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How to Live in Spain with Children

Moving cities or even countries in singlehood is as easy as pie. However, no one prepares you for the horror you experience when moving countries with children. There is much at stake and much to consider when moving to countries like Spain. Making life decisions can be tricky with a handful of children in tow.

However, your life will be easy if you consider some key factors. In this article, we are breaking down everything you should pay attention to. You can thank us later for making your life ten times easier. Let’s begin!

Best Way to Live in Spain with Children!

 The cultural shock is too much to handle when moving to Spain from the USA with children. However, thinking and taking more thoughtful steps will make your move much easier to digest. If you are moving to Spain, here are some ways to make your life easier:

1. Choose Culturally Diverse Cities

When applying for residency or work permit on My Spain Visa, make sure you do your research to find the best deals. Besides the best deals, finding culturally diverse cities that make you feel at home is essential. English is not a common language in Spain, which can make your life harder.

Hence, moving to cities with more foreigners and accepting locals is best. Children need a good environment to grow and have people around whom they can befriend. Cities like Barcelona and Madrid are great for children because they have a culturally rich yet diverse growing environment.

Kids in a street in Spain

2. Get Visas Sorted

Visa is one of the trickiest processes people talk about, but aligning documents can be challenging. You can search for a non-lucrative visa Spain financial requirement 2024 to find all the necessary documents.

If you are an EU resident, getting a Spanish visa will be much easier. If not, you need a set of documents to make sure you are eligible to get a Spain visa. You can visit the official website for a step-by-step guide to apply for your and your children’s visas.

3. Research About International School

The language barrier is a huge challenge that can make your kids feel mentally and emotionally exhausted. Children thrive in an excellent environment to socialize, build their character, and socialize. Look out for good international schools where language is not an issue and education is good.

4. Search for Residence in a Safer Area

Giving your children the correct values and a safer environment is the duty of every guardian and parent. Moving to Spain can be challenging because many neighborhoods are not multicultural or have a safer environment. After visa application, it is best to start researching the best areas to live in Spain.

It is best to connect with expats already living there through social media groups to find the best residential area. Try to get a house where your children can explore freely, make friends, and have a school nearby.

Kid jumping on the beach

5. Health Insurance and Bank Account

 You can get health insurance if you become Spain’s resident or a student there. You can apply for student visa while in Spain to get excess amenities and good healthcare. You can do it by logging on to the official healthcare website and filling out the form.

You must also open a bank account while you are there to manage your finances and send money abroad. You can get a resident or non-resident bank account if you don’t have Spain’s tax number yet. You can use euros or other foreign currency depending on your working institution.

6. Connect with Locals

If you want a smoother moving abroad process, connecting with locals is the best thing to do. Social media groups help you connect with locals and make friends. Visiting local parks, talking to strangers, and building acquaintances are best. Participating in local festivals and attending events can also help build connections.

Final Verdict

Moving to Spain with a child is difficult, but a positive mindset and an open mind can make things easier. Find good international schools and a safer neighborhood to make your kids feel at home. Don’t miss any chance to participate in cultural activities or attend local festivals. It is a great chance to build a sense of belonging and a home away from home.

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