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Are kangaroos Dangerous? Can They Kill You With Their Kick?

Kangaroos seem like friendly herbivorous animals, but there is more to their furry look. This guide will show you all you need to know about roos and whether they are dangerous. 

Are Kangaroos Dangerous to Humans?

Kangaroos can be dangerous to humans. Naturally, they are not confrontational and will walk away from a fight if they can. However, you must respect and give them their space because they are easy to provoke and will fight you if they feel threatened.

Roos have extremely strong hind legs that they can use to launch outstanding kicks capable of severely injuring a human. Their paws also have very long claws for slapping and causing deep injuries.

Kangaroos are typically calm but do well to give them their distance to avoid an altercation that is very likely to end badly for you.

Are Kangaroos Aggressive?

Kangaroos are aggressive to humans that venture into their territory. Adult roos will study you as you enter their territory, trying to determine if you are a threat. Going further into their personal space could make them panic and feel threatened, naturally leading to aggressive behaviors.

During the mating season, male adult kangaroos are extra mean and easily irritated. They could confuse humans as rivals for female attention and attack unsuspectedly. Hence roo aggression tends to rise during the mating season.

Stray kangaroos that come close to homes are mostly never aggressive and will run off when discovered. If you live in areas with a dominant kangaroo population, ensure to keep kids safe and always within watchful eyes.

A strong kangaroo on the grass

Can a Kangaroo Kill You?

Kangaroos’ attacks could lead to death. While mortality is uncommon with roo confrontations, a bad attack could lead to severe head injuries, bone dislocations and sensitive organ damage.

The most recent death from a roo attack was on September 2922, when a man succumbed to injuries inflicted by a kangaroo. The 77-year-old victim was believed to have been raising the roo as a pet. It was the first death from a roo attack after almost 90 years since the last mortality in 1936.

How Many People Die from Kangaroos?

Deaths from kangaroos are extremely rare, with only two deaths ever recorded. Both deaths are separated by 86 years.

The most recent death was in September 2022, when an adult pet Kangaroo mauled its 77-year-old owner and prevented medics from getting to him. The last mortality before this more recent attack was in 1936 when a man succumbed to severe injuries inflicted by a Kangaroo.

How Strong is a Kangaroo Kick?

A fully matured kangaroo kick can exert 759 pounds of force at peak launch. This outstanding force can break the bone of a human and cause severe injuries that could lead to death.

Kangaroos use their tail as anchors to lift their entire body and channel that weight into two brutal kicks capable of neutralizing a human or another roo.

Kangaroos fighting

Do Kangaroos Drown People?

Kangaroos do not try to drown humans but instead use the technique for predators and dogs. Roos use environmental awareness to defend themselves against threats and will jump into a river to lure their attacker. Their ability to stand on their tail, keep their upper body above the water and trick the attacking animal into believing it is not deep.

Kangaroos will use their free paws to press the attacker’s head underwater and drown it. While most dogs often find a way to escape drowning, some are not very fortunate.

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Do Kangaroos Bite?

Kangaroos will use their teeth to bite a predator or attacker if necessary. Roos will normally use their hind legs or upper legs to inflict injuries. However, they will also use their teeth to bite and tear into an opponent’s skin to gain an advantage.

Do Kangaroos Kill Dogs?

Kangaroos can kill dogs and almost always have the upper hand when both are evenly matched. Kangaroos can stand with their tail giving them four free legs. Two hind legs can launch fatal kicks, while two clawed upper legs can grapple and tear through flesh.

These abilities outmatch that of a dog that is always on its 4 legs and depends on biting, something a kangaroo can do. Kangaroos will definitely kill dogs, including pit bulls.

In 2016, a National Geographic video showed the moment a Kangaroo pinned a dog in a headlock and only let go when it was startled by the owner. Experts have described the confrontation as unnecessarily risky for the man who could have been disembowell with a single kick.

Kangaroo vs. Human: Can a Human Beat a Kangaroo?

A kangaroo will win a fight with a human 10 out of 10 times. They are too fast, too vicious and too wild for us. The only way a human can beat a roo is with the help of a firearm. 

Are Kangaroos Friendly?

Kangaroos are not friendly animals. They do not like humans and prefer to be alone. While they may depend on humans as pets, they grow up to cherish their independence and prefer not to be close to us.

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