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Are Mountain Lions Friendly? Do They Have Feelings and Show Affection?

Mountain lions are large cats that share similarities with lions in behavior but are different species. They are also known as cougars and are reputed for their scary cries and aggressive behavior.

But are cougars friendly? Can they be tamed and domesticated? Find out in this guide.

Are Mountain Lions Nice?

Mountain lions are not nice to humans. Like other big cats, mountain lions will rather avoid humans and attack us if they believe it is necessary. They can cause severe injuries to us and are more unpredictable in behavior compared to lions and tigers.

There is no such thing as a friendly Mountain Lion. So it would help if you avoid their territory as much as possible. Those raised in captivity are more tolerant of humans but cannot be considered nice.

Do Mountain Lions Like Being Petted?

Mountain lions in the wild do not like being petted. Like most big cats, they will perceive any form of closeness from humans as a threat, and their aggression will only get worse if they have cubs. Do not attempt to stroke a cougar in the wild, as such an act can be very dangerous.

Pet mountain lions, however, enjoy being petted by their caregivers and are likely not to react aggressively.

Friendly cougar face

Can You Have a Pet Cougar?

Many countries do not legally restrict people from owning a pet cougar cub. In the United States, 6 states do not have laws that restrict ownership of cougars, and exotic cat owners take full advantage of the freedom.

However, owning a cougar pet is not like raising a dog. Getting them to behave right requires a lot of time and commitment. This training period could be very tasking and less enjoyable than expected. As a cougar owner, you can never really have your guard down.

However, if you insist on having one as a pet, you will need expert help to raise it right. You also need a protective cage house that restricts the animal from attacking you unawares in a moment of madness or playful rage.

Do Mountain Lions Make Good Pets?

Mountain lions do not make good pets because they are not supposed to be pets in the first place. They are extremely difficult to tame and will always have that inherent territorial and unpredictable inclination.

You can raise your cougar to share a bond with you, and it may remain loyal to you for its entire life. However, the possibility it may attack you will always be a reality you will have to live with for as long as you have it.

Is It Legal to Own a Mountain Lion?

The laws regarding keeping mountain lions and big cats as pets vary according to country. In the United States, restrictions on big cat pets are not national.

Four states do not have concrete laws regarding mountain lions as pets: Nevada, Alabama, Wisconsin, and North Carolina. Another two states (Oklahoma and Delaware) do not have laws restricting the ownership of cougars as pets.

Relaxed cougar

Can Mountain Lions Be Tamed?

Mountain lions can be tamed. However, they must be subjected to intense training backed with patience for the right result. It is essential to acknowledge that tamed mountain lions have the potential to exhibit aggressive behaviors occasionally.

They are wild animals, and taming them is not a 100% guarantee they will never attack you.

Can you Domesticate a Mountain Lion?

You cannot domesticate mountain lions. Repetitive training may make them more tolerant of humans but not make them friendly. Cougars are wild pets that see humans as threats, and even if you raise them properly, they may still lash out at others without warning.

It is best not to try to domesticate a cougar because of its possible danger to you and others who may suffer the consequence of a big cat rampage.

Will Cougars Attack Humans?

Cougars can attack humans and have done so on several occasions. They are known to trail humans and steal attacks when we do not expect them.

Cougars generally attack humans due to a lack of food, loss of territory, and protection of their young ones. If a cougar stalks you, stand your ground and pelt it with stones. This attack will likely work and scare it away.

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Cougars showing affection

Do Mountain Lions Have Feelings?

Mountain lions have feelings like most animals. Cougars can feel fear, happiness, anger, and sadness. These basic feelings are in the foundation of all big cats, and mountain lions are no different.

Their state of mind often depends on food availability, security, safety, and territory preservation.

Do Mountain Lions Show Affection?

Mountain lions show affection to each other, especially when it is the mother and its cubs. They lick themselves, roll around and groom each other. However, since cougars are solitary animals, these shows of affection are only mostly seen between young cubs and their mothers.

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