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Storing Travel Paperwork as PDFs: From Boarding Passes to Vaccine Cards

Going on a trip should be about relaxation, but getting to the destination can be stressful every so often. You’ll need lots of paperwork and travel documents if you leave the country. Getting to your favorite beach resort is challenging if you’re not organizing the papers you bring. 

Upon arrival, the immigration officer might request to see these documents. It means more time spent stressing at the airport and less time relaxing at the beach. A helpful solution to this complicated problem is digitalizing travel documents, enabling you to keep them in a safe and organized place on the smartphone.

Storing Boarding Passes as PDFs

After you purchase a plane ticket, it will be delivered to the email. You can also find it in your account on the airliner’s website. Most people would print the boarding pass from here and bring it to the airport. A piece of paper has a low survival rate during the hassle of traveling, so there is a high chance that your flight ticket might be invalid by the time you finally get to the airport.

The good news is that you also get the boarding pass digitally. Usually, such a document is in a PNG format with all the details and the flight schedule in the picture. To organize the itinerary and keep all documents in a safe place, use a PNG to PDF converter. It will let you change the document format while keeping vital information. 

PDF documents are easily found on any device. When you find yourself at the airport, using a smartphone to access it is easier than pulling out a briefcase full of travel documents. If you travel with family or friends, there are more boarding passes to keep track of. The format is handy here: You can add PDF to Apple Wallet. This way, you can access all the travel documents in one secure place. 

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Organizing Itineraries for Seamless Travel with PDFs

Suppose you’re planning a weekend getaway with your colleagues. While you discuss the details in the office, you are designated to be the one who has to organize the trip and plan itineraries. How will you do it?

Indeed, it is a complicated task for the inexperienced traveler. But everything becomes easy once you know simple tricks like how to convert PNG to PDF or add essential details to a spreadsheet table. As you plan a trip step by step, you notice many documents are required – boarding passes, vaccine cards, IDs, passports, driving licenses, etc. 

Your best move is to create a group chat with all the colleagues and request all these documents. Most likely, they will deliver them as photos taken at the moment. Now, you might wonder how to save PNG as PDF to organize the document in one. 

A simple solution is an online PNG to PDF converter that lets you change any file type quickly and straightforwardly. By saving all of these documents in a PDF format, you can merge them and organize the itinerary for the trip. 

Vaccine Card Storage: Going Digital

Some countries require travelers to get vaccinated in advance. After all, health is one of the most important factors to consider when traveling abroad. But this requirement quickly becomes a burden while you are in the holiday rush. After you get vaccinated, the clinic will issue a document.

Such a document has to be provided at the airport when the immigration officer asks for proof of vaccination. As you can imagine, keeping a piece of paper in perfect condition would be challenging until the date of departure. In this case, the best solution is going digital. Now you know how to use the PNG to PDF converter.

Take a photo of the vaccine card with the smartphone and convert the image to PDF format. Store the file on the device, which you can access anytime. After arriving at your destination, looking for a digital document is easier than sorting through endless paperwork at the airport. 


Whether you are a solo traveler or you have a big trip planned with your family, travel documents are necessary to enter the country you are visiting. Depending on the destination, some territories have strict requirements and require a lot of paperwork on arrival. You can store the travel documents digitally and access them anytime using your smartphone.

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