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Choosing A Kayak Cup Holder – Our Tips

Kayaking exercises the body and mind. And just like any physical activity, you begin to get thirsty after some time and then arise the urge to get hydrated. This is why it’s important you take water or your favorite beverage along with you when going out on the water.

A convenient way to make sure your favorite drink is secure and within reach is by using a kayak cup holder. Yes, kayak cup holders are a real thing and allow you to store your favorite drinks, small tackle boxes, and other gear in convenient places.

I bet you’d be surprised with the numerous options of kayak cup holders available on the market. I intend to help you navigate through the several options and direct you toward the best kayak cup holders available on the market.

There are a number of factors to put into consideration when buying a kayak cup holder. Below you’ll find a buying guide to help you choose the one that best meets your needs. Here we go.

How to Mount a Cup Holder On a Kayak?

Mounting a cup holder on a yak is a simple process that anyone can perform. The first thing when mounting a cup holder is to decide where you want to mount it. Ideally, you’d want somewhere that’s within your reach so you can have easy access to your favorite drinks.

Generally, there are two methods of mounting cup holders. The first is on the gear track of your yak. Gear tracks are incorporated on kayaks, especially on the high-end models, by manufacturers. There are cup holders with mounts that are compatible with the gear tracks of most yaks.

The second method applies to cup holders with clamps or clip-on holders that you simply have to attach to the rim or gunwales of your yak. Cup holders with clamps/clip-on holders are incredibly easy to mount and remove.

How to Choose Your Kayak Cup Holder?


I think this is one of the first things most of us are interested in when buying a product. Kayak cup holders are made from various materials, ranging from metals to plastics. Apart from the materials used, the build quality of the cup holders also affects their durability.

It is in light of this that I selected kayak cup holders that are very rugged and long-lasting. Chances are that you’ll be using these cup holders for years.


Apart from having easy access to your favorite drinks, one of the benefits of having a kayak cup holder is to have your drinks stabilized and in one place instead of your containers rolling around in your kayak.

An unstable cup holder will spill drinks and your containers may even fall off, hopefully not into the water. And this is why you should always go for a stable cup holder.

Ease of Mount

Mounting a cup holder doesn’t have to be rocket science. Choose only cup holders that are easy to mount and easy to remove.


Ideally, you should go for cup holders that can hold different containers like cans, bottles, glasses, and so on, as this assures you that all your containers will fit easily into the cup holder.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, what you need to know about cup holders, and a buying guide to help you choose the one that best meets your needs. You may not give much thought to cup holders at first, but a single kayaking trip without one will highlight the importance of these simple pieces of gear to you.

Get one today, stay hydrated, and enjoy your favorite drinks as you cruise the waters.

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