoned team bring unique interpretations to beloved dishes, adding unparalleled flavor to each delectable meal. These dishes are then presented with elegance and finesse, inviting guests to savor each bite in a sophisticated setting.

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Appetizers at La Brasserie Moderne – The Starting Point of Your Culinary Journey

The assortment of appetizers at La Brasserie Moderne is a pure symphony of flavors, featuring an enticing selection of dishes catering to various tastes.

For seafood lovers, there is a wide variety of options to choose from, including octopus paired with potato, olives, and parsley powder; grilled scallops served with chestnut velouté and pancetta powder; tuna tartare with ponzu and mango caviar; and the ultimate indulgence of Siberian and oscietra caviar served with blinis and crème fraîche, promising to delight the palate.

La Brasserie Moderne also offers flavorful vegan dishes, such as hummus with peanuts and pickled lemon, or champignons with artichokes, apple, grapes, and celery.

Beef tartare and a selection of Polish and French cheeses are among the other savory appetizers available to diners at La Brasserie Moderne.

Soups: The Essence of Polish Tradition and French Culinary Prowess

The restaurant at Sofitel Victoria Warsaw invites its valued guests to relish traditional Polish soups, such as sour rye soup served with white sausage, egg, and bacon powder, or to experience French delicacies like pot-au-feu with beef, cabbage, and potato, or bourride fish stew with langoustine, scallops, and tomato. The classic French Onion soup, also served at La Brasserie Moderne, features baguette, Gruyère, and thyme, and offers a delightful blend of textures and aromas.

A bowl of soul-soothing soup, whether inspired by French traditions or infused with Polish flavors, will set a heartwarming start to your unforgettable dining experience at La Brasserie Moderne.

Check out the offer on the website:

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Celebration of Premium Ingredients with Main Courses

The rich selection of main courses at La Brasserie Moderne showcases a perfect balance of classic European dishes and innovative culinary creations.

To experience pure culinary craftsmanship, try the succulent black angus entrecôte paired with truffle Béarnaise. The black angus sirloin accompanied by polenta, porcini mushrooms, and red wine sauce is another sophisticated dish that exemplifies the culinary excellence at La Brasserie Moderne.

For a vegan option, consider the exquisite risotto with celery, porcini mushrooms, and truffles. Meanwhile, the sea bass fillet with wild cauliflower, beurre blanc, and trout caviar would be a stellar choice for those craving a taste of the sea.

A Gourmet Experience with a Tasting Menu at La Brasserie Moderne

For the ultimate culinary adventure, La Brasserie Moderne offers four types of curated tasting menus. For your convenience, you can choose between options with or without wine pairing and select either a four-course or five-course menu.

Make sure to save room for dessert and indulge in an exquisite selection of sweet treats, which will be a perfect ending to your dining experience at La Brasserie Moderne.

The Best Dining Venues in Warsaw – La Brasserie Moderne

Upscale eateries like La Brasserie Moderne, under the culinary direction of Chef Paweł Kałuśki, stand out among other dining establishments in Warsaw. Its elegant ambiance, diverse menu, impeccable service, and unparalleled attention to detail make this venue perfect for any occasion, whether it is a business meeting, special celebration, or romantic evening.

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