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Choosing the Right Boat for Your Sailing Adventure

The right boat for your sailing adventures is centered on your ability to navigate the boat. Understanding and being proficient at operating your boat will make your sailing more enjoyable.

It also lowers the risk of sailing since the open sea poses significant threats that should only be undertaken by individuals who are thoroughly knowledgeable about their boat, navigating the sea and their actions.

Once you have the necessary knowledge, sailing is always enjoyable! You can even go for a sailing adventure as a break during an RV trip, for example. Just check availability for RV storage to keep it safe, and go out at sea. Whatever your situation is, this article aims to give some guidelines on how to choose the boat that is adapted to your needs. Let’s get started.

Establish Your Sailing Program

With Far East Sails, you can pick out a sail for your specific needs depending on your exploration activities, like whether you’ll be sailing in shallow water or coastal and mid-shore areas or whether you plan to go further offshore and sail the world. For example, if you just want a leisurely outing, you can consider hiring:

  • A pontoon boat which is spacious, stable and ideal for calm waters
  • A deck boat that offers great performance for watersports activities and leisurely cruising
  • A bowrider that offers an open bow area for additional seating that’s great for leisure activities with small groups.

On the other hand, if you prefer a boat that combines speed and maneuverability, you can opt for:

  • A laser boat that’s known for its simplicity and speed
  • A 420 boat which is the standard two-person dinghy choice for collegiate racing
  • A single-handed dinghy finn that’s often used in Olympic sailing competitions
Sailboat at sunset

Different Types of Sailing Boats

Different types of boats offer different sailing and living conditions on board to suit, which you need to consider, especially if you’re sailing as a couple or with family or friends.

Evaluating whether you will be sailing your boat solo or not can help you consider whether you can benefit from having crew members on board so you can just relax and sail away. It makes it easier for you to make the best choice that suits your adventure’s needs. 

High-Performance Boats

Just like sports cars, these boats offer a great cruising experience with colorful, striking, sporty designs that have you standing out in the sea.  High-performance boats could be the right boat for your adventure if you want higher cruising speeds with a boat that can traverse longer distances or quickly transport you to far-off places.

A fact to remember is that high-performance boats have a high fuel consumption that you should account for especially if you plan to be sailing at high speeds.


If you relish the sensation of wind blowing through the sails carrying you on your adventure, then a sailboat could be your best option. Sailboats lack a motor and instead rely on wind propulsion leaving your journey entirely at the mercy of the wind.

Sailing with a sailboat necessitates having sailing skills, so you should consider taking a short sailing course to master the art so you can make informed decisions on your ocean adventure.

Personal Watercrafts

Personal watercrafts can offer you superior maneuverability with ease of operating especially if you’re new to sailing. One of their downsides is that they have limited onboard space that can accommodate one to three passengers depending on the model, making it most suitable for a solitary experience.

Their turbine propulsion system makes them suitable for areas bigger boats can’t reach, like shallow waters, while also boasting impressive engine power that allows for higher speeds.

Sailing on a boat

Set Your Budget

Your boat choice will be influenced by your budget and financing solutions, which is why it’s essential to take stock of your wallet to help you figure out the right boat for your adventure’s needs.

You can start by establishing whether you will be buying your boat in cash, on credit, or just loaning a boat for a while. Remember to take into account the costs associated with your sailing boat, such as mooring, equipment, maintenance, winterising and insurance.


The ideal boat for your adventure hinges on factors such as the duration of your sea journey, the water body you’ll be sailing on and your storage needs. The majority of sailing vessels are multifunctional and can double as a recreational boat and fishing boat.

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