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8 Style Tips for a Fashionable Singapore Vacation

When you think about Singapore, your first thought might be a cosmopolitan city that’s also one of Asia’s most important financial and technological hubs. Thus, it’s easy to imagine Singaporean fashion that leans more towards conservative and traditional styles. However, Singaporeans also have their casual and easygoing side to match the bright and busy personality of the Lion City.

Indeed, Singapore is one of the best places when it comes to the latest trends in fashion. That’s why it’s a favourite destination for shopaholics and fashion enthusiasts from all over the world.

Are you travelling to Singapore soon and want to keep up with the latest styles? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ll share some recommendations for fashionistas on vacation in the Lion City so you can be at the peak of chic while staying comfortable.

Consider the Weather

While not entirely a style tip, it’s important to consider the weather when deciding on what to wear on your trip to Singapore. Indeed, the Lion City’s tropical climate is notorious for its high humidity and occasional rain showers.

To stay cool and comfortable, opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton and linen. In addition, choose styles that won’t make you sweat such as shorts, tank tops, cropped tops, and flowy skirts.

Opt for Versatile Pieces

Tourists won’t have any shortage of things to do in Singapore, whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure or something more serene. That’s why it’s a good idea to wear versatile pieces that can effortlessly transition from day to night, from one activity to another.

For instance, a long and sleek dress in lightweight fabric you can wear in a museum can be transformed into something more casual with a pair of sneakers and a denim jacket that you can rock in a theme park or outdoor food market.  Aside from giving you more flexibility in fashion choices, packing versatile clothing items can help you save on baggage space.

Man at Marina Barrage

Shop for Vintage Clothing

True Singaporean fashionistas wouldn’t be caught dead wearing fast fashion. Instead, they opt for high-quality pieces sourced from the various vintage clothing stores in the city. 

Take a leaf out of their sustainable fashion book and head over to eclectic neighbourhoods like Haji Lane and Chinatown. Even if you’re staying at hotels near Changi Airport, going to these locations is quick and easy with the city’s reliable public transportation system. Once there, you’ll find a thriving vintage fashion scene where you can get one-of-a-kind high-quality designer digs for less.

Personalise Your Fashion Finds

Did you happen to find a vintage shirt with a cute design, but it’s just too big for you? Why not turn it into a dress? Cut off the sleeves and cinch in the waist with a belt and you have something that’s truly unique. 

Customising your pieces also doesn’t mean that you should know how to sew. With a little imagination and creativity, you can make a fashion statement by artfully ripping, putting something on backwards, using basic stitches, or transforming an accessory into something else.

Layer with a Lightweight Jacket

For the most part, Singapore is a warm tropical country with the sun shining year round. However, like any tropical country, downpours do happen. When it does, a lightweight jacket can save you from getting soaked. 

This versatile piece will also provide extra warmth during cooler evenings while remaining compact enough to stow away in your day bag. As always, choose breathable materials for a cooler fit and classic designs that can complement any ensemble.

Tourist at Kampong Glam

Don Your Favourite Sunglasses

Singapore’s tropical sun can get extra bright at times, so it’s a good idea to bring and wear your fabulous shades. Not only do sunglasses offer essential eye protection, but they’re also a no-fuss fashion accessory to elevate your look. Whether you prefer classic aviators or oversized frames, choose sunglasses that complement your face shape and personal style.

Accessorise with Statement Pieces

To complete your ensemble, go for practical statement accessories. From colourful scarves to chic hats and trendy belts, accessories can transform basic outfits into fashion-forward looks. For instance, a plain black t-shirt can be instantly elevated with a bright, silky infinity scarf. 

Wear Comfortable and Stylish Walking Shoes

Singapore may be a small country, but there’s so much to eat, see, and do. Be ready for hours of exploration and sightseeing by wearing comfortable shoes that provide ample support and cushioning. 

Choose lightweight and breathable footwear that can withstand long walks through Singapore’s diverse neighbourhoods and bustling attractions. With stylish sneakers, sandals, or flats, you can strike the perfect balance between fashion and comfort.  This also ensures you look and feel your best throughout your journey.

Final Thoughts

As your Singapore vacation draws near, remember to pack your sense of style along with your travel essentials. With these style tips, you’re on your way to flexing your fashionista muscle on the streets of Singapore.

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