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Why the Addmotor Citypro E-43 is the Perfect Commuter E-Bike

Addmotor Citypro E-43 is one of the best electric bikes with its performance and increased durability. This commuter e-bike is designed to elevate your riding experience by offering maximum comfort and long-lasting power assistance.

The Citypro E-43 commuter ebike is a perfect electric bicycle for those looking for an innovative and reliable alternative to cars and traditional bikes. The article below is focused on describing the amazing features and capabilities of this e-bicycle. 

Let’s delve deep and explore more about the Addmotor e-43 electric bike. 

Design Features of Addmotor Citypro Electric Bike

Frame & Construction

This commuter e-bike features a 2022 polygon frame designed of highly durable aluminum. This frame design consists of 3 parts including the upper frame, lower frame, and seat tube. The frame measures length and width of 70″ and 28.3″ and is suitable for riders between heights of 5’4″ and 5’11″. 

Suspension System

This bike is installed with an oil spring front fork suspension system with 100mm of travel to enhance riding comfort. Its suspension effectively absorbs jolts and jerks of rough and uneven terrain, especially in hilly terrain. You can enjoy smooth and comfy rides with enhanced stability and control on your Citypro e-43 electric bike. 


The handlebar of the e-43 commuter bike boasts an adjustable and U-shaped, curved 28.3 inches long design. It offers personalized control and versatility with height adjustment between 42.1″ to 46″. Moreover, this handlebar design adds a stylish and eye-catching look to the electric bike. 

Seat Post & Saddle

The sitting arrangement of Addmotor Citypro features a thick aluminum seat post measuring 31.66mm X3.0 and a well-packed saddle. The seat post offers enough space for relaxed sitting, and the exclusive saddle prevents the rider from saddle soreness during rides. Whether you are a city commuter or adventure rider, you will never struggle with uncomfortable sitting on this commuter e-bike. 

Fenders and Rear Rack

Protection against splashes, debris, and water is crucial while riding a bicycle. Addmotor has installed front and rear aluminum fenders on the Citypro electric bike. The sturdy design ensures prevention against all road debris and water. Additionally, it is installed with a durable rear loading rack with a capacity of 55 lbs to increase the cargo-carrying ability of the bike. 

Addmotor Citypro E-43

Safety Features of Citypro E-43 Commuter E-Bike

Digital Display

A digital display is installed on the front handlebar and features a multi-function 5-inch LCD screen. It updates the rider on the bike’s performance by showing essential stats at a glance. The display shows the metrics of speed, error codes, PAS level, battery status, motor output, and light status. 

Front and Rear Lights

The lighting system of the Citypro e-43 commuter e-bike offers enhanced safety and visibility during rides. The 5in1 rear light is waterproof and comes with a built-in driving light, turning indicators, a flashlight, a brake light, and a danger light. On the other hand, the front light also features a waterproof construction and produces 40 lumens of brightness. It can be visible from approximately 200m away with a 180-degree view. 

Chip-Type Controller

The E-43 e-bicycle is upgraded with a 20A chip-type controller, renowned for its advanced technology, precise control, and fast transfer rate. This controller ensures efficient flow between different components and offers effective control to the rider. You can enjoy smooth acceleration with increased overall performance on your Citypro electric bike.

Fat Tires

The Addmotor Citypro E-43 commuter e-bike is installed with Kinda Gigas anti-slip and puncture-resistant tires constructed in three layers. The triple-layer construction compromises an inner tube, outer hard layer, and inner tube cover.

These tires are exceptionally durable and offer increased gripping ability on all surfaces including sandy, snowy, hilly, and slippery terrains. The tires are installed with double-wall aluminum rims and 12 gauge high-strength spokes to increase durability. 

Highly Responsive Brake System

This e-bicycle features a highly responsive hydraulic disk brake system with a 180mm brake disk. The cutting-edge brakes ensure precise and swift braking with enhanced safety and control during rides. This brake delivers effective stopping power during emergency and normal conditions with its hydraulic design. 

Electric Wiring & Horn

The e-43 electric bike has water resistance wiring and connectors to protect against damage and water exposure. This increases the life span and performance of the electric connections. Moreover, the bike is fitted with an electric horn to alert other motorists and pedestrians on the road. The horn is very effective for navigating through urban roads and busy streets. 

Addmotor Citypro E-43

Power Features Of Addmotor Citypro E-43 Electric Bike

Powerful Motor

The Citypro e-43 features a brushless powerful 48V X 500W motor on its rear hub. It can reach the maximum watts of 907W and offers robust propulsion during rides.

The motor can accommodate a maximum load of 250 lbs. It is suitable for various riding and cargo needs while navigating steep inclines or cruising along flat surfaces. This motor enables you to tackle hard and challenging terrains with ease and effective pedal assistance on your Addmotor commuter e-bike. 

Long-Lasting Battery

The e-43 e-bike is equipped with a Samsung 48V X 20Ah battery of 960 Wh capacity. This battery delivers consistent power for enhanced performance with its 5000mAh cell and maximum current discharge rate of 3C.

The battery is designed for a long life span of 1000 to 1500 charging cycles. It offers an impressive distance coverage of 125+ miles per charge on all terrains. It takes a standard 2Ah 5-pin direct current charger with a charging time of approx 10 hours. 

Pedal Assistance

The Citypro bicycle is equipped with 7 levels of pedal assistance for seemingly tailoring rides according to your personal preferences and needs. You can choose the most suitable PAS level as per the terrain and your desired effort and speed. Furthermore, the built-in speed sensor enhances efficiency and offers precise assistance with a natural effortless riding experience. 


This powerful electric bike features a half-twist throttle design to ensure an instant boost of power and speed when required. The rider can effortlessly accelerate to increase motor power and achieve the required speed while navigating difficult terrains. A power cut switch is also installed to offer an extra layer of safety by quickly disengaging power when the throttle is released. 

Derailleur and Shifter

The derailleur and shifter of this commuter e-bike are a perfect combination for a reliable and swift gear shifter. This features a SHIMANO 7-speed right thumb shifter and SHIMANO derailleur with a complemented SIS index system.

The shifter and SIS index system offers precise and smooth transitions without disturbing speed. On the other hand, the derailleur ensures long-lasting durability and accuracy while tackling difficult terrains and cruising urban roads. 


The Addmotor Citypro E-43 is a perfect commuter e-bike for all those looking for a reliable and efficient mode of transportation. This bicycle is designed with high-quality aluminum and precise measurements to suit riders between heights of 5’4″ and 5’11″.

This electric bike offers 125+ miles per charge and 250 lbs load carrying capacity with its powerful rear-hub motor and Samsung battery. Overall, this is a perfect bike for all daily commuters, city riders, and adventure enthusiasts to enjoy effortless and reliable rides on all terrains 

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