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7 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Famous Italian Region Of Piedmont

Italy is one of the most beautiful and versatile countries to visit, and it has to offer different experiences to people who are willing to explore. For instance, the Italian region of Piedmont offers a plethora of interesting tasting experiences, and you have a lot to do there.

It’s famous for its rolling hills, tasty food, and delicious wine, so if you are visiting Italy, don’t bypass this region under any circumstances. Hence, here are some reasons why you should visit this famous part of Italy:

Enjoy the Best Wines

Along with beautiful nature and historical significance, things that will delight you in Piedmont include the extensive vineyards you should visit. They give you a chance to enjoy wine tastings in Piedmont and choose the one that suits your taste buds best.

Moreover, if you like to try various wines or you’re in that job, this place is right for you because it has different wineries you can visit to complete your experience. For that, before you go to Piedmont, inform yourself about these wineries and relax with some of the best tastes in the world.

Beautiful Nature

If you’re a nature lover and you enjoy looking at landscapes from fairy tales, then Piedmont should definitely be on your bucket list. The word “Piedmont” means “at the foot of the mountains,” and we see that it breathes nature and unforgettable scenery.

With unfathomable rolling hills, expanding vineyards, and beautiful towns perched on hilltops, this region is a unique cycling destination. Also, Piedmont has good infrastructure, and the roads are well-paved and quiet, so you can relax and enjoy it to the fullest. This part of Italy can leave no one indifferent, so don’t hesitate to visit it.

Wineries in Piedmont

Tasty Food

For those who love to try local products and tastes, Piedmont is the perfect place to do so. It’s interesting that in Piedmont, locals focus on eating locally produced food and seasonal dishes. For instance, you can try sumptuous tastes of meat, most often beef and veal, truffles, chocolate, and hazelnuts. 

Pay attention to the white truffles, which are rare and expensive but can be found in Piedmont. If you want to seek them out, visit this place in October or simply enjoy tasty truffle-infused oils or their traditional truffle pasta dishes. It’s up to you and your preferences to create unforgettable memories of this fairytale place.

Admire Contemporary Art

The region of Piedmont has something for everybody, so if you’re an art lover, Piedmont is the right place for you. Therefore, you should visit the rooms of the Castello di Rivoli full of unique and breathtaking artworks that’ll inspire you for a long time.

The hills of Savoy have some exceptional examples of the most famous Italian art pieces you should visit because residents of Piedmont take pride in them for good reason. You’ll have a chance to see a staggering number of works by 20th-century Italian artists like Renoir, Bocconi, and Balla.

Fascinating History

Piedmont has a rich and intriguing history because it was invaded by various people, including the Burgundians, the Ostrogoths, the Lombards, and the Franks. They all left their specific traces and influences on this beautiful part of Italy, particularly the Savoys, with lots of fascinating palaces. 

There is also a long history of industrialization because they were one of the first to jump on board with manufacturing. For instance, Turin is the home of Fiat, so if you love cars, this will be your favorite region. Charming villages are full of interesting history, so wander through them and find some fascinating stories.

Countryside Landscape

Charming Towns

We speak about Italy, so there is no shortage of beautiful and charming towns. Many people think that Tuscany is the most beautiful Italian region, but once you visit Piedmont, you might change your mind. Wander through Barolo, Roddi, and the unavoidable Turin.

There are also less famous towns that you can drive through and remain delighted with their beauty and stunning views. For that, explore various towns and small villages, although they aren’t mentioned in the guide.

Piedmont Has Many UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The region of Piedmont is home to various UNESCO world heritage sites, such as architecture and royal residents in Turin, sacred mountains of the Alps, numerous wine regions that include the castle of Grinzane Cavour, and ancient pile dwellings in the Alps.

Therefore, you can see the significance of the Piedmont, which is diverse, lively, and versatile. This is a place worth visiting, so do some research and go on an adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Final Thoughts

When reading all these reasons to visit Piedmont, we realize why Italy is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Remember that there are a lot of things to see and enjoy, but if you like good food, quality wines, history, and diverse landscapes, Piedmont is the perfect choice for your next trip.

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