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Galapagos Cruise: Journey into the Heart of Nature’s Paradise

Located on the equator, the Galapagos Islands are a dream location for green tourism. You can go on a captivating cruise trip to discover the beauty of the Galapagos Islands. 

During your visit to this archipelago, you have the extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in the presence of many rare species. From giant iguanas to century-old tortoises and from red-footed to blue-footed boobies, sea lions, and sea turtles – not to mention finches, sea lions, and flamingos – the array of wildlife is truly astonishing. 

Moreover, on these captivating islands, Galapagos cruise passengers can view an unknown planet up close while admiring the Sierra Negra volcano.

What to Visit on the Galapagos Islands Tours

You have a wide choice of destinations when visiting the Galapagos Islands. You can take a tour of the famous Roca Pinaculo, the sights of Quito, not to mention a nice ride in the lava flows of Fernandina Island. You can enjoy the real beauty of the unique volcanic landscape. 

Many of these islands deserve to be visited during your visit to the Galapagos, including Isla Bartolome, Isla Santa Cruz, or even Isla San Cristobal, Isabela Island, San Cristobal Island, the island of Espanola, Floreana Island.

The Galapagos are best explored by a cruise ship. Many Galapagos cruise lines offer travel packages for these destinations, from 7-night to 14-night tours. For specific and important information, get help from specialized travel sites and companies.

Best Possible Destination for Your Cruise

The Galapagos Islands, UNESCO’s first World Heritage Site, is made up of about twenty volcanic islands and many islets, each offering a glimpse of sumptuous landscapes in the Pacific. Here, you will meet wild nature preserved from mass tourism. It is a realm of totally exotic fauna and flora, including simmering volcanoes and unusual animals like iguanas, which promise an unparalleled adventure.

The seabed of this archipelago is magnificent, and you can observe many tropical fish and even turtles. You’ll be able to relax on beautiful white beaches and black sand. You can also try hiking in the tropical forests that inhabit the islands.

Galapagos with cruise ship

Exploring Unique Islands on Galapagos Tours

Española Island 

Espanola Island is a protected area where there are many colonies of birds, including endemic species, as well as other animals. Espanola is the only known breeding site for the albatross. It is also a refuge for the blue-footed booby, the Espanola mockingbird, the lava lizard, and the giant Española tortoise.

Bartolome Island 

Rich in natural treasures, Bartolomé Island is also known for its famous vertical basalt rock overlooking the sea, around which it is possible to observe multicolored fish and hammerhead sharks. The island is also a sanctuary for the Galapagos penguins, which breed there, as well as for sea turtles and pelicans. A highlight of your cruise!

Rabida Island 

Known for its red sand beaches and diverse wildlife, including pelicans, flamingos, Darwin’s finches, and more. It’s a small island near Santiago, accessible only by cruise ship.

Baltra Island 

The former American military base became the departure point for cruise ships, offering a chance to observe tortoises in their natural habitat.

Fernandina Island 

The third-largest island with an active volcano “La Cumbre”. Fernandina Island is located on the volcanic point at the origin of the creation of the archipelago, a habitat for marine iguanas, cormorants, and penguins.

Santa Cruz 

Santa Cruz is the second largest island and the most populated since it no longer has any volcanic activity. Located in the center of the archipelago, it is full of activities and possibilities for excursions. Unlike other less accessible islands, it is possible to visit the interior as well as the coast. On Santa Cruz Island, you can visit the Turtle Breeding Center at the Charles Darwin Research Station.

Booby in Galapagos

Things to do on Galapagos Luxury Cruises & Yachts

Between the ocean and the volcanic islands, this territory offers you a real change of scenery with many activities to do throughout your expedition.

  • Diving: Like many archipelagos, this one is suitable for diving or snorkeling, and the temperate water offers ideal conditions. The great biodiversity will allow you to observe many marine species, including sharks, rays, dolphins, and more. 
  • Discover Landscapes and Beaches: Between the arid & volcanic landscapes, the mountains with a tropical climate, the white or red sand beaches, or the mangroves, you will be surprised at each excursion planned during your expedition cruise.
  • Encounter with Nature: Witness the protected natural environment and encounter diverse flora and fauna unique to the region.
  • Wildlife Viewing: Observe a wide variety of wildlife on both land and sea, including marine iguanas, penguins, flightless cormorants, and more.
  • Contemplation of Flora: The plants found in the archipelago are specific to the environment that is both volcanic and oceanic. Experience the lush vegetation, from saltwater-adapted plants to cacti & orchids.

Things to Know Before Galapagos Islands Trip

Before going on a Galapagos, keep in mind:

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited.
  • The territories of the archipelago often have several names.
  • The white-tip sharks that can be observed during a snorkeling session are harmless.
  • Many sites are only accessible for cruise ships and organized groups.
  • Between January and May, you will enjoy a climate alternating between sun and showers, with pleasant temperatures for swimming.
  • During June and December, the climate will be milder, less humid, and above all, less rainy, allowing better marine life observation.

So, with these tips, you’re all set to enjoy every moment of your Galapagos cruise Islands tour. Make sure to enjoy the beauty, embrace the unique encounters, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Good Luck!

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