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24 Things to Do in Bolivia for Life-Long Memories

Bolivia… A place where surreal landscapes meet heartwarming traditions, where each corner turned unfurls another chapter of its enthralling narrative. Ever found yourself daydreaming of standing amidst a horizon-spanning mirror or perhaps strolling through streets located higher than the clouds?

You’re not alone. Bolivia, with its striking contrasts, has beckoned many adventurers like you and me. Imagine a canvas painted with everything from snow-clad peaks to vast, dense rainforests. Intrigued? Let’s unravel this South American gem together, shall we?

High-Altitude Wonders

Have you ever felt the heady rush of being on top of the world? Well, a journey to Bolivia is sure to get you close!

Things to do in Bolivia - Uyuni

1. Stroll in La Paz

Floating at an astonishing 3,650 meters above sea level, La Paz is not just any capital city—it’s the world’s highest. Nestled within a canyon and surrounded by towering mountains, the city itself feels like an embrace.

Wander the steep streets, and you’ll find colorfully clad Cholitas, markets brimming with intriguing artifacts, and the distant snow peaks watching over it all.

Quick tip? Pause for a moment to savor a cup of “mate de coca” – it’s a local remedy for altitude sickness and a fascinating cultural experience to boot!

2. Explore the Salar de Uyuni

Of course, how to not include Salar de Uyuni, which is probably the country’s most famous highlight. Picture this: an endless mirror reflecting the vast sky, where clouds dance beneath your feet. Sounds dreamlike, right? The Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat, transforms into this mesmerizing spectacle, especially after a light rain.

Not to forget, the sunset here? It’s not just a visual treat but an emotion that tingles down to your very soul. Feel free to read our guide for Salar de Uyuni!

3. Visit the ruins of Tiwanaku

Before the Inca Empire, there was Tiwanaku. Only a few hours from La Paz, these ancient ruins whisper tales of a civilization that once flourished. Standing amidst its monumental structures and intricate stonework, you can’t help but wonder: How did they do it?

And what might it have been like to live in such a time? A place of reverence, Tiwanaku holds within its boundaries stories waiting to be listened to.

Dive into the Bolivian Amazon

Do you hear that? The distant calls of exotic birds, the gentle lapping of river water against your boat, and the rhythmic hum of the jungle. Welcome to the Bolivian Amazon, a pulsating heart of biodiversity and cultural richness.

Things to do in Bolivia - Amazon

4. Wildlife Spotting in Madidi National Park

Nestled deep within the Amazon basin, Madidi is a realm where nature reigns supreme. From the elusive jaguar to the vibrant macaws, every step you take is a potential encounter with wildlife.

Canopy walks, jungle treks, and the sweet lullabies of nocturnal creatures – Madidi is not just a visit; it’s an immersion.

5. River cruises and Indigenous Community Visits in the Beni Region

Let the rivers of Beni be your guide as they meander through lush forests and open savannahs. As you cruise, keep an eye out for pink river dolphins playfully breaking the water’s surface.

The journey takes a soulful turn as you stop by indigenous communities. Share a meal, swap stories, and experience their age-old traditions – it’s a heart-to-heart in the truest sense.

Cultural Encounters

Bolivia is not just about landscapes; it’s a mosaic of cultures, traditions, and beliefs that have stood the test of time.

Things to do in Bolivia - Cultural encounters

6. Engage with Local Communities in the Altiplano

The vast, high plains of the Altiplano hide within them pockets of vibrant communities. Here, traditions aren’t just practiced; they’re lived.

Engage in age-old farming practices, partake in local festivities, and perhaps even learn a traditional dance or two. It’s a beautiful blend of past and present, tradition and modernity.

7. Discover the Witchcraft Market in La Paz

Intrigue, mysticism, and a touch of the unknown await you in the winding alleyways of La Paz’s witchcraft market. From dried llama fetuses to potent love potions, every item has a story, a purpose.

Curious about your future? Seek out a local Yatiri (healer), and you might just get a glimpse!

8. Celebrate Carnival in Oruro

If there’s one event that captures the spirit, vibrancy, and diversity of Bolivia, it’s the Carnival in Oruro. A UNESCO heritage event, it’s a spectacle of dance, music, and colors, representing various Bolivian cultures.

Costumes, masks, and fervor fill the streets as stories of devils, angels, and Incan gods come alive in a dance. Ever thought about dancing your heart out at 3,700 meters above sea level?

Natural Retreats and Relaxation

Ever dreamt of getting lost amidst nature’s beauty? Where the air is untainted, and the landscapes whisper tales of times long gone? Bolivia offers these and more. Let’s journey to places where nature cradles and serenades.

Things to do in Bolivia - Laguna Verde

9. Witness the Surreal Beauty of Laguna Verde

This high-altitude, mineral-rich lagoon presents a breathtaking sight with its emerald green waters set against a backdrop of snow-kissed volcanoes. While it’s not a place for bathing due to its mineral content, it’s an absolute must-see for its mesmerizing beauty, and my personal favorite.

10. Soak in the Thermal Springs of Polques

Now, for that rejuvenating soak! Imagine easing into warm, mineral-rich waters with a vista of the Bolivian altiplano stretching before you. These springs, near the Laguna Verde, are a perfect respite for tired travelers, offering a therapeutic experience amidst nature’s beauty.

11. Revel in the beauty of Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve

A spectrum of colors unfolds in this mesmerizing reserve. From the flamingo-speckled Laguna Colorada to the striking Arbol de Piedra (Stone Tree), every corner is a visual treat. And with vicuñas, Andean foxes, and viscachas calling it home, you’re in for a wildlife spectacle!

12. Meander around Lake Titicaca and the Island of the Sun

Dive deep into ancient legends as you explore the world’s highest navigable lake. Sail to the Isla del Sol (Island of the Sun), birthplace of the Inca gods, and tread paths that whisper tales of ancient civilizations.

As the sun sets, casting golden hues over tranquil waters, find a moment of profound connection. Make sure to read our guide to Isla del Sol.

Culinary Adventures

Ah, the flavors of Bolivia! It’s a culinary hotspot inherited from centuries of traditions and a pinch of innovation. Ready to embark on a gastronomic journey?

Things to do in Bolivia - Tarija wine

13. Savor Salteñas, Bolivia’s Delectable Empanadas

These juicy, flavor-packed pastries are more than just a snack; they’re an emotion. Filled with meat, veggies, and a tantalizing mix of spices, every bite is a burst of Bolivia. Remember, there’s an art to eating them without spilling the delightful broth inside. Challenge accepted?

14. Sip on Tarija’s Fine Wines

Nestled in Bolivia’s southern valleys, Tarija is the unsung hero of South American wines. Stroll through vineyards, embrace the serene ambiance, and indulge in wine-tasting sessions. From robust reds to crisp whites, discover the symphony of flavors that these high-altitude wines offer.

15. Dive Deep into the World of Bolivian Coffee in the Yungas Valleys

Ever wondered what sunshine trapped in a cup tastes like? Journey through lush Yungas valleys, where coffee beans dance to the rhythm of rain and sun. Engage with local growers, learn about age-old cultivation methods, and sip on brews that sing of the land’s spirit.

Thrill-Seeking and Adventure

For those with an unquenchable thirst for adrenaline, Bolivia will not disappoint!

Things to do in Bolivia - Death Road

16. Mountain Biking down the Death Road

It’s not named “Death Road” for nothing. As you weave through the winding paths, with precipices that drop off into the unknown, it’s both an exercise in thrill and caution.

But don’t let the name deter you too much. With the right guide and safety precautions, it’s an experience like no other. Feeling the cool wind as you zip past waterfalls and misty jungles? Priceless!

Don’t forget to read our guide to the Death Road.

17. Climbing in the Cordillera Real

Towering over La Paz, the Cordillera Real is a serrated series of snow-peaked mountains, a call to mountaineers everywhere. Want to touch the sky? This might be your chance.

The Illimani and Huayna Potosi peaks are among the favorites, but remember, climbing at such altitudes isn’t for the faint-hearted!

18. Sandboarding in Lomas de Arena

Imagine this – vast dunes of soft sand, stretching as far as the eye can see, and you, gliding down them with the sun kissing your face. Lomas de Arena offers this very dream. And if you’ve never sandboarded before, don’t fret. Falling into soft Bolivian sand is half the fun!

Arts and Crafts in Bolivia

Dive deep into Bolivia’s artistic soul, a blend of ancient traditions and modern interpretations.

Things to do in Bolivia - Textiles

19. Shop for Intricate Textiles in Sucre

Ever felt a piece of cloth and seen a story? In Sucre’s bustling markets, textiles aren’t just fabrics. They’re tales of generations, woven with love and skill. From vibrant lluch’us (hats) to traditional textiles, there’s a piece of Bolivia waiting to be taken home.

20. Learn Pottery-Making in the Village of Tarabuco

Just a short drive from Sucre, Tarabuco is where clay takes on life. Sit with local artisans, feel the wet earthiness between your fingers, and mold a piece of your own. And as your hands work, listen. Each artist has a tale, of ancestors, of dreams, of Bolivia.

21. Dive into the World of Bolivian Cinema in Cochabamba

Beyond the scenic beauty, Bolivia has stories. And where better to hear them than on the silver screen? Cochabamba, with its theaters and film festivals, is the beating heart of Bolivian cinema. Whether it’s a gripping drama or a heartwarming comedy, take a seat. It’s showtime!

Lessons From The Past

Everywhere you go in Bolivia, there is a rich History to get immersed in.

Things to do in Bolivia - Cerro Rico

22. Discover Bolivia’s Mining Heritage in Potosí

Deep within the Cerro Rico mountain lies stories of Bolivia’s colonial past, of silver that once flowed and miners that toiled. As you descend into the mines of Potosí, you’ll be transported back in time. The tales here aren’t always cheerful, but they’re crucial for understanding Bolivia’s history.

23. Explore the Jesuit Missions of the Chiquitania

Hidden in the tropical lowlands, these grand missions are a testament to faith and art. With their ornate interiors and lush courtyards, they narrate the intriguing blend of indigenous and European cultures. And as the choir voices fill the air in some missions, you’ll realize some things are timeless.

24. Walk Through the Historical Lanes of Sucre, Bolivia’s Constitutional Capital

Cobblestone streets, colonial-era mansions, and echoes of a bygone era. Sucre isn’t just Bolivia’s constitutional capital; it’s a living museum. Wander, wonder, and let every corner tell you a tale.

Tips for Travelers

Navigating Bolivia? A few pointers to make your journey unforgettable (for all the right reasons!):

  • Opting for Guided Tours for Immersive Experiences: Want to get beneath Bolivia’s skin? Local guides, with their wealth of knowledge and tales, are your best companions. Whether it’s folklore in La Paz or legends of the Altiplano, they know it all.
  • Staying Respectful and Sustainable During Travels: Remember, Bolivia isn’t just a tourist destination; it’s someone’s home. Use water judiciously, reduce plastic usage, and always respect local customs.
  • Balancing Between Bolivia’s Bustling Cities and Serene Landscapes: Cities like Santa Cruz will give you urban thrills, but Bolivia’s magic often lies in its quieter corners. So, make time for both!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time should I spend in Bolivia?

Ideally? A few weeks to truly savor its flavors. But if you’re on a tight schedule, a well-planned 10-day trip can still give you a delightful taste.

What are the must-visit places in Bolivia?

From the salt flats of Uyuni to the bustling markets of La Paz, Bolivia is brimming with wonders. However, always prioritize what sings to your soul. Nature lover? The Amazon beckons. History buff? Potosí awaits.

How can I experience Bolivia’s indigenous culture?

The beauty of Bolivia lies in its rich tapestry of indigenous cultures. Attend local festivals, visit community-run tourism projects, and take time to engage in conversations. And remember, always approach with an open heart and mind.

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