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Elevate Your Adventure: Mountain Cruising On Electric Skateboards

Blending the thrill of downhill skateboarding with the rugged challenges of mountain terrain, mountain skateboarding offers riders a unique and unforgettable experience. Add to that the boosted specs of electric boards, and you got yourself an adventure under your feet.

From breathtaking vistas to hair-raising descents, this extreme sport takes skateboarding to new heights—literally. The key is to buy electric longboarding gear which is best suited to your skills and the type of mountain terrain you want to conquer.

Here’s what newbies need to know.

What Is Mountain Skateboarding?

Mountain skateboarding is a high-octane discipline of skateboarding that involves riding specialized boards down steep mountain roads or off-road trails.

Unlike traditional skateboarding on city streets or skate parks, this iteration presents riders with the challenge of tackling uneven surfaces, sharp turns, and varying elevations. 

These obstacles may put off those still chafing the asphalt for practice. But to seasoned skaters, they present opportunities to put their skills to the test.

This electrifying fusion of skateboarding and downhill mountain cruising demands exceptional skills, fearlessness, and a deep love for adventure. It’s essential to know your stuff to truly enjoy this activity.

Mountain sateboarding

Where Electric Skateboards Come In

These modern iterations of the classic design offer a tighter, more controlled experience for mountain cruising. They’re a great choice for the following reasons:

  • They can handle rough terrain: Electric skateboards have large wheels that can take bumps and potholes. They make them an excellent option for riding on mountain trails.
  • They’re fast: These skateboards can reach speeds of up to 25 mph, making them a great way to cover long distances. That’s especially helpful when you’re riding on a mountain trail, as the terrain can be challenging.
  • They’re easy to control: Electric skateboards are equipped with a motor and remote controls that allow you to adjust the speed and braking. This extra level of maneuvering makes them highly useful for riders of all skill levels. It also saves you energy since you don’t have to keep propelling the board to move. That way, you can feel the wind on your face while taking in the picturesque scenery around you.
  • They are fun: Riding an electric skateboard is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise. It’s also an exhilarating way to challenge yourself and improve your skills.

With these reasons in mind, you might want to consider adding one to your skateboard set. 

Key Tips For Electric Skateboarders Going Mountain Cruising

The essence of having fun in this sport is to do it safely. Take these steps to make the most out of your experience:

  1. Gear up for safety: Like other skateboarding disciplines, safety is paramount in mountain skateboarding, where the stakes are high, and falls can be unforgiving. Before hitting the slopes, ensure you have all the necessary safety gear. That includes a certified helmet, elbow and knee pads, slide gloves, and sturdy skate shoes. The right gear not only protects you from injuries but also boosts confidence, allowing you to push your limits and explore new challenges.
  2. Get the right board: It’s not enough to get the shiniest one off the shelf. Focus on investing in a high-quality electric skateboard specifically designed for off-road or all-terrain use. Look for features such as large, grippy wheels, sturdy trucks, and a powerful motor to handle steep inclines and rough surfaces effectively.
  3. Master it: This is crucial. Before taking on challenging mountainous terrains, ensure you have a good grasp of how your electric skateboard functions. Practice riding on various surfaces and terrains to build confidence and familiarity with the board’s handling capabilities.
  4. Know your limits: Sure, mountain skateboarding is all about testing them. But you can’t really enjoy its high points when you’re always getting hurt or in trouble. Build your skillset with gentler trails first. Then, progress slowly. The journey to mountain-cruising level is worthwhile, but slow and steady is best. 
  5. Take care of the board: Regularly check and maintain your electric skateboard to ensure it’s in top-notch condition for mountain cruising. Keep an eye on the wheels, trucks, grip tape, screws, and belts, and charge the battery before each ride. You should also store it somewhere secure and free from moisture and water.
  6. Respect boundaries: Wherever you skate, you’ll encounter specific laws on speed, right of way, and contact with wildlife. Save yourself the trouble and stick to them.
  7. Stay packed and hydrated: It’s a physically demanding sport. So, ensure you carry enough water and food to keep your energy levels up.
  8. Do it with a buddy: From scouting to actual riding, this activity is best done with friends. Having them by your side will also make getting help easier if something unexpected happens.

These tips should help make every mountain skateboarding trip a blast.

Skateboarding on mountain road

Best Spots For Mountain Skateboarding

Mountain skateboarding isn’t complete without any fun, yet challenging mountains to skate on. 

Here are some of the most popular spots for mountain cruising: :

1. The Swiss Alps – Stelvio Pass

Topping the list of dream destinations for mountain skateboarding is the majestic Stelvio Pass in the Swiss Alps. 

Known for its spectacular landscapes, the Stelvio Pass offers an epic downhill run with numerous hairpin turns and a smooth, well-paved road. The breathtaking scenery of snow-capped peaks and lush green valleys serves as an awe-inspiring backdrop for an adrenaline-charged descent.

2. Rocky Mountains – Pikes Peak Highway

The iconic Pikes Peak Highway in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains is a mecca for mountain skateboarders. With a total length of over 19 miles, this legendary route promises a spine-tingling journey through rocky terrain and scenic vistas. The highway is well-maintained, ensuring a smooth ride for both beginners and seasoned riders.

3. Andes Mountains – The Death Road

Bolivia’s infamous Death Road in the Andes Mountains is not for the faint-hearted. Aptly named for its menacing nature, this route features narrow paths, dizzying heights, and sharp cliffs.

While the challenge is undeniably intense, the sense of accomplishment and the breathtaking views make it an unforgettable experience for seasoned adventurers. Just make sure you play it safe.

4. French Alps – Col de l’Iseran

As the highest paved mountain pass in the Alps, Col de l’Iseran in France offers a thrilling longboarding experience. The long and winding road, surrounded by towering peaks, provides ample opportunities to test your carving skills and soak in the beauty of the alpine landscape.

5. Hawaiian Volcanoes – Haleakalā

For those seeking an off-road mountain skateboarding experience, the dormant volcano Haleakalā in Maui, Hawaii, is a bucket-list destination. Descending through the lunar-like landscape of the volcano’s summit area is a surreal and one-of-a-kind adventure that will leave you with lasting memories.

If you have yet to try these spots, consider adding them to your itinerary. They may give you the experience of a lifetime or at least a story to share.

Ready To Ride?

This daredevil sport has so much to offer. So long as you get the right gear, prepare and practice, and stick to what works, you can indulge in the one-of-a-kind rush it gives you. Start planning and checking your catalogs today!

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