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Typical 2-Week European Ski Holiday Itinerary 

Ask any ski enthusiast, and he will tell you why there is so much to love about a ski vacation in Europe. After all, it is impossible to match the endless, wide-open, and well-groomed ski pistes surrounded by awesome spectacular scenery. In addition, the vibrant Apres ski scene goes hand in hand with the incredible food and world-class ski resorts. 

Instead of rushing out the first thing in the morning to be the first on the lifts, you start the day with a leisurely breakfast. The end of the day is just as relaxing as you get to enjoy the luxurious amenities in your hotel or resort, followed by a scrumptious dinner.

Hence, it is no wonder to see that a European ski holiday is a dream come true for ski enthusiasts. Europe offers an unparalleled skiing experience thanks to its world-class ski resorts, charming alpine villages, and diverse landscapes.

Let us see what a typical 2-week European ski holiday itinerary would look like. Here is a comprehensive two-week itinerary outline that promises a memorable winter adventure made of the most thrilling slopes and breathtaking scenery.

Swiss Alps

Week 1: Begin your European ski adventure in the Swiss Alps

Fly into the Zurich International Airport and plan a ski tour on the Julier Pass, which is famous for both short ascents and long descents. The ski tour will take you through some major destinations such as Savognin, Switzerland, and others. The renowned Swiss resort town will offer you some exceptional skiing opportunities as well as luxurious accommodations.

Upon arrival, take some rest and spend the first day exploring the town and getting familiar with the local culture. The next day, take the cable cars of Savognin to climb to Piz Martegnas, the top station, and from here, you can descend over the perfect ski slopes. Engage in exciting downhill runs and enjoy the panoramic views of the surroundings. You can climb from different slopes to reach the summit and try out the vast obstacle-free terrain with some enjoyable downhill options.

Swiss Alps

The Roccabella in Graubünden is one of the classic ski tours that begin at the mountain station at Mot Scalotta and descend to the Alp Tgavretga and then further down the valley. Take the road crossing over to the Upper Engadine to admire the wide view, and you will love the most amazing downhill routes of the region.

  • Highlight– Visit the church of Ziteil, the highest pilgrimage place in Europe. Don’t miss the chance to savor traditional Swiss cuisine at local restaurants.

After spending a week skiing in the Swiss Alps, it is time to move on to the next part of the intone ray that will take you to Austria. The best way to get there is to take the train, which will take about 12 hours, while the fastest way to reach is a direct flight, which takes about an hour. So, bid farewell to the Julier Pass and take a scenic train or flight to reach your next destination.


Week 2: The Austrian Alps and Bavarian Charm

The Austrian Alps are renowned for breathtaking vistas and challenging terrain, thus making it a must among skiing enthusiasts. You can look forward to miles and miles of slopes served by thousands of ski lifts and ski resorts.  

Head towards Innsbruck, which is the capital of the Austrian Alps, and spend the first day exploring the slopes and getting familiar with the town and resort. Innsbruck is simply perfect for skiing, shopping, and cultural experiences. Take a short train ride to reach Kitzbühel, another world-famous ski resort known for its diverse ski terrain. You can easily spend two days here exploring the extensive ski and the Hahnenkamm downhill course.


 You can conclude your ski adventure with a visit to a charming Bavarian town, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, which is located in the German Alps. It is just a short drive away and with the visit. Apart from skiing the Zugspitze, Germany’s highest, you get to enjoy the Bavarian hospitality.

  • Highlight– Explore the Imperial Palace, visit the historic Old Town, and try out the local cuisine at traditional restaurants. You will love the cozy bars and restaurants in the après-ski towns in Austria.

Very few locations worldwide promise gentle to vertical descents across a wide mountain terrain, as well as hundreds of world-class resorts with modern amenities. But you will find them all in your European ski holiday, provided you have a well-planned itinerary. Take advantage of the above-listed guide and read on to learn about some useful tips for your two-week ski holiday in Europe.

Skiing in the Alps

Key Tips for European Ski Holiday 

  • Plan your trip in advance and check the weather and snow conditions before departure. Get your booking accommodations, and ski passes in time and beforehand. 
  • As late January and early February are the best months for snow, you can look forward to stable snow conditions in the Alps. You can enjoy ski touring and backcountry riding if you arrive in March and April.
  • It is a good idea to rent out ski equipment to avoid the hassle of buying and transporting expensive ski gear. You are sure to get top-quality rental equipment at most ski resorts and at reasonable costs.
  • Wear proper safety gear and carry essential first-aid items with you for complete safety in case of an unexpected event or happening.
  • Take full advantage of ski lessons at European ski resorts that are just perfect for beginner or intermediate skiers, as you can plan private lessons with expert instructors.
  • Ensure that you carry appropriate travel insurance and follow all the safety guidelines listed by your resort for the slopes. 

After a tiring day on the slopes, take time to relax and rejuvenate and try out other après-ski activities such as attending cultural events, dining at local restaurants, and spa treatments. 

Explore each destination’s local traditions and cultural attractions, visit historical sites, try out regional dishes, and interact with the friendly locals.

Person skiing

Final Thoughts

Although a 2-week ski holiday in Europe is not enough to experience the continent and its skiing destinations, it is enough to introduce e you to the best skiing experience along with the stunning landscapes and rich culture.

Get ready for an unforgettable winter adventure based on the above well-planned and well-rounded itinerary that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned skier, Europe’s ski vacation is a must for you to enjoy the snowy adventure of a lifetime!

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