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How To Protect Your Watch While Traveling

Watches aren’t only time-telling devices but also cherished accessories. Whether high-end or casual, these stylish and expensive timepieces are worth protecting, especially when traveling. To avoid any damage or loss, it’s vital to safeguard your watch during vacations or business trips. You wouldn’t want it to be stolen, soaked, or scratched.  

Don’t worry, this article has got you covered. Read on to discover the best watch travel tools and safety tips. 

Top Travel Tools For Watches 

Here are some top travel tools that can help you secure your watch while traveling: 

Travel Watch Roll

Picture this: you’re packing for your next adventure and want to ensure your watch arrives unscathed. One great option for protecting your watch during traveling is to use a travel watch roll.

These are watch pouches that completely cover the watch and keep it free from dirt or moisture. We recommend choosing one made from leather, as it’ll look nice and last a lifetime. We found our favorite at

Watch Winders 

While traveling, your watch may stop working, causing inconvenience and timekeeping issues. The solution is a wrist winder that can keep your watch wound running smoothly. 

The timepiece’s internal mechanism stays active when these watch tools hold and rotate it like your wrist. Automatic watches powered by wrist movement benefit from this. 

Watch collection

Watch Cleaning Kit 

Taking care of your watch’s appearance is equally important as protecting it from external factors. Traveling can smudge, dust, or stain your watch.

Consider buying a watch cleaning kit to maintain that pristine look. These kits typically include cleaning solutions, microfiber cloths, and brushes. Carrying this compact kit keeps your watch looking its best on your travels. 

Watch Shock Absorbers 

Whether you’re exploring rugged terrain or crowded city streets, your watch is susceptible to bumps and knocks. To shield your timepiece from unnecessary shocks, consider using watch shock absorbers.

These small accessories act as a cushion from potential impacts, minimizing the risk of damage. With these shock absorbers, you can confidently travel knowing your timepiece is protected. 

These tools keep your watch safe and in top shape on your travels.

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9 Tips To Safeguard Your Timepiece While Traveling 

Besides travel tools, here are nine ways to protect your watch while traveling:  

1. Get Your Watch Serviced Before Traveling  

Before traveling, getting your timepiece serviced for optimal performance is ideal. Say you’re going to a tropical place to do outdoor activities. Cleaning, oiling, and regulating your watch can prevent water and extreme temperature damage. This precaution will let you enjoy your vacation without worrying about your watch. 

2. Take Off Your Watch At Security Checkpoints   

Before going through security checkpoints, remove your watch to avoid losing it. Imagine going through airport security for a business trip. Keep your watch safe during screening by taking it off and putting it in a bin with your wallet. This way, you can smoothly navigate security and retrieve your watch. 

3. Insure Your Watch  

To safeguard your watch from potential loss, it’s advisable to ensure it. Let’s say you recently purchased a sentimental digital watch. Ask your insurance provider if your policy covers the watch or consider specialized watch insurance. 

With a special watch insurance, you can rest assured that your timepiece is protected from theft, loss, or damage. This added security will let you enjoy your trip without worrying about watch accidents costing you money. 

Watch at a wrist

4. Avoid Exposing Your Watch To Extreme Temperatures   

Extreme temperatures can affect your watch’s internal components and performance. High temperatures degrade lubricants, while low temperatures slow or freeze the watch.   

Thus, protecting your watch from extreme heat or cold is crucial. If you’re in extreme temperatures, remove it to avoid damage. Imagine skiing in the Alps, where temperatures can drop below freezing. Leaving your watch in your hotel room gives you peace of mind. 

5. Remove Your Watch Before Exercising  

Exercise like hiking, swimming, and sports can put your watch at risk of damage. The impact, moisture, or sudden movements can pose a threat to the integrity of your timepiece.    

So, removing your watch before participating in physically demanding activities is best. For example, if you plan to play basketball, remove your watch before hitting the court. Jumping, fast movements, and contact with other players can damage your watch. Taking off your watch before playing protects it from accidents or impacts. 

6. Protect It Against Water Damage  

Water damage is one of the most common risks for watches, especially during travel. Even if your watch is water-resistant, it’s essential to understand its limitations. Not all watches can withstand deep dives or prolonged water exposure due to water resistance ratings. 

So, avoid submerging your watch beyond its water resistance. Let’s say you plan to swim or kayak in the Na Pali Coast. Even if your watch is water-resistant, it still has its limitations. A watch rated for water-resistance up to 50 meters isn’t suitable for swimming or diving. To protect your watch, it’s best to avoid submerging it beyond its limits. 

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7. Keep Your Watch Away From Magnetic Fields   

Magnetic fields can impair timepiece accuracy and timekeeping capabilities. While traveling, you may encounter magnetic sources like electronic devices or room key cards. Avoid magnetic interference by placing your watch away from such sources.   

If you suspect your watch was magnetically exposed, visit a watch specialist for demagnetization. Say you frequently use a laptop while wearing your watch. The hard drive’s magnetic field may affect its accuracy. To avoid any issues, refrain from putting your timepiece on these devices. 

8. Avoid Overexposure To Sunlight  

If you’re going on a beach vacation, protecting your watch from the sun is important. Prolonged sun ray exposure can lead to fading, discoloration, and potential damage.   

When you’re not wearing your watch, it’s best to store it in a safe place away from direct sunlight. A UV-protected watch roll or case can add extra protection, especially if you anticipate spending most of your time in the sun. Taking this precaution preserves the appearance and functionality of your watch. 

9. Be Vigilant  

Lastly, stay alert and focused on your surroundings and belongings during your vacation. Ensure not to leave your watch unattended in crowded places or on public transportation to prevent theft. For example, if you’re exploring a market or taking a busy train, keep your watch out of sight from passersby. Wearing your watch discreetly, especially one of high value, deters unwanted attention.  

These tips will keep your watch safe while you travel, letting you enjoy a stress-free vacation

Nailing Watch Protection For The On-The-Go Lifestyle 

With the right tools and tricks, you can keep your timepiece safe and performant during your trip. Remember, your watch is a treasured accessory that needs proper care. 

So, embrace your wanderlust and keep your timepiece safe on every adventure. Have fun on your next escapade!

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