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Endless Fun on 2 Days 1 Night Capella Halong Bay Cruise

Hello, wanderer! I am just back from an incredible trip to Lan Ha Bay, and let me tell you, it was pure magic. Kayaking through mystical caves, sunlight dappling the surface. Sinking your teeth into fresh seafood while a gentle breeze carries the scent of the sea. That’s exactly what my adventure in Ha Long Bay was like!

I enjoyed experiencing it all aboard the luxurious Capella Cruise for two days. I booked the second highest class called La Suite De Capela, which was about $450 per pax for 1 night. You may wonder how it could be reasonable. It is because I booked the special deal on Capella Cruise on However, if you want a budget-friendly package, let’s choose the Oasis Suite or Harmony Suite. It is still satisfying and worth the price. Keep scrolling to check out what gave me endless fun throughout the trip.

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Book your cruise summer deals and get a free Hanoi food tour at BestPrice Travel

Kayaking and Bamboo Boating

Kayaking on the Frog Pond must be the best thing I did on the journey. Unlike the open waters of Lan Ha Bay, the pond’s calm surface is perfect for beginners. The real magic lies in venturing into the network of grottoes that dot the shoreline. Ducking into a cool, cavernous opening, I felt like a real-life explorer. The vibrant ecosystem of this pond is such a photographer’s delight.

Also, we took time kayaking around the Dark-Bright Cave on the second day. I climbed aboard the sturdy bamboo craft, and our skilled rower paddled us through the cave’s narrow openings. The experience was almost spiritual, gliding in near-silence through these ancient limestone caverns. Stalactites formed incredible natural sculptures all around us as our boat wound deeper into the heart of the cave.

Exciting Waterslide

One of the reasons I chose the Capella Cruise was the waterslide. This activity is available only on Capella in Lan Ha. Let me tell you, this wasn’t your average poolside slip-and-slide. It was a full-blown, multi-story inflatable beast designed to unleash your inner child.

You climb up to the top deck, where the friendly Capella crew will give you the green light. Then, you plunge with a deep breath and a jolly laugh. Zooming down the slide, you get a fantastic perspective of the dramatic limestone pillars jutting out of the emerald water. It’s a truly unique way to experience the beauty of Lan Ha Bay.

Poker Club & Cigar Lounge

It was an absolute joy to unwind at the Cigar & Poker Club after a day of visiting the beautiful limestone columns of Lan Ha Bay. The mood was classy but friendly, with soft leather couches and warm lighting.

I’m not a pro at poker, but the club has games for everyone. There is always a table for you, whether you are an experienced card player or want to try it out. The staff is happy to help newcomers understand the rules, and the mood is casual and friendly.

Classic room for anyone who wants to try their luck
Classic room for anyone who wants to try their luck

The humidor at the club was cool. The staff was happy to show me what they had and help me pick a light cigar that went well with my evening. They even have samplers for people who have never tried a quality cigar before, which makes it a great place to start.

Sea Memory Spa

You are met with a wave of serenity when you step into the Sea Memory Spa. The calming scent of incense mingles with soft music, instantly washing away any lingering stress. Large windows showcase the breathtaking panorama of Lan Ha Bay, making it feel like your treatment is part of the stunning landscape.

The treatment menu goes beyond the usual massages. They offer unique experiences that incorporate Vietnamese wellness traditions. I particularly enjoyed the Walkers Package, a special foot care for 2 people that made my feet incredibly exhilarating after a day excursion.

Mini Golf Course

To be honest, I had no high expectations. On a ship, mini golf? It brought up pictures of crammed courses in forgotten nooks and crannies. But I was surprised by the Capella Cruise. Situated at the front of the ship, the course provides a beautiful view of the ocean as your background. It’s like playing a round while postcards come to life.

The course has hard and enjoyable hazards and well-kept greens. Sand traps are positioned thoughtfully, and there are various ramps and bridges. Players of all ability levels can enjoy the course, regardless of their experience with miniature golf.

Oasis Pool & Jacuzzi

As a travel blogger who craves adventure and relaxation, I find the Capella Cruise’s Oasis Pool & Jacuzzi a revelation. Unlike most cruise ships, the pool boasts a heated option, making it perfect for those who dislike huge, chilly dip fans. It is also spacious for leisurely swimming and shallow enough for younger travelers to splash safely.

The Jacuzzi, though, is the true star of the show. Tucked up next to the pool, it’s the perfect place to relax after kayaking across green waters or discovering secret coves. You will feel totally revitalized as the intense jets massage away any residual tension.

The spacious pool has a priceless view
The spacious pool has a priceless view

Canape & Sunset party

Capella Cruise became a party heaven as the sun sank below Lan Ha Bay’s limestone pillars. The Canape & Sunset gathering was a feast for the senses. Freshly flavored, delicate canapes were passed about on plates and vanished as soon as they appeared. It was the ideal way to cap off a day of discovery, and it left me feeling very peaceful and in awe of Lan Ha Bay’s natural beauty.

Final Thoughts

Stepping off the Capella Cruise, I felt like I was leaving behind a little slice of paradise. The luxurious amenities, from the infinity pool to the private balconies, made every moment feel indulgent. Also, I was really into the food on the ship, as they are so fresh and well-shown the best of Vietnamese cuisine. Thanks to BestPrice Travel, I can experience the luxury cruise in Halong Bay affordably.

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