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What To Look For In An Inflatable Fishing Kayak – Our Guide

Kayaks have become very popular for fishing due to their affordability and their ability to access remote locations that larger boats are unable to reach. But there are two things one has to consider when buying a kayak and that’s the ease of storage and transportation.

If you don’t have a garage, shed, or backyard, storing your kayak will be a bit difficult. Also, you’ll need a car to transport your kayak to the water bodies where you’ll be kayaking. If you don’t have a garage or a car, then it’s time you looked at one of the best innovations about kayaks. And I’m talking about inflatable kayaks.

Inflatable kayaks offer unparalleled ease of transport and storage. They are easy to store since they fold into a carry bag that’s the size of a backpack when delayed. This means you can store them anywhere – under your bed, in your closet, a corner in your room, and so on. Also, you can take them on a bus, car, bike, or even a plane.

There are several quality inflatable fishing kayaks available on the market. Not all inflatable fishing kayaks are created equal and it is in light of this that I created this quick guide listing all the things to take into consideration when choosing an inflatable fishing kayak. Here we go.

Inflatable kayaks: Pros & Cons

The biggest benefit of inflatable kayaks is the unparalleled ease of transportation and storage they offer. You can easily fold an inflatable kayak into a carry bag which is usually about the size of a small backpack and carry it about. There is no restriction to transporting inflatable kayaks as you can take them on a bus, train, car, bike, and even a plane.

Storage is also easy as you can just put the carry bag into your closet, under your bed, in a corner of your room, or anywhere else you deem fit.

Inflatable kayaks will also come in handy if you have to walk a long way from your car to shore as they are very lightweight.

However, inflatable kayaks require more maintenance than hard-shell kayaks. You have to wash/rinse them after use and also properly dry them, or else you risk algae growing on them. Also, they may start to smell foul if you don’t properly maintain them.

Inflatable kayaks are also more affected by current flow, strong winds, and other natural elements than hard-shell kayaks.

Is It Safe To Use an Inflatable Kayak For Fishing?

Yes, absolutely. There are inflatable fishing kayaks that are very stable, durable, and equipped for fishing. The issue most people have about inflatable yaks is over their durability. But you see, inflatable kayaks are very durable, even more durable than hard-shell kayaks in some ways.

How to Choose Your Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Below are factors to take into consideration when buying an inflatable fishing kayak. The aim is to get you to choose a yak that suits your needs.


Popular materials for inflatable kayaks are PVC, Nitrylon, and Hypalon.

PVC is easily the most popular material used to manufacture inflatable kayaks. It is favored because of its low weight, durability, strength, and affordability. It’s also common to see manufacturers combining PVC with nylon for increased durability.

Nitrylon is even stronger than PVC and more resistant to puncture and abrasion. However, it’s heavier than PVC. But its increased resistance to abrasion and puncture is why it’s used for the most vulnerable part of kayaks such as the bottom.

Kayaks made from Hypalon aren’t very common because the material is expensive and also difficult to work with. However, Hypalon has better UV resistance compared to PVC and is even more resistant to abrasions/punctures than Nitrylon.

inflatable fishing kayak

Weight and Portability

All the buzz about inflatable kayaks is because of their portability. While there will be variations in the weight of inflatable kayaks due to the size and materials used, they are generally lightweight and easy to transport.

You’ll always find a carry bag in the package for the purpose of transporting your kayak. And carrying an inflatable kayak will be easier if the carry bag has shoulder straps.

It is when you are traveling over long distances (via train, bus, car, or even plane) that you’ll appreciate the foldable design of inflatable kayaks. You don’t have to worry much about portability when choosing an inflatable kayak as it’ll always be compact enough to be carried about with ease.

Storage Space

Fishing usually requires some gear like coolers, baits, fishing rods, and so on. And it’s important for your kayak to have enough storage space for all your gear.

Storage space is one of the main criteria that I used to select the yaks on this list. So you can be sure of these yaks having ample storage space. And remember that the bigger the kayak, the more storage space it will have.

Fishing Features and Accessories

Rod holders are one of the most important fishing features a kayak should have. Also, there should be mounts for other fishing accessories like rod holders. Cup holders may also come in handy as you’d most likely want to stay hydrated during your kayaking expedition.


Your kayak seat can make or break your kayaking expedition. Comfortable seats allow you to fish or paddle longer while uncomfortable seats may make you cut your time on the water short due to pains and sores.

The seats of the kayaks on this list are very comfortable and will bring about an enjoyable kayaking expedition. But if you are after more comfort, consider taking a look at tips to choose comfortable aftermarket kayak seats.

Final Thoughts

Inflatable kayaks are a total game-changer with the ease of storage and transportation they offer. However, there are several inflatable fishing kayaks on the market and I’ve helped you separate the best from the rest. Get one today and start fishing to your heart’s content.

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