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Top 5 Travel Places To Visit By Vehicle

It is a very special thing to be going on the trip by vehicle, because it gives you freedom and a chance to see the places that even the most avid of explorers cannot find. In this way, you can create unforgettable memories.

You can hardly find areas with more breathtaking views than the mountainous terrains and the seaside landscapes that you have to drive on your own to really see. Whether you’re a seasoned road tripper or a novice explorer, these top five travel places to visit by vehicle are sure to inspire your next epic road adventure.

1. The Pacific Coast Highway, USA

Tracing its way along the lovely coast of California, the Pacific Coast Highway is considered to be one of the most incredible driving roads on the planet. This world-famous road spans more than 600 miles featuring magnificent landscapes of rough cliffs, crystal-clear beaches, and little cozy towns by the water.

Taking you from Mendocino County in the northern tip of California’s coastal line to Dana Point in the southern part of California is the Pacific Coast Highway. The route is breathtaking. Make sure to include sightseeing points of interest like Big Sur, known for its tall cliffs and waters of striking blue color, and Carmel-by-the-Sea, which is well-known for its charming artisanal appearance and great architecture.

Whether you’re cruising in a convertible or a camper van, this coastal journey promises unforgettable vistas and endless adventure.

Great Ocean Road

2. The Great Ocean Road, Australia

A 200-kilometer winding stretch of road, Great Ocean Road is developed along the southeast coast of Australia and is one of the must-see destinations for road trip lovers. This drive is more than 150 miles long, stretching from Torquay to Allansford, and it is a unique fusion of natural and cultural sceneries.

See the Twelve Apostles, a group of limestone stacks jutting out of the Southern Ocean and head to the great rainforests of Great Otway National Park. During your journey, you’ll get an opportunity to see delightful coastal towns, crystal clear beaches, and breathtaking coastal sceneries that will leave you totally charmed.

Whether you’re chasing waves along Bells Beach or spotting koalas in the wild, the Great Ocean Road promises an unforgettable journey through some of Australia’s most spectacular landscapes.

3. The Ring Road, Iceland

A perfect spot for otherworldly landscapes and adventurers is Iceland’s Ring Road. Heaping the entire new island with enjoys an 828-mile tour which is full of mesmerizing views of the volcanoes, massive waterfalls, and mighty fjords.

Venturing from the capital, Reykjavik, to the east you will enter the amazing world of Vatnajökull National Park. While you are there, have a look around and see the enchanting geothermal wonders of the Golden Circle, relax in the rejuvenating waters of the Blue Lagoon and be impressed by the awesomeness of Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon.

An amazing road trip that you will never forget is waiting for you in Iceland, with its constantly changing landscapes, and at the same time offering various outdoor activities.

4. The Garden Route, South Africa

The Garden Route of South Africa is the summer dream of road-trippers, an oasis of natural wonders and multiculturalism. This 300-kilometer stretch of coastline, which covers from Mossel Bank in Western Cape to Storm River in the Eastern Cape, is noted for its gorgeous beaches, rich forests, and a variety of wildlife.

Visit the quaint town of Knysna situated in the splendour of the lagoon and discover the tasty cuisine and thriving arts culture. Visit Addo Elephant Park for an amazing safari and see herds of elephants, lions, and buffalos, or trek around Tsitsikamma National Park.

From whale-watching in Hermanus to bungee jumping from the high point of Bloukrans Bridge, the Garden Route opens up a very adventurous journey through some of South Africa’s most beautiful landscapes.

Northern Scotland

5. The North Coast 500, Scotland

For people who love to be immersed in mountainous landscapes and out of the beaten track, the North Coast 500 in the north of Scotland is the ideal road trip. This magnificent route hits the most spectacular Highlands, historic castles, and unspoiled beaches for more than 800 km of scenic winding roads.

Begin your journey at Inverness and travel northwards towards the wild, remote area called Caithness. On the way, stop at the Dunrobin Castle, which is notorious for its turrets like fairy tales and gardens.

Now on your path, take time to explore other parts of the Assynt area and eventually go to the famous Skye Island with its cliffs and clear lakes.

Final Thoughts

A road trip is not really about the destination but mostly about the journey itself and about taking you somewhere only car travel can deliver. From coastal highways to mountain passes, these top five travel places to visit by vehicle are without a doubt a dream come true for wanderlusters.

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