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Are Lizards Friendly: 12 Friendly Lizards Great as Pets

Lizards basically come in different sizes and, as such, possess different temperaments. The general belief is that lizards are cautious animals that would naturally avoid humans, but positive reinforcement can make them friendly toward us. This article will explore these claims and uncover the truth.

Are Lizards Friendly?

Lizards, whether big or small, are not naturally friendly to humans. They will run away, respond aggressively, or hide whenever they see us. The smaller species see us as a threat and will run off, while the bigger ones will react when provoked or threatened.

Lizards can only be tolerant and friendly towards humans when raised as pets from a young age. They will learn to associate us with food and pleasant events, making them keener on our touch and presence.

However, it is essential to know that not all lizards will learn to see humans as true associates. The Anguimorpha lizard species, which includes monitor lizards, will never be truly friendly to humans.

Do Lizards Make Good Pets?

Some lizards will make good pets if you treat them right. They will be friendly towards you and recognize family members they see often.

Acknowledging that lizards are high-maintenance pets with specific medical, dietary, and housing needs is essential. They can only survive in the ideal environment. Hence you must ensure that you are willing to dedicate time and financial resources to care for one before keeping it as a pet.

Some lizards that make the perfect pet are bearded dragon, leopard gecko, blue-tongued skink, crested gecko, black and white tegu, and fat-tailed gecko.

Friendly chameleon on hand
A chameleon

Friendliest Lizards: What Lizards Make Good Pets?

Several lizards are really friendly and will stay put when you care for them. They will see you as family and try to please you. See ten lizards to keep as a pet. 

  1. Bearded dragon.
  2. Iguana.
  3. Crested gecko.
  4. Fat-tailed gecko.
  5. Green anole.
  6. Gold dust day gecko.
  7. Leopard gecko.
  8. Blue-tongued gecko.
  9. Spiny-tailed lizard.
  10. Black and white tegu.
  11. Chameleon.
  12. Uromastyx.

However, you should be financially and mentally ready before you keep any lizard as a pet. Lizards require financial commitment and dedication because they are high-maintenance pets that require significant attention.

Do Lizards Like Being Petted?

Pet lizards like being petted. Lizards globally recognized as friendly species will not react aggressively when petted in captivity. They are likely to show pleasure gestures when stroked and will not attack.

You must never try to stroke natural lizards in the wild, especially massive species with the potential to inflict serious injuries. Lizards that make good pets and can be petted when domesticated include iguanas, bearded dragons, spiny-tailed lizards, and gold dust day geckos.

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Do Lizards Have Feelings and Emotions?

Lizards have basic feelings like fear, pain, and safety. They are also believed to be able to express pleasure when owners pet them. However, they are incapable of secondary feelings like anger, hate, and love. While they can attack, they do so to keep their food or to protect their lives.

Pet lizard in hand

Do Lizards Show Affection?

Lizards are capable of expressing affection and mostly do so by licking their owners. They show affection towards us and may even want to share a bed with us occasionally. Lizards do not show affection towards other lizards and will often fight themselves when their paths coincide.

Can Lizards Feel Love?

Lizards cannot feel love. Love is a complex feeling beyond the capability of lizards. They can, however, learn to trust their owners after consistently associating them with food and positive treatments. Trust is the best positive response humans can get from lizards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Lizards Like Being Pets?

Lizards inherently do not like being pets because they are naturally wild animals designed to fend for themselves. However, all lizards like to survive and stay satisfied. So the friendliest species will not mind being taken care of as pets. Owning and caring for a baby lizard will make it loyal to you if it is one of the friendly species.

Do Lizards Love Their Owners?

Lizards cannot love their owners. They can trust owners enough to be friendly toward them and trust them. However, our idea of love is too complex for these reptiles. They may show clinginess by licking us, but that is not the same as love.

What Lizards Like to Be Handled?

Several lizards don’t mind being handled if they are familiar with humans and raised as pets. Some top names are bearded dragons, iguanas, crested geckos, fat-tailed geckos, green anoles, gold dust day geckos, and leopard geckos.

Is Uromastyx Friendly?

Uromastyx is a docile, friendly lizard that is often kept as a pet. You can keep an uromastyx lizard as a pet if you are ready to commit financially and dedicate time to caring for it. Other ideal lizard pets are fat-tailed geckos, green anole, gold dust day geckos, and leopard geckos.

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