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8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Ionian Island Holidays with Your Family

If you are someone who loves the clear blue sky, sandy beaches and turquoise blue ocean waters Ionian Islands is the best place where you can holiday with your loved ones.

Over the years, the Ionian Islands have gained a lot of attention from tourists who love to explore Greece and instead of choosing to stay on the mainland; they look for accommodations on any of the seven islands that attract the most visitors. 

If you are planning a holiday trip with your loved ones or family you can choose any of the islands or find a tour operator who can provide you with the best itinerary for your Ionian Island holidays. Different people have different reasons for visiting these islands and therefore you need to be clear about why you would want to visit these islands and what they can offer. 

Here are 8 reasons why you should choose Ionian Island holidays with your family.

Explore Pristine Beaches

If you are into beaches you would want to explore some of the popular Greek beaches known for their clear waters and ecological diversity. Ionian Islands can provide you with an amazing beach experience which would enhance your holiday experiences. Whether you are travelling solo, with your partner or family you can make the most of the beaches available on different islands.

Kefalonia and Corfu islands have some of the most popular beaches in Greece which are Myrtos and Issos respectively. While you are in Corfu you can also explore the Gylfada beach which is a hot favourite with families.

If you are looking for beaches that offer excellent scenery you can look for the Shipwreck Beach in Zakynthos. When you are exploring Antipaxos you can explore Voutoumi beach and Vrika beach when you are on Paxos. 

Ioninan Islands beach and cliff

Enjoy Water Activities

When you are close to the beach you also get the fun and adventure of all water activities that would keep you on your toes. If you are not looking for a dull beach holiday, the Ionian Islands can offer you plenty of water sports activities to keep you busy throughout your trip.

This allows you to make the most of your time when you are solo, with your partner or enjoying the sunshine with your family. The Ionian Islands can offer you excellent activities like snorkeling, diving, kayaking and even surfing. This ensures that you can have all the fun you want when you are planning a break from your hectic routine.

If you are not much into adventure sports you can always take a boat tour or catamaran rentals that allow you to spend a day out in the sea and enjoy quality time with your loved ones. You can stop at various islands if you want or just soak in the beauty from a distance. 

Savour Delicious Food

If you are someone who loves seafood you are in the right place. Ionian Islands are known for their delicious seafood and therefore you can make the most of your tour to these islands. You can find many popular restaurants and local eateries which allow you to enjoy the best local meals and cuisine.

Also, Greece is known for its delicious Greek cuisine and you can enjoy that when you are exploring the Ionian Islands. If you are a foodie you would want to try some of the popular foods in Greece on the island. You can also find accommodations that offer you an in-house chef to cook you some of the best local dishes when you are holidaying on these islands.

Go Island Hopping

One of the best things about the Ionian Islands is that you get a lot more than you imagine. Unlike other islands, Ionian Islands are closer to each other and therefore you can do island hopping and stay in different islands over a week or so.

Each island has its unique culture and history and offers different experiences as well. This means that you can do a lot more than just being on an island and enjoying the sun, the sand and the ocean.

Also, not all islands get the same number of visitors and therefore some islands are ideal for those looking for a peaceful private time with family while some are ideal for fun and adventurous visitors looking for activities. 

Ioninan Islands harbor

Bask in Reliable Mediterranean Climate

When you are planning a holiday you must research and know more about the weather situation. This ensures that you can pack the right clothes and also know what places you can cover and activities you can do. Ionian Islands are weather-proof which means that you can expect reliable sunny weather most of the year.

This eliminates the need to focus on the weather before you head for these islands. With stable and reliable weather, you can always pack the right clothes that can help you stay stylish and look your best.

Women can find a complete packing list of what to wear in the Ionian Islands to ensure that they look elegant and pack in the right clothes for all occasions. 

Explore Local History and Culture

If you are interested in history and culture, the Ionian Islands can provide you with ample historic sites that are picturesque as well. This would allow you to dig deeper into the past of the island and the colonies and people who dominated the region.

You can also explore various museums on different islands like the Achilleion Museum and Corfu Museum of Asian Art. You can also explore and walk many of the tiny quaint villages that have these historic lanes and houses that you can photograph as you explore the Ionian Islands.

Ioninan Islands village

Experience Greek Coffee-Culture

When you are in Greece you would also want to explore the local coffee scene and the Ionian Islands are equally good at offering you that experience.

As you hop and explore different Ionian Islands you can find plenty of local cafes that provide you the taste of local coffee. Apart from coffee, you can also enjoy brunches and snacks here when you are with your loved ones. 

Do Local Wine Tasting

It would be hard not to talk about Greek wine when you are holidaying in the Ionian Islands. There are many places on various islands where you can enjoy wine-tasting sessions and get introduced to the best Greek wine. If you are in Corfu you can try the Kakotrigis grape variety wine which offers a unique local flavor.

There are ample wineries on these islands which you can visit and you can also look out for the best places to buy Greek wine which you can carry home. Zakynthos, Lefkada and Kefalonia are also some of the popular islands where you can find plenty of wineries and vineyards that you can visit on your tour of the Ionian Islands.

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