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Eco-Friendly Travel: Sustainable Accommodation Options In London

We all know how climate change has affected the planet over the years. People are always looking for sustainable ways to reduce their carbon footprint and save the planet. 

When it comes to your eco-friendly travel needs, one such way is to have sustainable accommodation and lifestyle. Therefore, it is important for all environmentally cautious people to keep all this in mind to promote sustainable living.

In this blog post, we will discuss all the sustainable accommodation options available in London to help you make an informed decision.

What Makes an Accommodation Sustainable?

Sustainable accommodations go above and beyond to prioritize environmentally friendly options in their living spaces. They ensure that all materials, foods, and practices minimize our carbon footprint.

Over the years, we have seen more eco-friendly hotels and lodges set up to attract more people to this kind of lifestyle. From the food they eat to considering energy-saving practices and more.

In this way, all environmentally cautious travelers have an opportunity to choose from a variety of eco-friendly hotels. This not only promotes their will to live an eco-friendly lifestyle but also saves the environment from unsustainable living standards.

Additionally, most of these sustainable accommodations come up with creative ways to blend nature with innovative design concepts. A case in point is the tree houses designed with recycled material and artwork, which make the rooms look spacious and visually appealing.

Why Choose Sustainable Accommodation?

Here are some reasons to choose sustainable accommodation when traveling:

Reduce carbon footprint

Choosing sustainable accommodation helps reduce one’s carbon footprint. Most of these accommodations use energy-saving materials like LED lighting and solar panels, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Support local community

Most of the accommodations use locally produced materials that are made by the communities. From art crafts, bedding, and food, one can support local communities through income generated from buying their products.

Healthier environment

Sustainable accommodations prioritize a healthier environment for all guests. This includes using organic produce that causes less pollution and avoiding harmful toxins.

Sustainable practices

Staying at places prioritizing sustainable living helps guests contribute to initiatives promoting a healthier environment.

Sustainable toiletries

Various Sustainable Accommodation Options in London

These are some of the most sustainable accommodation options in London for all eco-friendly travelers.

1. Roomspace

The first sustainable living option you should consider is staying in the Roomspace’s serviced apartments in London. Their apartments offer their customers comfortable and eco-friendly accommodations. These spaces have sustainable features like LED lights, water-saving fixtures, and recycle bins. 

Living in apartments is a great option for all those who are environmentally cautious, as they allow their guests to reduce their carbon footprint. They also have recycling programs where different guests can join and participate in a great cause. Most of the materials used in these apartments help reduce pollution and save on energy.

2. The Zetter Hotel & Townhouse

This luxurious hotel is located in the Clerkenwell district of London. Most travelers are increasingly demanding eco-friendly hotels. Most have listened to their requests and worked accordingly. This hotel integrates innovative environmental practices into its operations, like a borehole system to manage water for heating and cooling. 

The hotel also offers its guests locally sourced and organic foods to promote healthy and fine living. This promotes community empowerment by supporting local livelihoods.

3. Qbic Hotel London City

Qbic Hotel London City is another eco-friendly accommodation travelers should try out. It uses eco-friendly materials and features energy-saving features like solar panels that help reduce its carbon footprint. 

Guests in this space can enjoy organic foods promoting healthy living and enhancing sustainable lifestyle. Each room in this hotel is made of recycled materials with a blend of style and sustainability. For all those who enjoy a fine look at nature products, this hotel is a must-check out.

4. The Cavendish London

The Cavendish Hotel offers a luxurious stay with a comfortable living experience as a sustainable space for travelers. This hotel commits to eco-friendly policies to save the environment and planet from pollution. 

It prioritizes the use of organic products for all its foods and monitors utility consumption levels every month to reduce energy consumption at all costs. As an environmentally friendly hotel, the hotel also promotes the use of eco-friendly chemicals and the purchase of recycled goods.

5. Good Hotel London

Lastly, there is the Good Hotel London, which considers sustainability and community empowerment. It operates as a social business, empowering local communities with employment opportunities and thus promoting sustainable development. This innovative hotel has minimal environmental impact. 

It uses recycled products and upcycled materials for all its designs and operations. The rooms in this hotel are designed using natural, durable, and repurposed materials. Additionally, the community people make the toiletries locally to support them.

London bus

Tips for Eco-Friendly Travel in London

While choosing sustainable accommodation is a great start, there are other ways to minimize your environmental impact during your stay in London:

  • Use Public Transport: London’s extensive public transport system, including buses, trains, and the iconic Underground, is an eco-friendly way to get around the city. Consider purchasing an Oyster card for convenient and efficient travel.
  • Walk or Cycle: When in London, consider taking a walk to your different destinations. Additionally, the city has numerous bike rental stations, making cycling a great option for short distances.
  • Support Local Businesses: Supporting local restaurants and markets also helps enhance local livelihoods. It also reduces the need for transportation, which increases pollution, thus reducing our carbon footprint. 
  • Reduce Waste: Promote single-plastic use by using recycled products like shopping bags, coffee cups, and water bottles. In London, most shops and cafes offer discounts for those who carry their containers. 
  • Be Mindful of Energy Use: Turn off lights, heating, and cooling when not in your room, and unplug chargers and electronics when not in use to conserve energy.


As the world continuously creates more innovative sustainable ways of living and saving the planet, we all need to support the sustainable accommodations in place. From Roomspace serviced apartments, the Zetter Hotel and Townhouse, and many more. Most of these accommodation options are designed with recycled materials and locally made natural products. 

All these materials help to reduce pollution and carbon footprint enhancing environmental protection. Therefore, for all of us to be a part of this initiative to promote sustainability, living in sustainable hotels can help enhance this.

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