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48 Hours in Maryland: An Itinerary for a Perfect Weekend

The hectic pace of modern life may make planning a long-distance trip challenging. Those from Maryland and the neighboring states have a lot of options for weekend getaways in this country. Visitors from out of state will also experience a genuine taste of Americana.

This East Coast state contains some of the country’s oldest towns and a terrain that ranges from beaches to mountains, making it an ideal weekend getaway. Whatever your preferred means of relaxation, you may easily find them in Maryland. We have made you an itinerary for the perfect weekend trip in Maryland, so you can start packing.

Start the Day at Lexington Market

Lexington Market in Baltimore has been serving the community for nearly 230 years. You’ll notice that many websites, as evident at Maryland Recommendations, mention this place since it is the oldest continuously functioning public market in the United States. As the food is a major attraction, choosing between international food and American staples like fried chicken and waffles may be challenging.

Customers may enjoy their meals in the restaurant or take home freshly prepared baked products, meats, and fish. Several of the high-quality food vendors in Lexington Market are Black-owned, female-owned, or city-resident businesses, reflecting Baltimore’s diversity. Despite the constant influx of new vendors, you can always count on finding Baltimore staples like Faidley’s Old Bay crab cakes, Berger cookies, and buttermilk-battered fried chicken.

Visit Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

Formerly home to Baltimore’s shipyards and steel factories, the area is today a thriving entertainment district. All the beautiful waterfront vistas, delicious seafood, and fascinating museums may be found here. Spend your Saturday afternoon with a stroll across the area, stopping to shop at one of the many quaint stores or to see a thrilling street show.

The main attractions, including the USS Constellation Museum, the National Aquarium, and the Maryland Science Center, are all within a 10-minute walk of each other. The nicest views of the port may be seen from Federal Hill Park or a water taxi.


Finish the Day With a Spa Visit

After a strenuous stroll through Inner Harbor, treating yourself to a relaxing spa treatment is a great way to unwind. Spas in Baltimore, such as Simple Wellness, Kim Day Spa, and Spa Central, have become more popular in recent years, making them ideal destinations for a relaxing Saturday evening.

All of these spas and massage therapists have one goal in mind: to make you look and feel your best. In a calm setting, you may choose from a variety of massage types (deep tissue, sports, Swedish, lymphatic, etc.). You may choose one that lasts anything from 30 to 120 minutes.

Continue to the Basignani Winery

The Basignani Winery is one of the greatest spots to spend your Sunday in Maryland with romance in the air. The place has a lovely, romantic vibe that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy while you spend quality time with your significant other. The Basignani Winery is a tiny, family-run business with a pleasantly quaint ambiance, and it can be found amid the rolling hills of Baltimore County.

It has gorgeous vineyards, and the architecture has a charming rural feel. You may learn about wine by signing up for a tour, going to a sampling room, having a picnic in one of the many covered pavilions, or attending one of the many courses and seminars. If you don’t want the party to end when the winery does, you may take home a few bottles from the gift store or have some shipped to you. You may take all the romantic selfies you want amid the breathtaking scenery. Take your loved one by the hand and walk around the Basignani Winery’s scenic grounds!


Stargaze at Anne Arundel Community College

The awe, mystery, and beauty of the night sky. What better way to wrap up a relaxing weekend? The astronomy department of Anne Arundel Community College welcomes visitors beginning in August and again in the winter to provide guidance and instruction in stargazing.

Bring your own gear or borrow what’s offered to get a different perspective on the night sky. The community college’s convenient location on Ritchie Highway makes it a popular destination. Call or visit the website for particular dates and hours, although they happen around once a month, depending on the moon’s phase.

Final Thoughts

Even though our jobs are rewarding and we like what we do, we all experience periods of stagnation from time to time. There comes the importance of a weekend getaway. It’s not only a great way to spend a few days off work; it’s also good for our health. If your next getaway includes Maryland, remember that it is not only the origin of the United States national anthem, but it also has a ton of activities to do and things to see.

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