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Planning a New Summer Adventure: 6 Fun and Relaxing Watersports to Try

As we creep through spring, it’s time to start thinking about summer vacation and all of the fun activities that the warm weather will bring. 

What better way to enjoy the summer heat than jumping in the water and doing exciting watersports? There are so many options depending on where you decide to spend your summer. 

From lakes to rivers to the open ocean, many sports will keep you and your family entertained and relaxed before getting back to the real world in the fall.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

If you are looking for a water sport that isn’t too strenuous but still makes you feel like you are getting some exercise this summer, paddleboarding is the perfect sport for you. Stand Up Paddleboarding, or SUP, has grown in popularity over the past decade or so because it is a sport that can be done in many types of water. 

Those who prefer a laid-back afternoon can take their paddleboard to a calm pond or lake and float along. Those with a little more experience and bravery can take their paddleboards to the ocean or sea and cruise over the waves. 

This sport is as relaxing as you want it to be and many people will use paddleboards just to sit and float. The three ways to use a paddleboard are to sit, to go on your knees, or to stand fully. Each paddleboard comes with one paddle that can be switched from side to side to keep propelling you forward.

Paddle boards come in many shapes and sizes but the most popular in recent years have been the inflatable ones because they are the easiest to transport. There are also foam paddleboards with a similar shape and weight to surfboards. 

Whichever type of paddleboard you choose to use, you’re guaranteed to have an enjoyable time soaking up the sun or trying to knock your friends off of their boards as many times as possible.

White Water Rafting

This sport is very popular in landlocked states where people don’t have access to big bodies of water like the ocean. In this case, many adventurous souls turn to their local rivers for summer entertainment. 

The term “white water” refers to the foamy white layer that forms over a fast-moving river. The raft used for white water rafting usually fits 6 to 10 people, so it’s a great activity for a group of friends or a family event.  

This sport is generally run by small local companies that set up shops on riverbanks during the summertime. A typical white water rafting experience begins at the top of a river and the group raft will then make its way down the river for several miles. Depending on water levels, the experience can be both thrilling and relaxing. 

Safety is always a priority in white water rafting, so whatever company you book through, they should provide you with a life jacket and a helmet and a guide will be with you and your group for the whole adventure.



For those who live near large bodies of water, this is a perfect summer sport. The key to this sport is wind, so it’s very popular in coastal places where big breezes from the ocean make you feel like you are flying. 

For this sport, you will need to find a friend or a company that has a boat and a parasail. A parasail is just a big bridge-shaped sail that, once expanded by the wind, will lift a person high into the air. 

Unique amongst the other water sports on this list, parasailing allows you to fly and get incredible views of the area from a birds-eye view. 

Overall, this is one of the most relaxing watersports as long as you are not afraid of heights because the wind does all the work. All you have to do is sit at relax.


Unlike white water rafting, kayaking is usually a one or two-person sport. As one of the most popular water sports, kayaking is an activity that can be done all over the world. As long as there is some kind of body of water, people will throw a kayak in it. 

Because this sport is so popular, you can rent a kayak almost anywhere where there is a lake, river, ocean, sea, or any other body of water.

Although they can be easy to rent, there are so many varieties of kayaks on the market today that it is better to buy one for yourself that fits your needs. If you’re unsure where to start when looking for the perfect kayak, check out Watersportswhiz where they have expert advice on all things water sports. There are so many types of kayaks from inflatable ones to ones with see-through bottoms so that you can gaze at sea life below.  

Once you have the perfect kayak, it will be your trusty companion this summer. Kayaking gives people the freedom to explore new places from a different perspective while feeling safe in a stable cocoon.   



Body-boarding is the ever-popular alternative to surfing for those who want a relaxing beach vacation. All you need is a foam board, which you can buy at any local surf shop.

This sport offers a great way to interact with the waves and chill in the ocean. Once you have a board, just jump right in the water and try to ride the waves before they crash on the shore. 

After a day of this, your swimsuit will be full of sand, but your body will be relaxed and content.

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is another sport that can be done in a lake or out on the open ocean, as long as the area of water is big enough to let you go far distances. 

If you ever wanted to ride a motorcycle, but didn’t want to take the risk of crashing on a solid road, jet skiing is the sport for you! The thrill of going fast while knowing if you fall, you’ll land in water, makes this sport both exhilarating and relaxing.

Final Thoughts

As the temperatures start to rise this summer, make sure to book yourself a nice trip to a lake, river, or ocean and enjoy one of the 6 water sports mentioned above. Whether it’s relaxing on a paddleboard or zipping around on a jet ski, make the most of your summer and get out on the water!

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