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What Eats Lizards? Learn All About Lizard Predators

Lizards are squamate reptiles, with over 5500 species spread all over the world. There are giant lizards, with Komodo dragons recorded as the biggest.

Most lizards, especially the small ones, which are the focus of this guide, have predators. This article will focus on the predators of lizards and list the animals that eat them.

What Animals Eat Lizards: Lizard Predators

There are a number of animals that eat lizards, including feral pigs, dogs, hawks, fish, cats, spiders, snakes, raccoons, vultures, spiders, and humans. Lizards have natural predators that hunt them as babies and adults. See the list of the major lizard predators.

  • Cats.
  • Hawks.
  • Dogs.
  • Feral pigs.
  • Fish.
  • Raptors.
  • Raccoons.
  • Mongooses.
  • Owls.
  • Snakes.
  • Vultures.
  • Frogs.
  • Spiders.
  • Squirrels.
  • Humans.

Do Lizards Play Dead?

Some lizards play dead as a form of defense. When chased by a predator, lizards like iguanas can play dead and relax their bones till they become limp. The effectiveness of this technique is not 100%, but it is employed when the lizard does not have other effective options.

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What Are Basilisk Lizard Predators

Snakes, large birds of prey, and other lizards kill and eat basilisk lizards. Basilisk lizards have several predators that fight, kill and eat them. Some hunt them more regularly, while others hunt them occasionally. 

A bearded dragon
A bearded dragon

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What Are Bearded Dragon Predators?

Bearded dragons have multiple predators that kill and eat them. Some of the major bearded dragons’ predators are:

  • Hawks.
  • Eagles.
  • Crocodiles.
  • Owls.
  • Goannas.
  • Raptors.
  • Dingoes.
  • Snakes.

What Animals Eat Chameleons?

Birds of prey, snakes, and raccoons eat chameleons. Chameleons are one of the many small lizards, which makes them very vulnerable. They have predators as babies, and the number does not decrease much, even as adults. Frogs and other smaller animals eat chameleon eggs.

What Eats Lizards in the Desert?

Lizards have many predators in the desert. Birds of prey like hawks and raptors catch and kill them in the desert. Snakes and other bigger desert animals also take on lizards for food. Bigger lizards eat small and vulnerable lizards in the desert.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do People Eat Lizards?

Lizards are eaten as a delicacy across most continents. They are enjoyed in Africa, Asia, and Europe. South and Central America are considered to have the highest demand for lizards. Iguanas, chameleons and monitor lizards are killed and eaten by humans from around the world.

Can You Eat a Gecko?

Yes, you can eat a gecko if you cook it properly. A half-cooked or raw gecko can be extremely dangerous to eat as they carry heavy bacteria that are toxic to us. Before eating a gecko, ensure it is properly washed and cooked.

Do Mice Eat Lizards?

Mice do not eat lizards. Mice do not consider lizards, irrespective of the type, as feasible prey to eat. They do not eat young baby lizards and also do not hunt lizard eggs. If you have a lizard, you can be assured that mice are not one of the problems to worry about.

Do Frogs Eat Lizards?

Huge frogs eat small lizards and mostly target babies. They can also hunt lizard eggs when the hatching mother is not there to protect them. Frogs do not confront adult lizards because it is difficult to subdue them.

Do Rats Eat Lizards?

Huge rats eat baby lizards. Most rats tend to hunt down home lizards and target the most vulnerable. Rats will barely attack adult lizards as they may end up severely injured.

Do Birds Eat Lizards?

Several birds eat lizards. Raptors, like eagles and hawks, eat lizards by catching them with their strong talons and dealing the final blow with their sharp beak. Birds typically predate small lizards as they are easy to kill.

Why Do Cats Eat Lizards?

Cats eat lizards. Feral cats particularly hunt lizards for food and will chase them down. Due to their amazing speed, fierceness, and stamina, feral cats barely have many issues hunting lizards. They can chase lizards on walls, and even trees, making them a major lizard predator.

Feral cats hunt and eat lizards because they are easy prey to catch and subdue.

Do Raccoons Eat Lizards?

Raccoons eat lizards and are one of the major predators. Raccoons can eat any lizard they can subdue. Poisonous germs on lizards’ skins do not pose any danger to raccoons because the latter have very strong stomach acid that kills off the toxicity. Raccoons often hunt young, vulnerable, dead lizards because they are easy to kill.

Do Hawks Eat Lizards?

Hawks eat lizards a lot and specifically hunt those they can lift mid-air. Hawks are specialist predators, and lizards are one of the many preys they catch and eat.

Do Owls Eat Lizards?

Owls eat lizards and often target the smallest ones. Owls will avoid lizards that can fight back an attack and instead go for the babies and juveniles. Lizards are major prey to owls and try to avoid them just like hawks and eagles.

Do Squirrels Eat Lizards?

Squirrels eat lizards occasionally. While squirrels may paint the picture of a fast, cautious, friendly animal, they are actually very fierce and vicious. Squirrels can kill small lizards and eat them if they are the available option.

Do Spiders Eat Lizards?

Spiders do eat lizards. However, the spider needs to be incredibly strong and the lizard very young. The regal jumping spider is known to be able to subdue lizards and eat them. They are one of the few spiders that can eat lizards.

Do Rabbits Eat Lizards?

Rabbits do not eat lizards. They are too much trouble for rabbits who prefer easy meals with insects. Rabbits do not hunt lizards, whether they are babies or adults. They also do not try to eat their eggs.

Do Coyotes Eat Lizards?

Coyotes eat lizards occasionally. While coyotes prefer to eat rabbits and other rodents, they will chase down a lizard and eat it if they are able to find them in a vulnerable space. Coyotes eat just about anything and will even eat a dead lizard.

Do Foxes Eat Lizards?

Foxes eat lizards when their preferred options are scarce. The fierce and crafty foxes eat lizards alongside voles, mice, rabbits, hares, and rabbits. Foxes are omnivorous, and lizards comprise a small part of their diet.

Do Snakes Eat Lizards?

Snakes eat lizards. They eat lizards quite regularly and are common predators to them. Small snakes and big snakes will eat lizards because they are easy to digest. Snakes eat lizards by swallowing them straight up. They also prefer younger lizards that can put up a good defense.

Do Eagles Eat Lizards?

Eagles can eat lizards just like they can eat any small animal they can carry. Eagles target baby lizards of those that weigh under 5 pounds. Baby lizards and vulnerable adult lizards are easy picks for Eagles, which are very strong and fierce.

Do Chicken Eat Lizards?

Chicken can eat lizards and mostly focus on domestic lizards. Raised chickens will chase and eat lizards if they are small and do not have any adults to protect them. Chickens also eat grains, grass, and other small reptiles as well.

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