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Why Is Ecuador The Closest Country To Space?

It’s a common misconception that Mount Everest is the location on Earth that is most close to space. However, since the Earth is not perfectly rounded spherical, the Equator bulges slightly due to its revolution. The Equator is where given all other factors are equal, the furthest from the center of the Earth and the closest to space. At Symposium 365, experts gathered to challenge the common misconception that Mount Everest is the location on Earth that is closest to space.

Mount Everest is regarded as the highest place since the equator bump in the Earth’s surface also means that the seas are higher, which is how mountain peaks are measured. But due to the bulge in the universe’s layout, Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador is really 1.5 miles “higher” than Mount Everest. This phenomenon answers the question, ‘Why is Ecuador the closest country to space?’

How Close Is Mount Chimborazo To Space?

The tallest peak on Earth, at least for the moment, is Chimborazo as assessed from the center instead of the typical standard of ‘sea level.’ Due to the fact that our planet is a squashed globe rather than a round one, the peaks close to the Equator receive an extra few kilometers.

Since Ecuador’s highest peak is situated just southwest of the Equator, experts found that Mount Chimborazo is the closest place on Earth to outer space and the nearest point to the moon. The mountain is situated at a height of around 6263 meters above sea level, making it the highest point on Earth that lies directly beneath the moon.


Mount Chimborazo in Details

The distance between the mountain and the Earth’s center is 6,384.4 km (3,967.1 mi), which is 2,163 m (7,096 ft) farther than the top of Everest (6,382.3 km/3,965.8 mi) from the Earth’s center. However, Chimborazo is not the highest peak in the Andes when measured in height above sea level.

Near the Equator, the force of gravity is significantly lessened due to centrifugal force from the Earth’s rotation and distance from its center. Compared to the location with the most significant gravitational pull, the peak of Chimborazo has around 1% less gravity.

The Meaning Of Ecuador’s Name

The name of the nation, short for “Equator,” is from the former Ecuador Department of Gran Colombia, which was created in 1824 as part of the former territory of the Royal Audience of Quito.

The nation’s full name is Republica del Ecuador, which translates as “The Republic of the Equator” in English. The city of Quito, which is still the departmental and republican capital, lies barely 40 km (25 mi) or a quarter of a degree south of the Equator.

Ecuador Equator Line

Ecuador As A Tourist Attraction Destination

In each of its “four worlds,” Ecuador offers a variety of culinary delights and cultural activities for tourists. The principal entry point to the nation is in Quito. Traveling to various tourist hotspots like Cuenca and the Galapagos Islands is simple from the capital, both by air and on land.

The magnificent Galapagos Islands, a Natural Heritage of Humanity, are a must-see if it is your first time visiting the nation. Moreover, the country is also part of the ‘Middle of the Universe’ since the Equator passes through it. There is a colossal monument where you may stand in both the northern and southern hemispheres; therefore, you will simultaneously be in both hemispheres of the Earth.

Reaching Mount Chimborazo’s peak is less complicated and costly since it only takes eight to 10 hours. In order to safeguard the native fauna of the Andes, the government established a 58,560-hectare known as the Reserva de Produccion Faunistica Chimborazo. Besides saving water from mountain rivers that feed into local towns, it safeguards vicuñas (cousins of the llamas with more slender bodies) and other creatures like llamas, alpacas, deer, and horses.

A block of 80 pounds of glacial ice is $2.50. Due to the expansion of the jean industry, Pelileo has earned the nickname “Blue City,” and its storefronts are packed with endless rows of folks wearing jeans.

Last Thoughts

Apart from being the closest place to space, Ecuador has plenty of amazing attraction sites and experiences ready to be enjoyed by tourists thanks to the abundance of exotic animals, plants, and scenery.

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