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Top 10 Campervan Destinations Around the World: Where to Hit the Open Road

The allure of the open road beckons adventurers from every corner of the globe, and there’s no better way to answer the call than with a campervan.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-timer, exploring the world on four wheels offers a unique blend of freedom and flexibility. In this guide, we’ll traverse the continents and uncover some top campervan destinations at that promise unforgettable journeys and breathtaking landscapes.

Top 10 Campervan Destinations

New Zealand – The Land of the Long White Cloud

New Zealand’s diverse landscapes, from pristine beaches to snow-capped mountains, make it a campervan paradise. The freedom camping culture and well-maintained roads provide an ideal environment for exploring the North and South Islands.

Australia – The Great Ocean Road Adventure

Australia’s iconic Great Ocean Road is a must for campervan enthusiasts. Wind along the rugged coastline, witness the Twelve Apostles and experience the unique blend of rainforests, beaches, and charming seaside towns.

Pacific Coast Highway

United States – Pacific Coast Highway, California

The Pacific Coast Highway offers an iconic trip along California’s stunning coastline. From the bustling city of Los Angeles to the breathtaking landscapes of Big Sur, this route provides a mix of urban and natural wonders.

Canada – Icefields Parkway in the Canadian Rockies

The Icefields Parkway in the Canadian Rockies is unparalleled for a journey through mountainous beauty. Glaciers, turquoise lakes, and wildlife sightings make this one of North America’s most picturesque campervan routes.

Norway – The Norwegian Fjords

Norway’s dramatic fjords and scenic landscapes are a dream for campervan travelers. The Northern Lights, charming villages, and winding coastal roads create an enchanting experience for those seeking a Nordic adventure.

Scotland NC500

Scotland – North Coast 500

Scotland’s North Coast 500 is a spectacular route through rugged coastlines, historic castles, and charming villages. The Highlands provide a breathtaking backdrop for an unforgettable campervan journey.

Namibia – The Namib Desert and Etosha National Park

Southern Africa offers unique campervan opportunities, with Namibia standing out for its otherworldly landscapes in the Namib Desert and diverse wildlife experiences in Etosha National Park.

Japan – Hokkaido’s Scenic Drives

Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island, offers picturesque landscapes, hot springs, and delicious cuisine. Explore the countryside, visit traditional villages, and witness the stunning beauty of this less-traveled region.

Iceland Ring Road

Iceland – The Ring Road Adventure

Iceland’s Ring Road circumnavigates the island, showcasing glaciers, waterfalls, and volcanic landscapes. With its compact size and diverse attractions, Iceland is a camper’s paradise.

Chile – Carretera Austral

The Carretera Austral in Chile is a winding road through Patagonian landscapes, providing access to remote wilderness, glaciers, and the stunning Torres del Paine National Park.


From the snow-capped peaks of New Zealand to the rugged coasts of Scotland, these top campervan destinations offer diverse experiences for those seeking the thrill of the open road.

Whichever corner of the world you choose to explore, the freedom and flexibility of campervan travel promise a journey filled with discovery, adventure, and memories that will last a lifetime. So, pick your destination, rev up the engine, and hit the open road for the ultimate campervan adventure.

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